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It is an exciting idea to know more about marijuana and the variety of strains. If you want to become familiar with different strains, you should know the 10 high THCV strains you should try. This is the best thing that you should do first when you explore more about cannabis. Before knowing the 10 high THCV strains, you should first know what THCV stands for. Through this article, we will learn more about THCV, the top 10 highest THCV strains, and reasons as to why you should try them.

What does THCV stand for?

THCV is a cannabinoid, but this is different from THC. They have different effects. THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a chemical compound that leads to a psychoactive effect, especially with the high dosage as it has a role as CB1. It has a propyl molecular structure, while THC has a pentyl molecular structure. THCV can surely appear and be identified when you undergo a drug test.

The effects of it are very beneficial, especially in alleviating some medical conditions. It lowers down the appetite, which makes this good for those who are trying to lose weight, it decreases blood glucose, and it enhances diabetes, it minimizes anxiety as well as panic attacks, it is also good for the growth of your bones, and it may somewhat help those people who are enduring from Alzheimer’s disease.

Thus, you need to know the 10 high THCV strains that you should try so that you will be able to enjoy their benefits.

What are the 10 High THCV Strains that You Should Try?

Those strains that come from the continent of Africa are high in THCV. Most of the strain is a Sativa type of cannabis. Indica strains have fewer THCV. You need to be wise in choosing a strain to try to. The following strains are good to try, especially if you want to experience some therapeutic effects.

1. Dougs Varin

This kind of cannabis is known for its high THCV. This strain has an earthy and pine fragrance, which is combined with a hint of citrus aroma. The effects are more on the cerebral high, wherein it leads to a clear mind effect, but it will not be long-lasting. By consuming this strain, your appetite will be suppressed, and it may result in weight loss.

2. Pineapple Purps

This is a Sativa type of strain, and it can also be called Purple Pineapple. This cannabis offers a sweet scent, and along with it is the amount of THCV that is the high and average amount of THC. This strain’s family is unknown, but some said they come from the hybrid between the Pineapple Express and Cheese strains.

3. Malawi Gold

It comes from Africa, and it is a Sativa dominant weed. It is a weed that has energetic aftermath as well as an uplifting effect. This weed has a huge amount of THCV, and you can use this in losing weight as it suppresses your appetite.

4. Swazi Gold

This is a very rare strain, which is mainly Sativa. It originates from the East of Africa. It does well in different weather or climates. The taste of this strain is sweet at the same time as citrus. The effects will occur fast, and it gives a relaxing feeling of both body and mind. Therefore, it is good to be used after working so hard.

5. Power Plant

This strain is from Dutch Passion Seed Company, and it is largely Sativa cannabis. The THC level of this strain starts from 15 % up to 20 %, and it also offers high THCV. Due to the good effects it brings, this weed has received many awards.

6. Willie Nelson

This weed’s name comes from the name of a musician who is Willie James. It was awarded as the best Sativa type of strain during 2005. The flavors that this strain offers are sweet and sour that are mixed with a bit of lemon glass flavor. The parents of this strain are the Nepalese Sativa and a South Asian Sativa dominant strain. Its high is cerebral that promotes a clear-headed effect, especially if you consume this with a high dosage. It lowers down your appetite because of the high THCV content. Therefore, you can consume this weed if you want to reduce your weight.

7. Red Congolese

There is an argument as to where this strain comes from. Some said that it comes from the African strain, but others said that it is from Mexico. This cannabis is full of colors, and the high promotes a clear mind effect, which makes it good for treating stress and anxiety. If your goal is to lose weight, you can try this weed.

8. Jack the Ripper

It has many awards in Cannabis Cups, which makes it a famous kind of marijuana strain. Due to being a largely Sativa strain, it results in an uplifting effect. Its high does more on the cerebral side. You will be able to experience the sweet fragrance if you take this weed, and it will be combined with a bit of spicy tasting.

9. Pink Boost Goddess

Unlike the strains mentioned above, this weed is a balanced crossing. If you take this weed in high doses, you will be able to get euphoric and relaxing aftereffects. It has a great amount of THCV, and it has benefits that are more on medication. You can reduce weight by using this strain. It can be a good cure for pain and anxiety. It reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It comes from the matching between the Black Garlic and the Boost Goddess strains.

10. Skunk #1

it has lots of awards, and it comes from the Skunk strain family. It is the outcome of the hybrid among Afghani, Colombian Gold, and Acapulco Gold strains. It is the cannabis that is from Sacred Seed Co. The aroma of this weed is skunky. You will become more energetic upon the consumption of this weed. The THCV amount is really high.


There are lots of strains that you can try too. However, you need to know more about it and learn more about its effects so that it will be matched to your reasons as to why you want to try certain cannabis. You may want to try all of the strains mentioned in this article due to their effects, but make sure to choose the strain that you think is suitable for you, and you can choose them from the 10 high THCV strains you should try.

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