Bubba White Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


As of the moment, the lineage of the Bubba White is still unknown, and not much is said about its cultivation process as well. Despite the low information, consumers will be glad to find out that this strain possesses a THC level of up to 19%. It has a fragrance and flavor that embody typical marijuana strains with a twist of some pastry-like notes. The effects that it provides are great for smokers who want to get away from reality for a bit as the Bubba White can keep them relaxed throughout the whole high.

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More About Bubba White Autoflowering Strain

Type: Indica (50%), Sativa (40%), Ruderalis (10%)
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Sweet, Earthy, Creamy
THC Level: up to 19%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubba White Autoflowering?

The Bubba White emits a fresh fragrance with a mixture of pine and hints of skunk scents. Despite having a thick smoke, the Bubba White is surprisingly smooth when inhaled. The taste buds are then filled with a creamy, sweet, and earthy goodness that leaves a diesel-like flavor on exhale.

Lying heavily on the Indica, the Bubba White will keep smokers on their couches throughout the high, which makes this strain suitable for nighttime use or days without any schedules. After an overwhelming and stressful day, one hit will definitely clear out all the worries and put smokers in a completely relaxing state.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bubba White Autoflowering?

The Bubba White does not stray away from the medical properties that cannabis strains possess. The physical buzz that it induces can help loosen muscle tensions and chronic body pains and aches such as arthritis and migraines. This strain does not only alleviate the body but the mind as well. Through the mood-enhancing capability and the soothing effect, individuals with depression and anxiety who frequently suffer from the burden of having uncontrolled negative thoughts and worries can temporarily feel at ease. Additionally, those who have insomnia may think of the Bubba White strain as an alternative to their daily sleeping pill.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bubba White Autoflowering

The Bubba White should not be taken in excess because this leads to side effects such as dizziness and paranoia. This goes for individuals who are sensitive to the THC component, as this strain comprises about 19%. Before consuming the Bubba White, it is mandatory to drink water and keep the body hydrated throughout the session as common side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes occur and lead to irritations and itchiness.

How to Grow Bubba White Autoflowering?

There is not a lot of information regarding how to grow the Bubba White Auto, but like any other marijuana plant, proper monitoring and maintenance are necessary. It should be exposed in a not too humid environment to prevent moisture from building up. This plant is medium in size and produces medium yields.

Outdoors, the Bubab White can thrive in a warm and dry setting and should be harvested during October to prevent the cold season from affecting the result of the plant. On the other hand, growers may reap the plants after 56 to 70 days of cultivating them indoors.

1 review for Bubba White Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kahn

    What a delight! After a smoke of this bud, the tangy lemon flavor delighted my tongue as it gently bursts in. I loved the pine undertones, though there was a skunky smell. I enjoy smoking this whenever I want to unwind or don’t feel like doing anything, since it truly makes me lazy. Lmao! I don’t feel anxious every time I use this. As a beginner grower, I sought advice from my cousin, who is an expert on cannabis cultivation. And he told me to grow it outside, which I did, and my plant flourished as it enjoyed a warm environment. After 9 weeks of growth, I had excellent yields. This is a strain that I want to grow more of!

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