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Mochalope is a strain that possesses natural terpenoids that’s responsible for its cocoa and fruity aromas. It has a very steep THC at 25% and is capable of producing a narcotic high. Mochalope is a good beginner strain and prefers a hydroponic set up than soil growing. It can give you 500 grams of weed per plant.

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More About Mochalope Regular

Mochalope strain, a mix of Oregon Afghani and Chocolope strains, is a rich pleasure for indica consumers. The strain boasts its natural and extraordinary terpenoids. The hybrid is loaded of an insanely 25% level of THC, capable of providing potent and soaring narcotic high focusing on the entire body.

Indeed, a hybrid with a promising knock out punch and therapeutic composition. With high anti-inflammation and analgesic properties, it can solve every health problem. Originally, it was bred to obtain an intensely aromatic strain toping above all other highly fragrant strains. With an invigorating blend of cocoa and fruity tones, are the few qualities inherited from its lineages.

With basic guidelines in growing for both indoor and outdoor locations, the strain grows into a medium-sized plant with 500 grams of expected yield after the flowering period of 60 days. The production can be boosted and maximized its potential using hydroponic set up for reasonable nutrient absorption.

3 reviews for Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bevilacqua

    I just like how euphoric and narcotic it is. The numbing feeling that sweeps through my brain and body is accompanied by a sense of comfort and serenity. The peace that comes over me can quickly throw me into a slow consciousness with a blissful consistency. While it gives me a mild euphoric mental boost at first, it just lifts my emotions, so it’s better to use it late in the afternoon or on a damn lazy day when my need for sleep is at its peak. So many dense and durable lateral branches begin to grow as the plants mature upon germination. Even if it does hold the weight of the thick buds, the close internodes make it reselient to molds. As a result, trimming is required on a regular basis. I grew mine indoors and it yielded 550 grams per crop in just eight weeks! Only one hit of dark chocolate’s enticing scent is enough to satisfy my need. My will to refuse vanishes, intensified by tones of hash and coffee. A slight hint of earthy musk adds to the taste profile’s complexity. It’s fantastic! Thank you very much, Sonoma!

  2. M. Boyd

    Yummy Mocha fragrance with an extremely strong high! Planting this strain inside was simple; all I had to do was provide all the proper care. I had very few mold issues, but they were resolved quickly. I had already been in love with the coffee scent within just a few weeks. However, tasting the strain has been more compelling. The high must not be misjudged either, as it is extremely potent. After just a few hits, I actually went to couch-lock, and it was incredibly soothing. It was a mouth-watering journey that I would highly suggest to others as well.

  3. William Petty

    Wow this Mochalope strain is amazing!!! I love its cocoa and fruity smell and taste, her smell gives me comfort. This plant is also very easy to grow and I didn’t have much issues encountered with this strain. This strain gives me a very soothing body and mind high. Sometimes it makes me just want to chill on my couch. This strain is perfect for those who want to have a relaxing and calming feeling

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