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Candyland Peyote Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Candyland Peyote is a cannabis strain known for its potent recreational properties. You’ll experience extreme body and mind high, something that you’ll remember for a long time. This strain is perfect for those who want to enjoy a euphoric experience. It’s also easy to grow and thus a good first strain to cultivate in your garden.

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More About Candyland Peyote (fem)

Candyland Peyote (fem) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is known for its heavy yields and very high THC amounts. This hybrid was created out of the union of a legendary Granddaddy Purple and a potent Platinum Cookies.

Candyland Peyote is a hybrid feminized strain, and this means that the seeds of this plant will grow only female plants. You can forget about accidental pollination because you don’t have males or hermaphrodites in your growing area. Candyland Peyote prefers a warm and sunny climate and will flower in 8 to 10 weeks. It may only reach 80 to 120 cm height, but it will give you 400 to 650 grams per plant of yield.

The Candyland Peyote buds will have 23% THC and very minimal CBD. These are the qualities that recreational growers are looking for. When grown using SCROG or SOG methods, you can expect higher and better yields.

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  1. Amy L.

    It’s relatively small and can easily fit in mid-size tents. The odor is also not intense, so it can be discreet when cultivating outdoors. As I’ve noticed, the buds develop purple specks when exposed to colder temperatures, indeed a beauty to witness. Nuggets are dense and are coated with glimmering trichomes. I keep it well–pruned to avoid moisture buildup that may cause attacks from molds and mildew. The scent earns its namesake; it is fruity, earthy, and sweet. The flavor profile is just as outstanding with citrus, vanilla, and pine, and there are also hints of berries and coffee. But this is not one to overindulge in, and new smokers must be mindful of their intake. It carries a high THC level, and its potency is undeniable even after the first hit. The effects are lovely. It brings you into a complete state of euphoria, like a toddler with a sugar rush! Creativity is also sparked, so it can be beneficial for those with careers and hobbies that require innovative thinking. It’s genuinely worth every dollar!

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