Top 10 Easy to Grow Indica Strains

Top 10 Easy to Grow Indica Strains

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Most people who have a little idea about cannabis or marijuana have heard of sativa, a kind of cannabis species that is known for its energetic and cerebral high. While some do not even know that there is other well-known cannabis known as indica. If you have no idea about the health benefits of cannabis indica on your body, then maybe it is time to do some research about it. If you are a cannabis grower and wanted to know the easy to grow indica strains, then keep on reading.

Cannabis Indica is one of the major species of cannabis plants. In general, this has been originated on the Asian subcontinent and in Afghanistan. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist, is the person who classified cannabis indica in 1785. He received his samples of the plant from India that is why he created the name Cannabis Indica in remembrance of this fact.

The appearance of cannabis indica is short with thick-stemmed bush, while its leaves are also short and have wide blades. Cannabis indica strains make denser comprehensive growth, which results in bushier and wider plants. The flowers of cannabis indica shape in thick clusters throughout the female plant’s nodes. Plus, they weigh more than the cannabis sativa flowers of the same size as they are more firm.

Cannabis Indica strains are mostly cultivated exclusively for their medicinal properties, they are also the most used medicinal cannabis strains. Cannabis indica’s thin bark and solid stem make it fit also for the production of fiber.

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Known for their bushy and short appearance, cannabis indica is also very popular due to its meditation and relaxation effects. They are commonly used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep problems. Cannabis indica strains also help relieve headaches, migraines, seizures, and stress. They can be identified by their sweet smell and strong flavors. Here are the best cannabis indica strains that are very easy to grow.

Easy to Grow Indica Strains

This is one of the easy to grow indica strains and also one of the favorites of many growers and connoisseurs worldwide. However, the exact Northern Light genetics is still unknown, some specialist believes that the strain is the outcome of hybridization of eleven variations. The latest strain of Northern Lights continues to exist as Indica-dominant, with a distinct and smooth taste. It yields high which is perfect for first-time cannabis growers.

  • Special Kush #1

This cannabis indica strain is ideal for those cannabis growers who are still beginners. Special Kush #1 plants can grow up to three meters and prefer the warm weather condition outdoors. Their seeds yield small, and it has tight flowers and the smoke makes a hash-like, body stone.

  • ICE

ICE is the most notable cannabis indica strain. Indica Crystal Extreme is the acronym of ICE and it makes sparkling and bountiful yield in as early as 8 weeks, but there are some cannabis growers prefer to lengthen the grow up to 10 weeks. This strain is actually a hybrid of Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk.

This type of cannabis indica strains is a combination of Oregon and California strains. Blue Mystic has a bushy appearance and it can grow up to one meter tall, but it is recommended to pinch and trim the plant-like bonsai to increase its yield. You can harvest it around 8 weeks for a fruity and sweet flavor, or if you want to achieve a stonier high then harvest it in 10 weeks.

It is a mysterious kind of cannabis indica strain that gained great popularity in the United States before 1991. Bubba Kush strain has the right mixture that produces natural bliss and relaxing effects. The seeds of Bubba Kush yield plants up to 600 to 800 g/m² outdoors and 500 g/m² indoors.

The powerful aroma and taste of Blueberry is the reason that this strain is very popular. This type of cannabis indica strain can grow bigger outdoors. The correct phenotype expression will taste and smell just as the same as sweet blueberries. It has a warming and active feeling but still purely has indica effects. This high-grade cannabis indica-dominant crossbreed helps activate the mind. It is also known for having high-quality fruity flowers or buds.

The O.G. Kush strain is actually renowned for its unique and potency flavor. It has aftertaste and aroma that stays longer while you equally enjoy the extreme head and body highs.

  • Royal Cookies

The Royal Cookies strain stands out in all cannabis indica strains due to its confectionary treats smell and sweet flavor that makes all your body senses excited. It produces a deep relaxing high and waves of happiness due to its twenty-three percent TCH content. The high that Royal Cookies strain produces is a mixture of relaxation in the muscle all over the cerebral head and body high.

  • Pineapple Kush

The Pineapple Kush strain has Original Gansta potency, with a sweet and pleasant flavor and aroma. The high feeling that it produces is heady and not completely physical as O.G. Kush. It also has a taste of vanilla and a hint of caramel, together with the pineapple that will surely invigorate your smoking experience.

  • Speedy Chile

The Speedy Chile strain is an auto-flowering crossbreed between Green Poison and Chile Indica. The indica-dominant features permit users to stay focused, buzzed, and alert. The hint of sativa makes a sweet-sounding buzz in the body with an alert high ideal for the all-day consumers.

Cannabis indica strains are all well-known for their unique short cycle of flowering and fat leaves. The Indica Cannabis plants are also comparatively small in height and frequently developing under 6 feet tall only.

While some people choose cannabis sativa for recreational use, this kind of cannabis species does not always give medicinal effects for some health conditions. This is where cannabis indica strains step in. If you would rather have strains of cannabis that would give you pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, nausea-reducing, relaxing body highs, then cannabis indica strains are the right choice for your needs.

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