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Sunset Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s popular for its fast flowering and zesty flavors. It is easy to cultivate, but it prefers an outdoor growing area or any growing space with a large area as it can grow 200 cm high. THC levels are at 20% with buds having sweet, orange, and pungent aromas. You can get as much as 250 grams of yield per plant.

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More About Sunset Sherbet Feminized 

Sunset Sherbet (fem) is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid strain that’s widely sought for its quick flowering time and delicious flavors. It was created from combining two bubbly flavors a potent Girl Scout Cookies and a delightful Pink Panties.

Sunset Sherbet is a feminized strain, and thus you will only grow female plants from a pack. No more male or hermaphrodite seeds and plants. This strain prefers an indoor or outdoor growing environment for as long as you follow its growing needs. This is an easy strain to grow, but it needs a lot of space as it can grow tall up to 200 cm when mature.

Sunset Sherbet buds will have 20% THC and will smell berries, orange, sweet, and pungent flavors and tastes. It has moderate yields of up to 250 grams per plant but may be improved when you follow some stress growing techniques like SCROG or SOG methods.

1 review for Sunset Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. R. Gaunt

    An unforgettable strain. Period. This here needs a indoor setup and thank God it’s resistant to molds and mildews. When you hit this, you’ll be reminded of a candy shop, with a scent of citrus and berries. Inhale some and you get the sort of bubblegum ice cream and candy which will totally make you salivate. You’ll also notice a earthy aftertaste. This strain is quite the mood lifter, because it delivers a cerebral euphoria and after that, complete state of relaxation. This is perfect if you want something to combat chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Like all of this? Get this strain.

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