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The world of concentrates is a big one and entering it has never been easier. One of the most effective ways to enjoy THC, dabbing is the way to go. The most powerful method for the highest high, with a slew of advantages and benefits. If you want to use a classic dabbing enail kit, which is the bulkier option, or an electric nectar collector, you can’t go wrong with either method. Dabbing has proven popular in recent times, and many people want to enjoy it. The most portable option for that would be a nectar collector, and in this article, we will go through some basics about this handy little device that can give you the perfect high on the go. But first, let’s talk shortly about dabbing!

What is dabbing?

Dabs are small, concentrated doses of marijuana that were created by extracting cannabinoids using different gases. These gases are called solvents, usually something like carbon dioxide or butane. These concentrates are little bombs of THC and incredible highs, but they require an open flame or a device that will vaporize the material. Dabs go by different names as budder, shatter, wax, etc. When done safely, this delivery method is one of the most effective and something that can be felt immediately. With the recent improvements in the marijuana market, some companies create high-purity concentrates that are a joy to use. It is a tad harder method as it requires a device, on which we will learn more about in this article.

So what is a nectar collector?

A device that will vaporize your concentrate in an easy and fast way. Dabbing with this is a much more simplified process compared to dab rigs. How the process goes is that you heat the dab in a fire-resistant dish, and then you heat the element of the nectar collector. When it cools a bit, you go over the material and touch the concentrate, which makes the vapor that goes through the device into your mouth—usually a straw-like device that you can carry with you at all times.

Dabbing rigs are more complex machines that are typically stationary, and they can be a bit finicky to use, but a nectar collector is a way to go. Be it that you are at a music show, with friends, on the go, anywhere the dab is yours. Best of all, these devices are super spill-free so you can’t make a mess or do something wrong. These are especially good for dabbing novices.

What types of nectar collectors are there?

This device has four elements: a straw piece that will go into your mouth, the body with a small percolator, and where the filtration will happen, a tip where you put and heat the dab. The design actually came in 2014 from a man named Jeff Zobell, and it has been a hit from that on.

There are multiple types of these devices, including:

  1. Glass nectar collectors
  2. Silicon nectar collectors
  3. Combined nectar collectors
  4. Electric straws or dab pens

Choosing which is the right one for you can be a bit tricky. First of all, you need to make sure that the future device will work with the type of dab you have. It’s not in your interest that you find that your machine doesn’t work with the concentrate that you have. Also, getting the best device can save you a lot of money in the long game. In any case, let’s go through some of the basics of the collectors that we have mentioned. One of the biggest deals that you have to decide on is whether you want to get a glass nectar collector vs electronic nectar collectors. 

The classic collectors are from the three mentioned materials, and they all have their properties. Silicon ones are the cheapest; glass collectors are usually of higher quality and more fragile. Still, glass is glass, and it’s a bit better compared to the fact when you are heating an element close to silicone. The combined ones are fancier, and they usually have a water filtration system that will deliver a smooth dab. Of course, these are more durable, but they require more care. So choose well!

But if you want to do an electronic one, these are life-changers in the game. These devices work on batteries and don’t require torches or open flame. These are the most portable options and the safest too. You can dab on the go, and there is no contact between the heating element and the concentrate—a great way, but also the priciest option. Indeed, a device of the next generation!

In any case, we hope this article has helped you get some basics about nectar collectors and how you would use them. So happy dabbing!

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