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Critical Mass Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Critical Mass autoflower is a flavorful strain that can make you feel relaxed and calm. This is a recreational and medicinal strain with its 20% THC. You can use this strain to deal with pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, migraines, stress and anxiety. This can take time to bloom but is resistant to molds and pests.

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More About Critical Mass Autoflower 

The Jack of All Trades

Each marijuana strain offers something new and different. Some might have a flavorful tone to it, while others are geared towards a blissful experience, and some are in it for the medical value. Critical Mass Autoflower proves something that not many other strains can. This well-balanced strain offers different things at the same time. If you want a powerful high, then the 20% THC level should be enough to help you reach that state. For those who seek the healing properties of marijuana, you will not be disappointed with this weed as well. The powerful cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects on the body that hold off the pain. The CBD content is also a good soothing substance for migraines and muscle spasms.

For growers of this strain, the incorporation of Ruderalis strain makes it a durable strain against molds and mildew. This strain also promises fast-growing flowers that only takes 11 weeks to reach maturity. Best bred indoors, this plant should provide you with a decent 450 grams per square meter.


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