Why Does Cannabis Age?

Why Does Cannabis Age

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We’ve insinuated certain reasons for weed maturing, however, we should feel free to separate the issues into clear terms. 

In this article, we will go over why cannabis ages, including the various factors and if cannabis will stay fresh if they are frozen.


When you buy an Indica Flower in Canada for example, you would notice that the moistness of it is better on day 1 compared to day 30.

You need to keep an exact equilibrium with regards to moistness and cannabis. If your capacity strategy presents a lot of dampness, you risk form invasion. 

In the event that it isn’t adequately moist, however, the terpenes and cannabinoids will wind up shrinking endlessly. While they’re very various results, the repulsiveness is equivalent between them. 


Frequently going inseparably with abundance stickiness, high temperatures can hurry the debasement of cannabinoids and terpenes. For the most part, you should ensure your weed stockpiling territory doesn’t get more sizzling than 25.5ºC (78ºF). 

Basically, this is because any climate between 25.5–30ºC (78–86ºF) is prime for buildup and shape development.


So, a tenacious UV light will land a weighty blow on the effect on terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids. 

This is particularly hazardous in tropical territories, where it unites with stickiness and warmth to hurt your reserve. 

Holder Materials 

In conclusion, while many aren’t even mindful of this, your compartment’s base material can directly affect your weed’s maturing cycle. 

It’s obvious, while many spot their weed in plastic holders, the material can make your reserve “sweat”. This implies, likewise with real perspiring, your plant will deliver its internal dampness. 

It’ll wind up dry and cruel accordingly.

Great Way to Store Your Weed To Keep Fresh

Thus, since you know the adversaries, you need to figure out how to guard yourself and keep your weed new. 

Fortunately, it’s a genuinely basic cycle, and you may as of now have all you require to begin putting away your weed for a significant stretch of time.

Legitimate Curing 

Truly, the excursion to legitimate cannabis stockpiling starts with the post-collect restoring measure. Also, entertainingly, it includes keeping up a similar kind of enhanced climate for your blossom. 

You’ll need to locate a cool, dull, and reasonably dry spot. Separate the buds, trim off the sugar leaves, and sort your reserve into artisan containers. 

Additionally, note that each container should just be ¾ full. 

With half a month of tolerance, you’ll be compensated with new, smokable blossoms. If you truly need to guarantee newness, however, you’ll need to ensure no overabundant dampness gets caught in your relieving containers. 

To achieve that, we suggest using our particular RQS Moisture Fighters. These plant-based sachets are intended to rest directly in your reserve shakes, engrossing or delivering dampness as per the conditions. 

They’ll last as long as four months, and only one 8g sachet will keep your own reserve new. On the off chance that your container’s somewhat heftier, there are sachets in sizes up to 67g accessible too. In any case, you’ll need to choose the ones that keep up 58% or 62% stickiness. 

Get the previous in case you’re in a more sticky climate, and the last mentioned in case you’re living in a dry atmosphere.

Will Weed Stay Fresh When Frozen? 

Through the entirety of this, some of you may have been figuring, “I can save food in the cooler for quite a long time, so for what reason don’t I simply freeze my cannabis?”

Those in the last camp, nonetheless, might be astounded to discover that you can adequately store your bud in the cooler for 1–2 years. On the off chance that you let it all out, simply ensure you’re exceptionally mindful so as to try not to contact the buds, as the trichomes (which contain practically the entirety of the sap) will rapidly tumble off. 

Let them normally defrost outside the cooler, and note the top layer of the buds might be imperfect. The remainder of it, in any case, will be close to as great as it was a couple of years prior. 


With the knowledge you have learned, you now know why cannabis even ages in the first place. When deciding where to place your weed order, we recommend you browse a few stores before making your decision.

Oftentimes, you can always find the best deals after looking around!

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