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There are many ways to take cannabis strains. It can be taken through vaping, cannabis edibles, and tinctures, and oils. Most cannabis fans prefer to consume their favorite strain using oils and tinctures. Taking cannabis this way requires a dropper so you can put the oil under your tongue. This method is highly recommended for novice cannabis users, as it allows easier observation if a strain is suitable for their tolerance. It gives them the chance to discern what they want and need as they slowly increase their intake. 

Most experienced smokers prefer the oil and tincture method too. Unlike vaping wherein the marijuana smell lingers in your body and clothes, oil and tincture consumption is more discreet. You can easily get away with smoking as there is a lesser smell. It is also convenient to carry it wherever you go. You can just hide it in a little jar somewhere in your bag or pockets.

The effects of marijuana also kick in right away with oils and tinctures.  Unlike edibles, which can take around an hour to take effect, cannabis taken as tinctures takes effect as fast as fifteen minutes. It is also easier to control your intake since you can measure the amount with the dropper, helping you dodge side effects.

A cannabis tincture is a cannabis extract mixed with alcohol. Aside from the benefits discussed, tinctures allow marijuana fans to enjoy their favorite strain without being suffocated with smoke. Though it can be purchased commercially, you can actually create one. Like growing your own strain, it is highly fulfilling to create your own tincture in the comforts of your own home. Below is an easy to follow cannabis tincture recipe which does not discriminate whether you are a novice or experienced smoker.

Materials Needed for Easy to Follow Cannabis Tincture Recipe

All you need to have to create a great tincture are just within your home. It does not require you to shell out any budget. You can start searching around for a jar, alcohol, a strainer, and of course, your favorite cannabis flower concentrate. That’s it. You can now start creating your tincture! 

The best alcohol should be a pure one, which is also edible at the same time for best results, but if you find alcohol too strong to your liking, you may replace it with glycerin instead. Glycerin is a type of oil obtained from plants. The only downside, though, is glycerine is weaker than alcohol in terms of holding cannabis compounds together. This will result in a tincture with a lower potency. 

There are some creative individuals who respond to this downside by evaporating the alcohol first from the mixture, then adding the glycerin in the mix right after. However, evaporating the alcohol requires placing it overheat. This method is dangerous and not really recommended by experts. For us to be on the safer side, better get alcohol.

Check Your Surroundings

It is nice to create your tincture in the comforts of your own home, but checking your work area should be done for safety. Also, though the materials needed for our little experiment are simple, one of them is alcohol, which is highly flammable. Before proceeding with the easy to follow cannabis tincture recipe, make sure your work area is far away from any open flames. Smoking is prohibited. There shouldn’t be any gas stoves nearby. Both factors can ignite a wildfire with just a little spark. Similar to cannabis growing, your work station should also have good air ventilation. Lastly, it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher nearby for the worst-case scenario. It does not hurt to be a little prepared for possibilities. 

Steps in Creating Cannabis Tincture Recipe

There are four major steps in creating cannabis tincture:

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is to decarboxylate your favorite cannabis. It could be a flower of your favorite cannabis or even a concentrate. If you have a cannabis flower, make sure to grind it well for a fine consistency. It is best to start with 1oz of your cannabis strain.

Step 2

Place the cannabis flower or concentrate inside a jar. This is where you will be mixing it in with alcohol or glycerin. Below is a guide on the alcohol amount that you can mix in depending on the potency that you are aiming for:

  • Mild – 1g of weed to 30ml of alcohol (1oz of weed to 850ml of alcohol)
  • Medium – 1g of weed to 20ml of alcohol (1oz of weed to 570ml of alcohol)
  • Strong – 1g of weed to 10ml of alcohol (1oz of weed to 280ml of alcohol)

Remember that these are just estimates. It is still up to you to try and test according to your preference. More alcohol amount means weaker tincture, while lesser alcohol means a stronger tincture. Make sure to jot down your observation.

Evaporating the alcohol will definitely increase the potency while adding some glycerin to the mix will lessen the potency, but then again, evaporating the alcohol first from the mixture, then adding the glycerin in the mix right after is dangerous and not really recommended by the experts. We won’t lose anything from staying on the safe side, which is choosing just one ingredient. It is either alcohol or glycerin alone. 

Step 3

After adding the alcohol, close the jar tightly and leave it alone for a few weeks, only going back to shake it from time to time. If you think a few weeks is too long, shake your jar thoroughly for three minutes straight, strain it, and store it right away. The tincture may be less potent this way, though.

The mix should be left at a cool and dark place for around three months for the best results. Not everyone has the patience to wait for three months, though, so another way to get around with it is to shake the jar thoroughly over the course of an hour. You can choose from a few weeks, three months, or 60 minutes. 

Step 4

After waiting in agony for a few minutes, weeks, or months, you can proceed in straining the mix using a coffee filter.

The easy to follow cannabis tincture recipe discussed above is the most basic guideline you can have in handy to create your own tincture. Once you have mastered this, you can search around for more intermediate to expert level steps as your requirements increase.

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