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Black Gorilla is the strain that you would look for after a long and stressful day. It was produced by combining Gorilla #4 with Bright Berry. This Indica-dominant strain offers a high level of THC that can reach up to 32%, which is not made for those who have a low tolerance.

Its feminized nature makes it easier for growers to cultivate as it removes the time-consuming process of identifying and segregating the male plants. Being 99.99% female, this type of seed guarantees that resources are invested in plants that are fertile and can produce weed.

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More About Black Gorilla Feminized Strain

Type: Indica (60%), Sativa (40%)
Genetics Parents: Gorilla Glue #4 X Bright Berry
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Temperate and Warm
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Berry, Diesel, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet
THC Level: 25% to 32%
CBD Level: unavailable
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Gorilla Feminized?

The Black Gorilla exudes various flavors with the fuel-like flavor blended with a herbal yet fruity and sweet note. It might be an interesting mix, but it will surely take the palette into a wonderful experience.

With a THC level that goes between 25% to 32%, there is no doubt of the Black Gorilla’s extreme potency. It offers the best of both worlds with a 60/40 ratio of Indica/Sativa. Onset, the cerebral effects manifest, releasing a surge of euphoria and mood-enhancing properties. This strain puts smokers in a brighter and blissful state while preventing any gloomy thoughts from clouding the mind. After some time, the physical buzz takes over the whole body and loosens any muscle tensions along the way. This effect makes the limbs feel heavier, resulting in a lazier feeling. During this time, physical activities are limited, and consumers are stuck on the couch as drowsiness slowly envelops them.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Gorilla Feminized?

The Black Gorilla does not stray away from the medicinal benefits that marijuana offers. Its soothing effect is another option that individuals with depression, anxiety, and PTSD can use to calm their nerves and remove any overwhelming and uncontrolled pessimistic thoughts. Everyday stresses coming from various factors may also be alleviated by this strain.

Furthermore, this strain is also an excellent analgesic for patients who suffer from chronic pains that come from migraines and arthritis. Insomnia can also be relieved as they also contain sedative properties, which is an excellent alternative to synthetic pills.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Gorilla Feminized

The Black Gorilla comes with various side effects as well. The common dry mouth and dry eyes may occur when this strain is consumed without drinking water before and after a smoking session. As aforementioned above, the THC level is immensely high, making it harmful for beginners, inexperienced users, and sensitive to the product. Taking excessive doses is not advisable as it can lead to paranoia, headaches, dizziness, and anxiety.

How to Grow Black Gorilla Feminized?

The Black Gorilla takes its physique from the Indica, which makes it quite bushy. Thus, it needs to be trimmed from time to time to prevent any moisture from building up, which might ruin the cultivation of the plant. In an indoor setting, expect to reap after 56 to 63 days whereas, the plant should be harvested around October when grown outdoors. It is best to keep the plant protected from fluctuating changes in the climate, pests, and molds.

2 reviews for Black Gorilla Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. S. Frith

    Oh, my goodness! Because of its analgesic and muscle relaxing effects, this plant has been a huge help in reducing my joint inflammation and chronic pain. It also makes me a happier person by removing my negative thoughts. Newbie smokers should be careful when using it due to its high THC content, as too much can create anxiety and paranoia. Cause even I, a veteran smoker, have experienced these adverse effects. So please, smoke in moderation! I found this strain to be moderately easy to nurture. It is fairly bushy, so I trimmed it occasionally to avoid moisture from accumulating and ruining the plant’s growth. To keep the plant safe from pests, molds, and changing weather conditions. Mine was grown inside and yielded moderate yields after 63 days. The best strain out there!

  2. L. Evers

    I actually liked it for its medicinal and recreational benefits, which included a sudden sensation of extreme pleasure and an elevation of my moods as a result of the euphoria. It’s not difficult for me to grow it, but I believe inexperienced growers will find it quite challenging because these herbs require some trimming and pruning skills to keep the plant healthy. I grew mine indoors using the hydrophonics system and got good yields with a fuel-like flavor combined with a herbal yet fruity and sweet note after only 8 weeks. It may be an unusual combination, but it will undoubtedly transport your palate to a great experience. There will be no regrets!

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