Cherry Lemonade Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cherry Lemonade Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Cherry Lemonade Feminized is Indica dominant and a hybrid of Jack the Ripper and Cherry Pie OG. This plant has a pleasant lemon and cherry taste with diesel hints of diesel aftertaste, with an average THC and low CBD content. This pressure induces a calming state of body and mind relaxation that leaves you feeling happy and alert. Cherry Lemonade Feminized develops into a tall, branchy plant with chunky and frosty trichome buds. This plant generates a large amount of yield within 9 to 10 weeks, making it ideal for extracts and concentrates. And inexperienced gardeners will cultivate these plants outdoors and indoors.

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More About Cherry Lemonade Feminized Strain

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: Jack the Ripper X Cherry Pie OG
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: High-yielding
Flavors: Diesel, Lemon, Cherry
THC Level: Average
CBD Level: Low
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: Around October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Lemonade Feminized?

Cherry Lemonade Feminized has a lemon and cherry flavor which leaves a diesel aftertaste that produces a body stone and cerebral that is so calming that you can find yourself with a soothing body bliss and clear mind. This plant is ideal for intimate get-togethers with friends.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cherry Lemonade Feminized?

Cherry Lemonade Feminized will not disappoint its users when it comes to medicinal advantages. People with ADHD may feel more concentrated, and stressed patients may feel more uplifted, thanks to this pressure. Cherry Lemonade Feminized can help patients with insomnia fall asleep and can relieve a variety of pains. Furthermore, this strain can increase chemotherapy patients’ stamina and reduce nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry Lemonade Feminized

When smoked in large amounts, the Cherry Lemonade Feminized can cause side effects such as paranoia, blackouts, and dizziness blackouts. As a result, it’s best to consume enough. Cherry Lemonade Fem will dehydrate your mouth and eyes. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate you and help you avoid these side effects.

How to Grow Cherry Lemonade Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Cherry Lemonade Feminized develops into a tall plant featuring orange hairs with thick resin-frosted nugs. This strain produces many yields in just 9 to 10 weeks, making it suitable for concentrates and extracts. Even inexperienced growers can successfully grow these crops outdoors and indoors. When cultivating this plant indoors, the SCROG technique works best, particularly in the early production stages. It encourages the plants to expand horizontally, allowing you to save some space. Provide enough light for the plants and keep them in a controlled environment where the humidity and temperature are maintained at ideal levels. Cherry Lemonade Feminized can get very large if they are allowed to grow outside. Topping is necessary to keep the plants at a manageable height and out of sight. Enabling it to develop in a Mediterranean section of your outdoor garden, and it will flourish.


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