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Lemon Autoflower is a fast-flowering, easy growing, average-sized plant because of its automatic properties. You can get as much as 400 grams of yield per plant when you follow all its growing needs. You’ll love this strain’s intense aroma and flavor which will reduce stress and keep you pain-free all day long.

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More About Lemon Autoflower 

A Fast Growing Lemon Cannabis Seeds

The DNA Genetics has successfully come up with a 60 Day developing period strain, and that is the Lemon Autoflower. This strain is a feminized cannabis strain derived through crossing the Lemon Skunk and a Ruderalis. The result is an Indica-dominant that comes with strong effects and a short flowering period.

The growth is productive and easy, according to breeders. It develops into a tiny marijuana plant that yields up to 400 grams when cultivated indoors, where it performs well. She likes reduced spaces, but she still grows effectively outdoors in a very discreet manner. In just 8-9 weeks of growth and development, you can finally witness its glow and beauty.

It has intense taste and aroma, with notes of lemon and pinewood, which turned out to be a big help in promoting relaxation and free of stress mind and body state. Its high level of THC is believed to be a benefit for medical users as it deals sincerely with some minimal health conditions.

2 reviews for Lemon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. O. Fossey

    Oh my god! I’m pleased as punch that I came across this business. Sonoma seeds are recommended because they produce high-quality seeds with great genes. Her buds have a strong citrus scent with hints of skunk, pepper, and spice. It grows beautifully in my indoor garden using the SOG system. It’s a small plant with very little stretch. Since the plant’s side-branching is minimal, it concentrates most of its resources on the central cola. Then, after 8 weeks of flowering, it produces excellent yields of about 420g each plant. All I need is this herb!  It makes me sleep peacefully while also relieving my headache from a serious migraine. There will be no more insomnia!

  2. Fie K.

    Y’know! This plant is suitable for all types of cultivators and is extremely simple to grow. I’m relieved that each crop yielded approximately 480 grams of delectable nugs after 9 weeks of patience.It is both healthy and disease resistant, making it easier to care for. The most delectable weed I’ve ever smoked, properly cured nugs emit a captivating pungent lemon aroma with hints of skunk and spice. When burned, the smoke is smooth, with a mild herbal undertone and a strong tang. This girl has enough power and punch to knock me down, tether me to the couch, and leave me to daydream about the future LOL! Simply having a great time!

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