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G13 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


G13 autoflower is a legendary multi-awarded cannabis strain. It is one of the most potent strains with very high THC at 22 to 24%. Because of its high THC content, you can use this to deal with a variety of medical conditions including pain, stress, anxiety and depression. You can get as much as 550 grams of yield per plant.

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25 Seeds $240.00

More About G13 Autoflower 

This strain is bred by the Growers Choice and considered to be a legend in the cannabis world. Its story is one of the most interesting ones because, in the 1960s, the FBI and CIA joined together to come up with an impressive strain, and that is the G13. This autoflowering strain is just so beautiful as it inherited its potency from Indica Afgana and an unknown Ruderalis.

The G13 autoflowering strain is believed to be consumed by many patients, as well as recreational users from around the world, because this Indica hybrid strain proved its effectiveness. With its high level of THC for about 22.00-24.00%, the strain tends to be very mighty. It cures illnesses and gives relaxing physical high while savoring its fresh fruit and herbal scents and taste. It takes 10-11 weeks to finish its flowering period and offers a generous yield, especially when planted indoor, for about 450-550 grams. However, when planted outdoors, it still yields about 60-100 grams.

1 review for G13 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Brett

    Fruity flavor!!.I take a whiff if I’m exhausted, and it instantly helps me feel better. A perfect way to finish a delicious meal and a happy day! I rest by watching a movie till I fall asleep. I want to eat anything that catches my eye. LOL. I’m blown away by how fast these grew. Amazing genetics and very frosty. From start to the end, it was super simple. sticky and has a fruity scent. these took 74 days to mature, with just direct sunlight from noon onwards. So they didn’t have the best spot, but they still thrived impressively. Huge harvest! A reliable site with good prices.

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