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Get a dark, potent and delicious train in Black Domina. This strain is one of the best indicas in the world as it is not just visually appealing but its effects are also one of a kind. It is also loved by growers as it is a very strong and versatile strains.

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More About Black Domina (fem)

Dark, Strong, and Delicious

A melting pot of the best Indica strains all over the world; the Black Domina is a special combination of Northern Lights, Afghani, Ortega, and the Hash Plant. These four strains were handpicked for their amazing characteristics, chosen in the hopes of producing the best Indica in the world. This plant is also distinguishable through its dark green color, which is almost black at times, thus its name. This almost black dark green is not just seen through the leaves, but also through the plant’s flowers.

The Black Domina is also famous for being a great option in canna cultivation. It gives a considerably pleasing amount of yield at a short flowering time. More than that, the plant it grows remains robust, with thick, dense buds and great potency at around 15 to 20 percent THC. The flowers it produces are strong, with a herbal smell and taste, and an undertone of blackberry.

4 reviews for Black Domina Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hunter M.

    Oh man, what a unique strain of marijuana, with its stunning purple trichomes peeking out from all that green foliage. It’s a stunning addition to my backyard appearance! It grows extremely fast, producing large yields in just 7 weeks. It’s a strong indica that’s also quite calming, so I wouldn’t use it to get things done. So I usually just smoke it a few times before bedtime to relax and fall into a deep sleep. It’s especially useful for all of us who work in high-stress environments. The flavor is a feast of different flavors: earthiness, spice, and even a pungent note. It’s unforgettable when combined together. It’s the black domina trademark flavour profile. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!

  2. R. Beam

    I’m speechless! She was a one-of-a-kind weed, with her lovely purple trichomes sprouting from the green foliage. After 8 weeks of blooming, I harvested approximately 480g of thick buds from each plant. She enjoys the sun and grows into a nice tiny plant. I normally use this before bedtime, and it gives me a calming effect and a lovely sleep, so no more sleepless nights for me. Hunger sets in just a few mins. I shared this with my relatives, and they all like the sweetness of smoke with a hint of spice, as well as the citrusy scent… Sonoma, I love your high quality seeds!! Thanks

  3. Nona

    I was just scrolling around when I came across this strain, and boy I took my chances. Delivery was fast and the customer service was really helpful. Weeks passed and sweet mary this is one that has huge yields!!! Now I’m curing such bountiful crops and can’t wait to give it a toke. For those looking for easy to grow with massive yield strains-I highly recommend this. Thank you!

  4. Batard Travers

    Growing was awesome for a beginner! It was very resilient to everything I did with it and come up quickly after extreme training. There were no problems with issues deficiencies or nutrient burns. I got a nice yield of some great buds. smokes real nice and gives a nice buzz. Absolutely recommended!

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