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Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Skunk #1 is probably the most famous strain, as it has created numerous strains all over the world. Now, it has partnered with a ruderalis to bring you an automatic version. This auto strain flowers early at 7 to 9 weeks and will not need special lighting to flower. This is a small plant but can grow good yields.

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More About Skunk Autoflower

Skunky Madness!

Skunk #1 is already famous in its own right, and breeding it with a ruderalis strain made the flowering cut short and provided some added medical abilities. Its effects are reminiscent of classic old Indica genes, wherein it is very potent and provides Stoney high that resonates throughout the body with ease. Although the Skunk Auto-flower doesn’t possess quite the potency but makes up for its very sweet and skunk aroma and taste.

The effects are cool enough that it engulfs the whole body with happy and giggly thoughts that will result in users having more confidence to face the day and be productive. However, it has couch—locking abilities, so you might be cautious in that end. The plant has a very encouraging way of cultivating as it is resistant to most common plant diseases and mainly thrives on its own.

Nonetheless, the potency and flowering structure are very fulfilling enough that you would want your hands to have a hold of these!


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