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If you are a marijuana user or you are a new user, you need to know how to smoke weed the right way. There are things you should consider in smoking weed, and it is for your own good. This is for you to avoid some negative aftermaths that can be very extreme or worse. Aside from that, if you are able to smoke marijuana the right way, you will be able to get the effects and aftermaths that you have expected. Now let us learn the basic steps and tips about smoking weed properly.


If this is your first time smoking marijuana, you need to know the things you should prepare before doing it. Below are the following things that can be included in the preparation process.

  1. Look for a place – It is important that the place should be convenient for you, and it should be safe so you might need to set your place. This is for you to avoid getting an unwanted sensation of paranoia.
  2. Your expectation – You have to know the things that will happen after taking cannabis. There is a possibility that the consumption of the weed for the first time will not be able to result from getting as high as you expect.
  3. Law – You must know when to smoke weed. Make sure the weed is legal in your place before smoking it in order not to trouble yourself.
  4. Prepare food as well as water – You need to have food and water with you. You may feel a bit hungry and dehydrated after smoking weed. You can prepare the food you like.
  5. Choosing weed and choosing a medium to smoke marijuana – You can choose the strain that would be fitted according to your preference. You have to also choose a way that you prefer in smoking weed.

Ways of Smoking Weed

There are some ways of smoking your preferred strain. All you need to do is to choose something that you think would work for you. The ways of smoking weed include:

1. Joints

Is a way of smoking that is very easy. This is the oldest way, and it is very common when it comes to using weed. It is a method that is very cheap. You can roll papers by doing it, and it is not expensive, as well as it is super easy to do. You will be able to buy this anywhere. There are things you should know before you smoke weed using the joint. First, you should know the right way of rolling. Next, you have to provide the preferred amount of weed you will need in a joint. Lastly, in smoking weed using a joint, you have to inhale the smoke towards your lungs, and you should not overdo it, and you should know when to stop, especially if you have a sensation like you are getting strong high.

2. Pipe

This method doesn’t involve so much preparation, and this is the reason why some users prefer to use this when smoking. You have to pack the cannabis and put them in the pipe where you can light it up. You can also bring this anywhere because it is small and can be fitted into bags or backpacks. In smoking this way, you have to be extra cautious because it may make your mouth and eyebrows burn.

For you to be certain that you can really smoke weed using the pipe, you need to first learn about how to clean a marijuana pipe.

3. Blunts

If you don’t have a pipe, then you should not worry. You can smoke weed by using cigar wrappings, which are filled with marijuana flowers, and this is called blunts. In smoking using blunt, you need to make sure that your tool is in good condition, and is free from bacteria and cavities because it can affect the weed’s flavor. Just like pipes, the aroma of bongs is not as strong as joints. Hence, if your goal is to smoke without fragrance, then you can use this as a tool.

4. Vapes

Using technology in smoking weed is also known nowadays. This method becomes the favorite of many marijuana users as well as the newbie. You will be able to smoke pot, and it is without combustion when you use vaporizers. Instead of burning the flowers, they will only hear them. In high temperatures, you should not display your plants because it may destroy the cannabinoids, and it is not the proper way of smoking weed.

5. Hookah

This method originated in India. You will need a hookah pipe, coal, water, and aluminum foil in smoking weed using this method. Mixing weed with shisha tobacco, hash or you can use other cannabis concentrate is a way to use the hookah method. You need to put the weed on top of the things you combined with it. You can use this method when you want to smoke weed and get a relaxing feeling and won’t provide a strong high.

6. Dab Rigs

It is the concentrated, potent dose of marijuana, which is made of extracted wax, shatter, and budder. Using this method, you will be able to get marijuana benefits. If you can smoke lots of weed, then it is easier for you to use the dabbing method.

7. Corn Husks

A healthy way of smoking is by the use of corn husks. They are organic

products and they can be rolled up easily. You can also use other mediums in smoking this way. You can use covers of magazines, receipts, and even papers that can be used for treatment. There are more ways of smoking weed. You can use DIY methods for doing it. However, you must know how to do it, and you should also know the right dosage to take.


Whichever method you choose in smoking weed, it is important that you know how to smoke weed the right way. You should be able to follow the steps and the recommended techniques for you to be able to get what you want and avoid the things you don’t want to happen when you smoke cannabis.

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