Northern Mango Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Northern Mango Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Northern Mango Auto Strain is a strain of mango that grows in the northern United States. Northern Mango Auto is a delicious and tropical strain with a lot to offer, from its characteristics to its incredible effects. The Mango, Northern Lights, and Big Bang Auto strains were crossed to establish this Indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis. As a result, a strain with a mouthwatering, rich, and fruity aroma and a short growing cycle was produced.

This herb is known to be perfectly well-rounded, generating results that are suitable for both recreational and therapeutic use, thanks to award-winning genetics. It has also retained many of the original strain’s delectable flavors, which are very appealing to the senses. Furthermore, it grows quickly and easily and produces high-quality and reasonable yields. Northern Mango Auto is, like its ancestor, a genuinely unique strain worthy of its illustrious pedigree.

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More About Northern Mango Autoflower Strain

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Mango x Northern Lights x Big Bang Auto
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Warm/Temperate/Cold
Yield: 200-300G
Flavors: Sweet, Mango, Fruity, Tropical, Earthy
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: No Data
Height: 60-100CM
Harvest Period: May/July
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Aroma, Flavor and Effects of Northern Mango Autoflower?

The Northern Mango Auto strain has a distinct exotic and tropical aroma and flavor profile. Without a doubt, the strain has the sweetness of a juicy mango smell, with strong fruity notes and earthy herbal undertones. Its flavors are described as tasting like real mangoes with fruity overtones that give off a tropical vibe and appear to be very appealing to users.

This strain is energizing and sparks imagination, making it an excellent option for a daytime strain. It then transforms into a soothing full-body stone that relaxes the whole body. This plant is middle-of-the-road in terms of potency, with THC levels about 15%. The strain, on the other hand, creates a pleasant high with long-lasting effects. It begins with a mentally and emotionally uplifting buzz that is initially relaxing but quickly progresses to euphoria.

What are the Medical Benefits of Northern Mango Autoflower?

The Northern Mango Auto strain is not only great for recreational use, but it’s also great for medicinal use. It can treat a wide variety of medical disorders, both physical and mental, thanks to its diverse therapeutic properties. It acts as an analgesic, making it extremely useful and beneficial in the treatment of physical ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Its uplifting qualities can also help with stress, depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, ADHD and more. It is also used for those who suffer from nausea and appetite loss.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Northern Mango Autoflower

Cottonmouth is a common side effect of the Northern Mango Auto strain for a lot of people. Some people can also experience dry eyes. Both of these effects are small, but they are highly dependent on the amount of strain consumed. Even so, an Indica as potent as the Northern Mango Auto strain is likely to make some people feel nervous or even paranoid.

How to Grow Northern Mango Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Growing the Northern Mango Auto strain is easy, making it ideal for newcomers to the hobby. The plant has an Indica structure, growing short and bushy and developing big, thick, and heavy buds. Furthermore, it produces a significant amount of mass late in the flowering cycle by developing various branches with multiple bud sites. Since it is an autoflowering variety, it takes just 9-10 weeks to complete. The plant can thrive in both an indoor and an outdoor environment.

Because of its branchy form, it is well-suited to the SCROG technique. It can also produce a lot of fruit in hydroponics, but it grows best in soil. It’s also a good idea to put it somewhere where it’ll get a lot of sun. It thrives in hotter climates, but because of the presence of Ruderalis, it can still produce excellent yields in cooler northern climates. Under ideal conditions, growers can expect yields of 200-300 grams of resin-coated buds. Because of its quick growth rate, it can be harvested as early as Can.

1 review for Northern Mango Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. E. Calvert

    Lovely, sweet, and easy..In just about 68 days, this plant was grown outside and harvested. crops having a yield of 150-250 grams per plant. Omg! I suffer from a lot of misery, and Northern mango has a relaxing effect on me. That’s probably the reason I keep on buying it. high gives motivation! this pot put me in the mood to practice my violin for a long time. Perfect for unwinding and catching up with friends, it did not disappoint me, and I plan to continue to grow. Such a treat!

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