Nuken Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Nuken Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Nuken Feminized is an Indica-dominant strain that results from crossing two potent genetic parents, Deity Bud X Shishkaberry. Nuken Fem strain has a distinct scent of a sweet marshmallow with a skunky undertone and an earthy undertone. The Nuken Feminized strain has a high THC content, ranging from 13 to 25%, resulting in an excellent bud.

This long-lasting strain starts with a stimulus that leads to an intensely pleasurable high. Its physiological effects calm the smoker’s body without being too sedating. Nuken is a Japanese term that means “to This strain stands out because it is feminized, big, olive-colored, and has orange hair.

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More About Nuken Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Deity Bud X Shishkaberry
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Sunny Cool
Yield: Indoor 16/oz Outdoor 24/oz
Flavors: Marshmallow Earthy
THC Level: 13-15%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: 182 cm
Harvest Period: September to mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Flavor and Effects of Nuken Feminized?

Nuken Feminized Cannabis has a distinct scent of a sweet marshmallow with a skunky undertone and an earthy undertone. When inhaled, the creamy marshmallow scent is appealing, reminding one of the roasted marshmallows with a strong pine and skunk flavor.

In terms of high effects, the Nuken Feminized Cannabis strain is the strongest. By smoking makes the user’s mood will boost by mental stimulation. Users continue to feel energized and capable of handling whatever is thrown at them. The outgoing high is the most common effect for most users, but some users tend to experience a different high when ingesting this strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Nuken Feminized?

Nuken Feminized Cannabis is a very well effective cure for a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses. Its energetic and mood-uplifting properties will aid medicinal cannabis patients who are suffering from stress and fatigue. The patient will feel refreshed after his mood lifts, and all negative feelings are cast aside. Furthermore, the stimulating boost will reduce fatigue or a heavy feeling, contributing to euphoria. Smoking this feminized Nuken strain can also aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Nuken Feminized

Any cannabis strain would be unnatural if it didn’t cause a few common side effects. Consumers’ mouths and eyes are likely to become dry. Consequently, we still suggest drinking water stay hydrated while also minimizing the risk of a slight headache. It Is a rare occurrence with the Nuken Feminized, but if one could not handle its potency, panic attacks or an increase in paranoia could occur.

How to Grow Nuken Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Nuken fem is a helpful strain when it comes to growing your own. It can grow in any setting and produce many flowers no matter what you do to it. Impatient people can appreciate how quickly it flowers, which takes about 7 to 9 weeks on average but can start as early as 7-8 weeks. If you’re growing outside, keep an eye out for mold and pests, although it’s a relatively hands-off operation.


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