Oregon Underdawg

Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Oregon Underdawg is an indica-dominant cannabis strain made from powerful strains: OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Oregon Afghani. It is not for beginners as it can be finicky when grown. It is small at only 90 cm when mature but it can give you up to 450 grams of yield with buds teeming with 24% THC.

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More About Oregon Underdawg (fem)

Oregon Underdawg (fem) is a mostly indica cannabis hybrid strain. It was created after the union of three very powerful strains: a potent Oregon Afghani, a legendary OG Kush, and a zesty Sour Diesel. This hybrid is also a feminized strain, and this only means that you will grow female plants.

Oregon Underdawg is not a beginner strain and may even be a fussy strain, especially when there’s something wrong with its growing needs. It requires a temperate/Continental or sunny/Mediterranean climate to grow its lovely buds.

You can cultivate this indoors or outdoors and flowers quickly at eight weeks. Your plants will grow only 90 cm and thus perfect for stealth growing. But despite this strain’s size, you can still harvest a decent 400 to 450 grams per plant with buds having 24% THC. The buds of an Oregon Underdawg smells earthy, herbal, and sweet, and this is even before consuming this strain.

1 review for Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Eva Y.

    This was an especially powerful strain. I did bring these thru some difficult times, and they raised up admirably. It matures into a medium-sized marijuana plants with a length of just 80cm on avg. Regular cutting is required to boost its efficiency due to its robust and hairy structure.. she elevates my confidence, sends out positive energy, and induces inner peace. With just a few toke, frustration, worry, and anxiety will vanish. I looooove its oaky scent and sweet natural flavor.

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