Indica or Sativa Paranoia: Which One is Better

Which One is Better Indica or Sativa Paranoia

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Paranoia is described as an excessive fear that makes you feel that things event or another person will harm you. Having stress and anxiety is often linked to having paranoia, excessive feeling of stress and anxiety leads to paranoia. Growing and use of cannabis seeds in treating these issues that leads to paranoia had been a practice even before.

Cannabis can both influence and avoid paranoia. If you already have a paranoia disorder the use of the moderate level of THC with a moderate to a high level of CBD can help cure paranoia but if you overdose a high THC strain, it may lead to paranoia as a side effect. The feelings of paranoia due to an overdose of cannabis is just  a normal thing to experience within a couple of hours but you must be able to control it or make sure that you are surrounded with people that you trust

Indica or Sativa Paranoia

 Cannabis experts would say that experiencing paranoia doesn’t come down whether you have used Indica or Sativa but the one influences this behavior is through the THC content because it is where the psychoactive effects are developed. The more potent or high THC strain, the more that paranoia will be experienced. On the other hand, if you want to lessen the effects of high-THC strain you can use a high CBD strain to neutralize or totally remove the side effects of high THC strain.

There are different kinds of Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strains that have a high THC level but each strain offers different effects from one person to another. Research shows that paranoia is mostly likely to experience by users as they age. You may find a high-THC strain to have feelings of anxiety-free during your mid 20’s but as you age this anxiety-free experience may turn into paranoia. 

Cannabis Strains That Won’t Get You Paranoid

  • Ringo’s Gift

This strain comes with different phenotypes and ratios, there are types of this strain that are high in THC and low in CBD while there are also its strain types that are high in CBD and low in THC and this is the type of Ringo’s Gift that does not give a paranoia effect. It is a cross-breed from Harle-Tsu and ACDC. This strain provides a mix of cerebral and physical effects. It soothes and relaxes the body while giving you peaceful and calm thinking.

  • Harle-Tsu

This high-CBD strain is a cross-breed between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. It is characterized as a strain having a CBD content that 20 times higher than its THC content. It is a common medicinal strain for pain and inflammation without experiencing psychoactivity effects. Since this strain is already considered a no THC strain, it does not effects that could impair your psychological and emotional functionalities.

  • Harlequin

This Sativa dominant strain is a cross between Columbian Gold, Thai and Swiss Landrace. It has a CBD level that ranges up to 33% while a THC level between 4-10%. It is used for its pain-killing properties that give off a relaxing clear-headed euphoric high that keeps you active and focused. Since it has a relative amount of THC, it won’t give paranoia experience because of its high-CBD content.

  • Cannatonic

This strain is considered as a highly medicinal strain that has the ability to let its high in balance so even though you consume a higher dosage, it won’t give any psychoactive effects. It is regarded for its pain relief properties and its ability to help patients who are suffering from different discomforts. It is a unique strain that will always have a spot in the medical industry.

Cannabis Strains That Causes Paranoia

  • Sour Diesel

This is a popular daytime strain that is popular because of its potency, effects and distinct smell. First-time users describe the flavor of this strain unpleasant because its ammonia-like taste that stings. Its pungent taste and the smell quickly provide a pleasant character. It’s intense cerebral high is a great help for those who have mood disorders but, a higher dosage may give you the “out of control” feelings and altered mental state.

  • Super Silver Haze

This strain is known to be the king of all Sativas. This is a perfect strain for those who are having difficulty in focusing and those who lack motivation. It gives off a long-lasting high that soothes the body. This is widely used for medicinal purposes such as mood disorder, fatigue, migraines, and nausea. If you overdosed, sharpening of sounds and brightening of colors may experience or it may induce paranoia or anxiety.

  • Trainwreck

This is a hybrid strain that is often used as a medicinal and recreational strain. Patients feel an elevated state of euphoric high. It has a potency that has a balanced effect of both bodily and mental high. This strain is known to be cannabis that is both heaven and hell depending on the dosage used. 

  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

The effects of this strain are described as a combination of mental and physical sensation. Mentally, it gives the users the feelings of activeness and sweetness with side effects of hunger and sleepiness. Physically, it helps recreational users to achieve feelings of relaxation without the feeling of bodily pain. It is also a good medicinal strain because it alleviates users feelings of stress, insomnia, and different chronic pains.

  • White Fire OG

This Indica dominant strain has a 60-40 Indica Sativa attributes that gives off a THC level of 28%. This is one of the strains that are always on the list of the best recreational and medicinal strains that has a unique look and high potency. But its Indica properties provide cerebral effects that offer focus and energy and it is suited for daytime activities that make you creative and active in socialization. 

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you would use a Sativa or Indica strain type because the feelings of paranoia will only be experienced through a high THC content at a large dose. The use of cannabis to paranoia can be helpful or it may be a triggering factor.

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