Green Crack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Green Crack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain coming from an Afghani landrace and Skunk #1 heritage. With autoflowering genetics, this Green Crack variant needs no photoperiod lighting schedule in order to grow and flower. In just eight to nine weeks, you can expect a bountiful yield that can reach up to 650 grams per meter squared. Once lit, Green Crack’s quick-acting cerebral high provides a boost in energy and uplifts a gloomy mood. Furthermore, it encourages creativity and heightens focus among its users. This is why it is most suitable for treating those with attention disorders like ADD and ADHD, apart from being an effective remedy for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorder because of the euphoric sensation it brings. In addition, Green Crack is known for its odd but pleasant combination of flavor and aroma. It releases intense notes of earthy spice and scents of pine and fresh green grass. On the other hand, similar to how it smells, Green Crack has a taste reminiscent of sweet mangoes and other citrus fruits. It is suggested to consume Green Crack in the daytime to help you get things done.

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More About Green Crack Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Type: Sativa-dominant (55%) / Indica (45%)
Genetic Parents: Afghani landrace x Skunk #1
Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 9 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 500-650 g/m2
Flavors: citrus, fruity, pine, sweet, spicy, mango
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 5% – 7%
Height: 60-90cm
Harvest Period: Late September to early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Green Crack Autoflower?

When combusted, Green Crack emits a prominent citrus flavor which is combined with its earthy and fresh pine undertones from its aroma. It is then complemented with a somehow sweet and spicy taste, and leaves a very fruity aftertaste, particularly that of mangoes. The overall explosion of flavors in your palate ultimately reminds you of a vacation in the tropics.

Green Crack is undeniably one of the more famous sativas that has been created. Its most acknowledged characteristic is a vigorous cerebral high. Upon taking in Green Crack, you will instantly feel the euphoric sensation it carries around, adding to the invigorating and energetic atmosphere it portrays. On top of that, if you are searching for something that prompts inspiration for your ideas, then Green Crack is a good choice for you. It fosters creativity and promotes focus among its users, that is why it is also the most suitable strain when you need the motivation to be productive apart from generally feeling good the entire experience of consuming Green Crack. Lastly, being a natural side effect, it is also predisposed to cause some munchies, apt for those wishing to regain their appetites.

What are the Medical Benefits of Green Crack Autoflower?

Due to its capability to induce mental clarity and relaxation without having to feel sedated and lethargic, Green Crack has been a favored alternative remedy to some medical conditions. The antidepressant properties which primarily induces happiness that present in this prevalently sativa strain is the best choice for managing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. More so, Green Crack can also tend to mild body aches, chronic pain, muscular strains, and even arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green Crack Autoflower

Just like all the other marijuana strains, Green Crack can produce some adverse effects that although nothing too serious, it can still somehow cause some discomforts to the user. Among others, Green Crack often leads to cottonmouth, dehydration, and dry eyes. These can be easily treated by increasing the fluid intake and applying some eye drops. In rare cases, it can trigger mild paranoia, and headache, because of excessive consumption. Lastly, it is important to note that being a sativa strain, Green Crack may cause restlessness and insomnia when smoked late at night.

How to Grow Green Crack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Green Crack is a good experimental strain for beginners as it is conveniently easy to grow. Aside from being able to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, it is also very resistant to pests and diseases. Just keep in mind to cultivate Green Crack in a spacious growing area since it has the ability to stretch and grow huge. In just a span of eight to nine weeks, Green Crack will massively produce a harvest that can potentially yield up to 650 grams per meter squared.

1 review for Green Crack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Poole

    Hello guys!! 7 out of 10 bloomed, and it takes 10 weeks for them to mature. My plants grew quickly and easily. Green Crack is a great weed! She rewards me with a LARGE yield because she is nurtured with love 🙂 I suggest this to both beginners and experienced. So far, I’ve smoked and grown a few pots, but this one really stands out! Because the buzz is so energizing, I can go to a party and tell my friends all kinds of crazy jokes. I also enjoy it all day while doing my chores. What a fruity citrus liftup! tastes like mango OHWOW! I really enjoy it 🙂 Thanks!!!

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