Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds


Hindu Kush is a very prominent cannabis strain, very popular among breeders and growers alike. It’s a potent strain with relaxing effects. It’s a strain that will produce big fat buds teeming with amazing resin. It’s a joy in the garden giving you amazing yields as long as you provide all its growing needs.

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More About Hindu Kush Regular

One of the best cannabis strains by High Times magazine, Hindu Kush Regular is a dominant indica strain. Originated from Central Asia, in the mountain regions, raise the birth of this pleasant and exotic flavored strain. Its fans admire its significant and pleasing narcotic high soaring up to 20% of THC level.

Surely, a perfect strain for night time usage and chilling before getting off. Characterized by its fairly woody, earthy, and piney tones of scent and relatively sweet and spicy flavor, it establishes a fascinating anesthetic influence on the entire physique.

With its compact development and fast phase of flowering, which blooms after 65 to 70 days of waiting, the strain is suitable for beginners to experiment. Provided its genetic components that are exclusively selected to deliver strength and excellent quality, this strain generates a minimum of 550 grams of harvest with uniform yield, both indoor and outdoor areas. Along with its natural ability to withstand temperature changes and interfering pests, this strain is fairly easy to grow and has earned a place in the heart of cannabis cultivators.

3 reviews for Hindu Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dupre O.

    When I started growing these seeds in a pot on my verandah, they grew faster than most of my other marijuana plants. It generates pretty flowers which are very eye catching in just a few weeks. I finally took some of what I had harvested, and I’m glad I found it! The scent that lingers in my nose was most similar to the piney, diesel-like smoke to which I’m hooked. The flavor is identical to the fragrance. However, as I started to smoke I noticed hints of spicy tastes. I worked hard for my business in the evenings, and this weed is great for relaxing and mind numbing. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop using this strain! This is an exceptional marijuana crop that you will love as well.

  2. Oneal K.

    I’m glad! I’m finally gaining weight again. This strain helps me desperately crave more food every time I smoke it before dinner, and it also helps me sleep deeply at night. The scent of wet cultivated land is also noticeable, and it becomes even stronger when burnt. Similarly, the flower has a wood and herbaceous flavor when inhaled. Regardless of how appealing it is, only take small drags because the resulting smoke is dense and causes a hacking cough.To maximize cultivation space inside, I use the Sea of Green technique. After only 9 weeks, I got about 580 grams of yield/plant! It is so easy to grow that I highly recommend it to any beginner out there too.

  3. SorenB

    Amazing plant! It grew fast, Hindu kush is great! Harvested in week 10 got 800g in 3 plants. I HIGHLY recommend hindu kush to anyone and everyone. It’s a very potent strain with relaxing effects. Looking forward to new strains. THANK YOU Sonoma Seeds!

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