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White Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds


White Amnesia Feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with high THC and very generous yields. It is not a beginner strain as it needs special attention when grown indoors or outdoors. These plants will grow from 150 to 170 cm high that will yield around 600 grams or maybe more per plant under the best conditions.

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More About White Amnesia Feminized

White Amnesia (fem) is a sativa dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain with very high THC and super yields. This hybrid was from a classic White Widow and a potent Amnesia strain. White Amnesia is a feminized strain, and thus you can expect all your plants to be female.

White Amnesia is not a beginner strain because of its very powerful yields. When it is grown in a temperate or a sunny Mediterranean environment, it can grow from 150 to 170 cm tall and yield 600 grams or more per plant! These buds will also have excellent THC at 22% but with minimal 0.6% CBD content.

White Amnesia plants flower the longest with a wait of 12 weeks. But nevertheless, you will be harvesting more and getting more yields to come October. You will also love White Amnesia’s buds with fragrant pine, flowery, spicy and earthy flavors and tones.

1 review for White Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. M. Molly

    White Amnesia is TOO GOOD. If y’all looking for buzz, you’ve come to the right strain. Your mind’s gonna soar heights with this baby. Browsed through the sativa aisle for fun, got this and bailed. Few months in, I got pretty tall plants already, so you all better be prepped for that. Anyway, had a good yield. Really good for people who worked a bit too much, people with headaches. y’now. You’re gonna notice the scent pine and spicy, earthy flavors too. Hit me up for more strains like these!

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