Does Sativa or Indica Make You Hungry?

Does Sativa or Indica Make You Hungry

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Medicinal cannabis is turning a genuine authority player in the field of medicinal. A particular section of interest has been its application to conceivably assist patients of cancer who are going through treatment. The majority of chemotherapy procedures are blatant for turning people ill in such a way that they cannot take foods. The question now is – does Sativa or Indica make you hungry?

People who are suffering from other health conditions or going through other medical procedures may also battle with their appetite. Certain drugs stamp out appetite, making it hard for patients to retain their weight. 

Cannabis has the character in known culture for promoting “the munchies”, heightens hunger and the longing for food. Medical cannabis may help you stimulate your appetite.

Different Cannabis Strains

There are different cannabis strains. Nearly all of them have been formulated to magnify a certain effect. For instance, certain strains bought from an online dispensary can be good in treating chronic pain. Others assert to improve sleep.

The same still applies in stimulating the appetite. The clear number of selection may leave you to confuse, “which strain is best?”

How does Cannabis Stimulate Appetite?

Unscientific proof has always asserted that cannabis causes the munchies. People who have tried smoking pot know intensive hunger is common. Nevertheless, there is also a shred of tested evidence now, implying that cannabis can stimulate the appetite. Further, a study written in the American Journal of Medicine states that cannabis smokers have better metabolism and response to sugars.

The capability of cannabis to boost hunger is determined. Less determined is why and how?

Hunger occurs once your stomach flags the brain that it requires food. Once the food is offered, the body will instantly take up, seizing and consuming food. If food is not available, the brain starts to identify the best method to acquire it. 

A lot of things meddle in this process, but the most typical happen in the brain. Cannabis has the so-called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids naturally occur in brain chemistry. However, if more cannabinoids are received from cannabis, the functionality of your brain alters and the suppression of hunger fades away.

Substantially, cannabis flicks a seemingly switch in the brain to begin working. This, being the situation, a lot of people who purchase cannabis for hunger ponder what should be the kind of strain that they will be taking. 

The bewilderment starts with the truth that various cannabis strains respond differently in the body. One kind of strain may generate energy, while others may develop drowsiness. One may improve creativity, while others don’t. One may suppress hunger, while others can stimulate the appetite. 

Indica or Sativa to make you Hungry?

You are maybe aware that medical cannabis comes in two different strains: Indica and Sativa, which are taken from various cannabis plants. When it comes to stimulating your appetite, Sativa strains are known to be efficient. Only a small quantity of Indica strains are believed to stimulate the appetite.

Indica is commonly used to manage muscle spasms and chronic pain. Its THC content is higher which creates a tranquilizing effect in the body which helps combat pain felt by Lupus and MS patients. It gives a relaxing and sedating effect. Most Indica strains are engaged to unravel through watching a movie or get you to sleep. 

This is also the reason why people using it feel hungrier, which is why it is the plant picked by anorexia and cancer patients. Sativa, on the other hand, is used to manage ADHD and depression. This is mainly influenced by its high CBD content. It has encouraging and cerebral impacts. Sativa is generally engaged in physical activities, social conditions, and inventive projects. 

The idea that there is a distinction between Indica strains and Sativa strains is well-grounded in the lifestyle of common cannabis nowadays. Sellers of medical cannabis commonly begin by questioning which of the varieties you prefer. 

Nevertheless, what is not so known is that there were collected records by researchers which imply that the classifications do not express us as much as we might believe.

There is very minimal proof which implies that Sativa and Indica are all that steady in terms of their chemical profiles. What we are aware of now is that these strains have a different physical appearance and they also differ in the way they grow. However, this information is not precisely helpful to the offhand buyer of cannabis for medical purposes. Only those people who cultivate have to determine the variety of their cannabis strains.

The Beginning of Sativa and Indica and How They were Modified

The word Sativa originated from Carl Linneaus. This word was used to characterize hemp plants seen in Western Eurasia and Europe. These kinds of plants were utilized for seeds and fiber.

The word Indica originated from Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. This word was used to characterize the psychoactive classifications of plants uncovered in India. They reaped this plant for fiber, seeds, and the generation of hashish.

Majority of the cannabis that we use nowadays originated from the Cannabis Indica. Nevertheless, the two terms are used to systematize the many strains which are available in the market nowadays, even if we are not properly using the terms.

The word Indica and Sativa have been modified since their first definitions.

Nowadays, Sativa commonly illustrates the tall, thin-leaf types of cannabis which are believed to help us be energized. Indica, on the other hand, refers to short, wide-leafed plants that are believed to help us feel sedated.

Important Terms about Sativa and Indica

However, rather than classifying Sativa and Indica, it is necessary to grasp what you like from a strain and it is when it is significant to be knowledgeable on some terms:

THC – this cannabis compound will stimulate your appetite, makes you high, and helps alleviates manifestations such as pain. This is commonly used by individuals who like to experience an intoxicating effect to manage anxiety, depression, or insomnia.

CBD – is a non-intoxicating compound which is characterized to help relieve pain, inflammation, and commonly help with medical conditions. Its THC content is minimal and is commonly used by people who are having trouble in using THC, or if they want a calming effect.

Balanced CBD/THC – there is also a mixture of CBD and THC, harmonized relying on what impacts are needed. This gives a gentle hit of frenzy but still gives pain alleviation. This is a superior option for people who are new to cannabis and provides an ideal introduction.

Terpenes – these are the aromatic elements created by the plants. They are developed in similar glands that generate CBD and THC, and it is them that provide cannabis a distinct aroma. Terpenes may stimulate the user in the same manner essential oils do. Pinene, in particular, is a terpene that can help you feel alert. Linalool, on the other hand, provides a soothing feeling. There are plenty of various terpenes found in cannabis. It will be worth it if you can manage to familiarize yourself with the most recognized ones.

Strains that are CBD-dominating with little levels of THC are commonly used by people who are susceptible to that compound. This is particularly essential if a person wants to maintain a calm-state or manage other necessary things while trying to alleviate pain.

Strains that are THC-dominating, on the other hand, are ideal for people who like a high, or intoxicating experience. These strains help manage pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a cure to other health issues. Nevertheless, some people feel apprehensive when taking this strain, or they may not appreciate the effect it brings. If that is the case, higher CBD levels are the best option.

Indica or Sativa Right for You in Stimulating Appetite?

The question of whether Indica or Sativa can be good for you in stimulating your appetite can be very astounding, particularly if you are working to look for the best product to address your needs. The more you learn about the facts of Sativa vs Indica, the more questions you develop.

However, if you acquire the comprehension of the common facts about cannabinoids and terpenes, you are most likely to get the right product for you.


It is essential to put in mind that the terms Sativa and Indica generally do not have a lot of relevance to the impacts that you will experience. Not all kinds of Indica strains can help you with your sleep, and not all kinds of Sativa strains can help you with your anxiety and your poor appetite.

Rather, you should be aiming at the CBD and THC levels of each strain and check various types to determine what profile of cannabinoid fits you best. This is how you will appreciate if you learn to develop and acquire the knowledge on basic cannabinoids so you will know what kind of profile you need most. This is very essential if you want to maximize your choice product. You have to choose a product with a corresponding cannabinoid that will address your needs.

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