Triple XL Marijuana Seeds


Triple XL Autoflower has amazing recreational and medicinal benefits. It’s a relaxing strain capable of helping you stay calm and reduce anxiety and stress. Just the first toke will instantly make you high that will affect your head and your body with an uplifting high. It has a prolonged effect and thus is perfect for pain relief.

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Triple XL Marijuana Seeds

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More About Triple XL Autoflower

Thrice the Spice!

In recent years, the popularity of auto-flowering strains has skyrocketed into staggering amounts. However, back in the days when you breed a potent strain with ruderalis plants, it immensely reduced the amount of THC content it provided but also shortened the flowering period. However, with the Triple XL Auto, it made it possible for auto-flowering strains to develop cannabinoid and terpene outlines that are similar to photoperiods.

Triple XL Auto offers its users some majestic benefits, such as euphoric sensation from the very first toke that will result in a high that will swarm the head and body with waves of uplifting sensation. Although it has a slow buildup, the duration of the high is long enough for you to enjoy after a hard day’s work.

As to be expected, users who don’t smoke in moderation should expect adverse effects such as dry mouth and eyes. So, be sure to come prepared whenever you hit this one!


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