Indica or Sativa for Alzheimer’s: Treating Alzheimer’s with the Right Strain

Treating Alzheimer's with the Right Strain

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Alzheimer’s is mostly contemplated as the most frequent types of memory loss or dementia, as well as the defeat of other intellectual abilities. Because of this issue, a growing population of older people encounters incapacitating conditions that are sufficiently critical to meddle with their usual daily living. One thing that has to be learned well is that it is not a common part of the aging process. It is in fact, a condition which if left unmanaged can get worse as time passes.

Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of neurodegenerative condition which commonly happens among elders. This condition is dynamic which means that its manifestations can get worse as time passes. Neurodegeneration is the method of defeating brain cells over a certain period. It is not yet determined what triggers neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s.

One common symptom of Alzheimer’s is called dementia. Initial manifestations of dementia comprise memory problems but progressively widen into other manifestations like physiological changes and language deteriorations. The advancement of Alzheimer’s is correlated with the structuring of plaques situated in the brain. The plaques are created once a compound named as beta-amyloid is discharged from brain cells into a kind of grey matter.

The plaques develop in the brains of even the healthy older people, however, the genetic distinctions among patients with Alzheimer’s create an essentially larger number of plaques to develop.

Cannabis to Alzheimer’s disease

Cannabis is said to aid Alzheimer’s, remained a contentious subject of all ages. There were some arguments and talks about the ill-effects along with the favorable effects of this plant. Although recreational cannabis has been embraced already in some countries, the medicinal benefits and uses of cannabis are still to be founded.  

While researches and studies are continuously done to verify the medical use of cannabis on both physical and mental health, many asserted that cannabis has a positive effect on patients of Alzheimer’s. Even though there is no experimental report that supports the claim, a large number of people are contemplating cannabis as an alternative to treat Alzheimer’s.

Common cannabinoids, THC and CBD, have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects which can help to taper off the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.

Indica or Sativa for Alzheimer’s

Choosing the most suitable cannabis strain can be daunting. By now, you may be at a point wherein you are deciding whether you will go for Indica or Sativa? You must understand that each of these strains has a distinct desired impact for the consumer. One strain can work well if taken daytime. The other one can work well if taken night-time. Here’s what you need to know about Indica and Sativa so you will be able to determine which one is better for Alzheimer’s.

Indica is commonly taken during night-time because it creates relaxing, sedating, and calming effects. It works to alleviate pain, anxiety, and nausea. It also promotes good sleep and stimulates the appetite. This strain is ideal for individuals who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia, Chron’s Disease, anxiety disorders, and more.

Sativa, on the other hand, is commonly taken during the daytime. It creates an energizing and uplifting effect. It works not only to develop your focus and heighten energy, but it also works to lower fatigue and nausea and fight depression. It also stimulates the appetite. This kind of strain is ideal for people who have HIV/AIDS, ADHD, Glaucoma, and mood disorders. And to answer your question – this strain works better in managing Alzheimer’s disease.

Effects of Cannabis on People with Alzheimer’s

Cannabinoids found in cannabis functions by merging with the endocannabinoid system – the human body’s cell receptors network. The endocannabinoid system is liable for controlling the endocannabinoids, which naturally develops in the human body. Hence, merging with this system will surely create an essential effect in regulating some body functions. 

Since the cannabinoid receptors are common in the brain in comparison to any other tissues or organs, it is believed that taking cannabis will create an essential effect in the brain of people who have Alzheimer’s. As the cannabinoids begin working on the cell receptor network, the brain cells begin to communicate with each other and create an essential effect on memory, learning, pain, mood, and appetite of patients.

Medical Advantages of Cannabis on People with Alzheimer’s

Cannabis has always been a disputed subject in the community of medicinal and experts have been doing thorough investigations and studies to acquire the extensive-term benefits of cannabis in the health of the people. Although there is no solid and powerful proof stating the advantages and helps of cannabis of Alzheimer’s disease, certain studies show that the use of cannabis within an uninterrupted period can assist in managing memory issues to some range.

Some of the medical tests have also shown the result that cannabis can triumphantly handle with physiological problems of people who are suffering from the condition of dementia. Although the said cases were only a few, however, cannabis has triumphantly facilitated in managing aggression and agitation related conditions. Nevertheless, to set up the benefits and advantages of cannabis on Alzheimer’s, experts would still have to perform more intricate studies.

Other studies have determined that cannabinoids can facilitate protection in the brain cells and restrict cognitive deterioration. This has directed to a curiosity in THC being a promising medicinal option. THC is believed to have neuroprotective effects through the activation of the CB1 receptors.

Here is some list of benefits of cannabis for Alzheimer’s Disease:

  1. Cannabis improves physiological issues – as the condition of Alzheimer’s progress, manifestations aside from memory loss start to form. During the late period of this condition, physiological issues like aggression and irritability turn more extensive. Researchers learned that THC can lower physiological upheaval in Alzheimer’s disease, and stimulated appetite among patients. Experts cited that the impacts of THC endured in a long period, implying that THC has extensive-term benefits.
  2. Cannabis develops memory – one popular manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease of memory loss. People with Alzheimer’s gradually lose their capability to communicate and to recognize people, even those that are closest to them. Studies showed that cannabinoids can shield the brain cells form beta-amyloid plaques.
  3. Cannabinoids lower inflammation – the brain’s inflammation directs to destroy neurons and is contemplated to add to neurodegeneration n Alzheimer’s. A study showed that cannabinoids can control the inflammation occurring in the brain. Experts asserted that cannabinoids can someday be utilized to lower inflammation happening in Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. THC is neuroprotective – similar to other kinds of neurodegenerative disorders, shielding the brain from getting more damaged is an essential factor in curing Alzheimer’s. Cannabinoids are recognized to have neuroprotective properties, and experts are studying their ability in Alzheimer’s.

 Experts discovered that THC enhanced the elimination of beta-amyloid coming from the cells. Further, THC also lowered inflammation and shielded the neurons from being destroyed. This proof implies that THC can be able to lower the harshness of Alzheimer’s disease. THC can hinder the acetylcholinesterase, a kind of enzyme that adds to the production of beta-amyloid.

CBD on Alzheimer’s

It is essential to contemplate the distinction between CBD and THC. Different from THC, CBD does not deliver psychoactive effects. CBD can also lower the manifestations of anxiety and psychosis, implying that it can be an ideal treatment for Alzheimer’s patients who are going through the symptoms of psychosis. CBD can lower the protein levels which takes part in the production of beta-amyloid. 

CBD also stimulates new brain cell growth which has diminished because of the formation of beta-amyloid plaques. It also boosts neurogenesis in the hippocampus, a portion which controls memory and is destroyed in the condition of Alzheimer’s.

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Probable Adverse Effects of Cannabis on People with Alzheimer’s

Although physicians are yet to issue a prescription for cannabis in treating physiological or mental issues associated with Alzheimer’s, a lot of people have begun depending on this plant and have earned a positive effect. Nevertheless, there are adverse effects of cannabis too. To prevent the adverse effects and getting the condition worsens, it is always suggested to take only the right quantity of dose. 

Too much intake of drugs will do no good to the patient. Some studies also imply that the extensive-term of overdoing the drug can also direct to memory issues in patients and aggravating his condition. Further, it is advised to refrain from synthetic cannabinoid to treat Alzheimer’s as it can only trigger the illness to get worse.


Sadly, a huge number of people worldwide are suffering from the condition of Alzheimer’s. Essentially, it is contemplated as one of the common causes of death. People who are fighting against this kind of illness commonly encounter hardship in thinking, loss of appetite, mental confusion, mood change, and some others. Although there has indeed been no cure yet for Alzheimer’s, medical cannabis has illustrated great potential in managing the condition by tapering off brain degeneration. As a common rule, cannabis strains that contain high levels of THC are ideal for people who have Alzheimer’s. 

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  1. Hello Thank you for making me Believe and Fight for my dear father. I love him so much and he is sucj amazing clean spirit and happy mam with a good soul and the Best fathar and grandfather. I live in Spain and wjen i came to my home rown to visit my dad my brother decode on his own 2 months ago to send him to a temporary elder home for people with alzeimer. I am Totally against all medicine and Doctors I believe in the mother nature power. And I will take Care of my father myself and give him the cnd oil that i believe is the way for all of us. Thank you for this Article Helping and Supporting me in this Very difficult and emotive moment in me and my daughters Life. Its So Hard to watch this ilness taken over these pooe peopmes Life in such miserable way. Thankyou K

  2. My mother in law has dementia and going into alzheimers. Im getting my growing license for 2020 and need some good high cbd and 0.3% THC seeds here in Kentucky. They will be the future of my business. I would like to have a varieties of CBD Flowers. Big and beautiful Buds.

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