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G-13 is a feminized indica strain with heavy yields and very high THC. It is not as easy to grow because it’s small yet can grow top yields. It can produce buds with high 23% THC and grow only female plants. Because of this, there’s no need to worry about males pollinating your female plants.

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More About G-13 (fem)

G13 (fem) is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its very heavy yields and high THC. This was created from the union of a potent G13 and a secret hybrid strain. With this feminized strain, you will only grow female plants; forget about males and hermaphrodites that will ruin your all-female garden.

G13 is a challenge to grow because of its short height and yet towering yields. G13 is a short plant with a height of 90 to 110 cm. An experienced grower will need to support the plant well as its buds become denser and heavier.

G13 will grow in warm and temperate climates. It must be grown indoors or inside a greenhouse to properly care for it, especially during the flowering phase. Your plants will flower in 10 to 12 weeks and will have buds with 23% THC and 0.7% CBD levels.

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  1. M. Anteko

    You know this strain’s dope with the genetics shrouded in mystery and is made when cannabis was highly illegal back then. Well, at least at the time I was reading about this anyway. Growing this is manageable. We did ours outdoors to have better yield but it’s also possible for indoor gardening. Needs a bit of pruning, propping it up and temperature control. Taking of a few hits of this made me, almost instantaneously, in a better mood. Potent enough for the Indica to kick in and make me relax. G13 as a medical strain is something that can easily elevate your mood, therefore a reliable strain to stave off depression, anxiety or any mood disorder. It’s also potent enough that it can also function as an analgesic, so I’d recommend this to people who suffer headaches, joint paints and muscle spams.

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