Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds


Regular Somango is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a very steep THC amount and a delightful ripe, tropical, and mango taste and smell. It can be easy to grow as it thrives well in any environment. It takes only 8 weeks to flower, which will develop 20% THC content. Each plant is capable of growing 500 grams of yield.

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More About Somango

Somango (regular) is an indica dominant hybrid regular cannabis strain. It is a strain that offers a euphoric high and a fantastic mango aroma. It was created from the union of three top strains, including a classic Super Skunk, a powerful Jack Herer, and a potent Big Skunk Korean.

Somango is a beginner strain as it is one of the easiest strains to grow. It can thrive in a sunny or a temperate climate, and you can grow this indoors, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. Your Somango plants are hardy plants that will flower in 8 to 10 weeks. Expect that each bud will have a high 20% THC and a 0.6% CBD. Recreational users prefer to grow this strain because of its high THC content.

Somango plants will grow to a height of 120 cm, and each plant will have yields of up to 500 grams per plant.

4 reviews for Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. M. Bray

    Woww!! I harvested fantastic yields of roughly 520g of nice smelling buds only after 8 weeks of quick flowering, which is outside cultivation where daylight is sufficient. Yes, indeed! It is simple to maintain, which is ideal for all those who are beginners to weed cultivation. She blossomed into a beautiful crop with long side limbs. Exceptionally delicious, with a mind-blowing high! On my first inhalation, I detected her mango flavor and fragrance, which is well balanced with earthy citrus and spice, with a hint of vanilla on exhalation. This enticing smoke continues to keep me carefree and happily chatty. She saved me from frustrating anxiety and taught me how to live each day with happiness. Thanks to this strain!

  2. Rookie T.

    I wanted to escape from my stressful life! I’ve been feeling anxious, and the Somango has helped tremendously to sooth my nerves and muscles. Aside from that, its flavors were among the best available, while I might just be biased cos I looove mangooo so much! HAHA! I purchased these seeds and began growing them as well, so I can say that this is not a real hassle on my part because it does not require much care. Rapid growing took just 9 weeks, and I harvested lovely yields of 480g/plant of pleasant fragrance buds, which is an outdoor plant in which sunshine is present. Yes, absolutely! It’s simple to care for, making it ideal for all those who are new to cultivating weeds. She grows into a beautiful plant with long side limbs that stands nearly 4 feet tall. Delivery was also pretty fast. Thank you so much!

  3. Laurel Avila

    This strain is one of my favorites. It is very easy to grow and the yield is very large, and I love it so much! The taste and aroma of this strain are very overwhelming and the effects of this strain help me relaxed more it’s very soothing. The appearance of this strain is very colorful because of its orangey and icy trichomes it’s very nice to look at. Not to mention the high which is very powerful perfect for a recreational user like me! Gonna buy more of this.

  4. W. Warrington

    Long story short, I wanted to go on a fruit diet after this. Bough and shipped almost INSTANTLY, that’s how fast their delivery is. I got a pretty good yield too,. After the harvest, smoked, and I can say buzzed is an understatement. Can’t believe they put flavors in these strains. Thank you science!

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