Top 10 Low THC Indica Strains for Beginners

Top 10 Low THC Indica Strains for Beginners

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There is a marijuana plant for every individual need or preference there is. Some varieties are popular among recreational users due to their higher tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content that gives them the euphoric feeling of being high which is followed by the relaxed state of being stoned. Cannabis sativa is known for this “relaxing” property. But of course, there will be people who do not want to be high but wanted to take advantage of the medical benefits of marijuana. Cannabis indica or simply indica is for them. The low THC indica strains are low in the psychoactive THC but are rich with cannabidiol or CBD instead.

Why Do You Want a Low THC Marijuana?

THC is the cannabinoid or compound that could be found in marijuana that has a psychoactive effect on the human body. THC is received by our endocannabinoid system or ECS and this reception is sending a signal to the body to release more hormones to reduce pain, anxiety, inflammation, and others. However, THC puts the user in a higher state of relaxation or sleepiness which might lead to a reduction in motor skills, and that is why high THC marijuana is not recommended for people who are required to drive, work or operate machinery and equipment.

The good news is that there are low THC marijuana strains from the indica family that is not only low in THC but are also rich in CBD as mentioned. CBD is the compound that is found in marijuana that is at the center of many studies about the medical applications of marijuana. CBD will also give a relaxing effect on the body but CBD is non-psychoactive and is even proven to contraindicate the effects of THC when finding in the same plant. Low-THC marijuana is also good for daytime use compared to high-THC varieties as they are non-psychoactive.

Low THC but high CBD indica strains of marijuana are good for medical applications such as for smoking for anyone who wishes to be relieved of pain but does not want the experience of being high. They are also ideal for extraction of their CBD content in the form of oil and wax that is used in many different applications such as infusion into food and drinks and the production of tinctures and topical medications. These alternative marijuana by-products are for those who do not want to smoke marijuana such as children or people who are just beginning to use marijuana but require its medicinal benefits.

For those who will consume marijuana through the infusion with food, it may not make a difference whether you are a beginner or a veteran but if you wish to smoke low THC marijuana, either by smoking a joint, vape or others, here are our top 10 low THC indica strains for beginners. Please note that some of the plants that will be featured are hybrids but we are showcasing those that are indica-dominant.

  • Solomatic CBD

Solomatic CBD is perhaps one of the best low THC indica varieties out there. This 70 percent indica, 20 percent sativa, and 10 percent ruderalis has 1 percent THC and 21 percent CBD. That is almost pure medication without any psychoactive effect.

  • Cannatonic

Cannatonic also has a very low THC content that rarely gets above 6 percent and CBD content of up to 17 percent. Cannatonic is also an indica-dominant strain.

  • Deep Mandarine

Deep mandarine is a 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa with 8.5 percent THC and 12.5 percent CBD.

  • Euphoria

Euphoria only has 9 percent THC but high CBD content at 17 percent and is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa. Users report a motivating feeling when using it.

  • Easy Bud

Easy Bud has 12 percent THC and low CBD also but take note that 12 percent THC is considered low for marijuana and this will give a balanced and pleasant experience for beginners. Easy Bud is a 55 percent indica, 15 percent sativa, and 30 percent ruderalis.

  • Bubblicious

Bubblelicious is an indica dominant and has 15 percent THC and high CBD.

  • Kalashnikova

Kalashnikova is an 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa hybrid with 15.44 percent THC and 0.17 percent CBD.

  • Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile is a 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa hybrid. The THC content is about 16 percent which is still considered low combined with low CBD.

  • Special Kush #1

With 17 percent THC and low CBD, this 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa variety will give a refreshing experience to users even the beginners that do not make you feel sleepy but make you feel alert instead.

  • Northern Light

Last on our list is Northern light which is for those who want to try more potent indica marijuana. Northern light is a 100 percent indica variety and has 18 percent THC and medium CBD content. This gives it a balance between the THC and the CBD which may give you the high especially if you are a beginner.

Things to Remember

Please note that the TCH and CBD levels mentioned here are the lowest values observed in particular strain that could vary from plant to plant, sometimes by a little and sometimes by much. When buying marijuana buds for smoking, buy only from reputable sellers online or in a licensed dispensary for you to be given accurate information about each marijuana strains for you to have a pleasant first experience in smoking marijuana.

Also, please note that first-time marijuana smokers have different individual experiences in different marijuana strains. This may result in causing a good smoking experience for others but not for you and vice versa. You may need to try different strains until you find one that you would love. You may not even feel any effect on your body on the first time you try marijuana so don’t be frustrated.

There are lots of new low THC indica strains to choose from that are available today in the market including the ones we have mentioned. But be on the lookout for news about new strains to be developed in the future.  

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