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Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds


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More About Blue Haze (fem)

Your Favorite Blueberry, But Funkier

Brought to the world by the marriage of two award-winning strains, the Blue Haze has legendary benefits and properties that should be surely loved and supported all over the world. First, the Haze provides it with a mental uplifting high. This is balanced out by the Blueberry’s smooth and relaxing effects. As a combination, the Blue Haze has about 15 to 21 percent THC and high CBD at 0.6 percent.

The Blue Haze also comes with a delicious aroma that can seduce smokers from all over. Once its buds are lit, it spreads an enticing Blueberry scent all over the room. Consuming it brings sweetness to the tongue, with the berry aftertaste lingers even after the smoke fades.

In planting the seeds of this plant, you will be able to witness the plant grow up to 150 cm tall within 9 to weeks.

3 reviews for Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Deleighna G.

    Wow, such bliss! My hubby and I spent a handful of time taking care of this strain because it was rather hard to cultivate. We would then have to follow specific guidelines for the plant’s feeding and everything else because it was quite delicate. It thrived in the same way as a typical Indica, but with blue colors, and the yields were massive. This strain, on the other hand, is a completely distinct thing when it comes to taste and smoking it. The original Blueberry flavor is replicated in the berry taste. The high, on the other hand, is terrific! I’ve always enjoyed going extremely high, though not to the point of being unable to function. I become more attentive and my mood brightens, but I still remain active. That is the essence of Blue Haze. Well, if you’re anything like me, you must give it a shot!

  2. Ernest Penner

    blue haze is definitely a lot stronger that the plain old blueberry i had a couple months back! they germinated very smoothly, and they were very fast flowering plants as well! i loved the gassy tastes it had, it also got me pretty sleepy! definitely a fan of blue haze. job well done Sonoma!

  3. Charles Green

    The effects are absolutely great! The smoke is perfect for me smooth and have relaxing effects. I love the delicious aroma of it. This strain really grew well and trained easily. I did not encounter any issues in growing this AMAZING strain.

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