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Growing cannabis cannot be done with just a snap of a finger as this needs a long time to rear it best. You need to pay attention to the lighting conditions, how humid the room you are growing it, no signage of pests and harmful insects can penetrate, free from fungus and molds, and the temperature must be accurate as some varieties of cannabis are fussy. A spark of hope that discards the time lights up when you hear autoflowering strains. Accordingly, you need to acquaint yourself with how to breed autoflower seeds that result in autoflowering strains. 

With low regard to lighting, one of the things you should be careful when breeding cannabis, you can pull it off when you know how to breed autoflower seeds. The autoflower seed is a starter on the journey of cultivating weeds that don’t require too much attention and helpful factors. The growing phase of autoflowering weeds is a blast that can be easily done in a minimum of two weeks. Not like the other regular seeds that the flowering period may raise into eleven weeks or more. Furthermore, if you are less acquainted with the idea of growing weeds, then the autoflowering seeds are your best option. 

Different Methods on How to Breed Autoflower Seeds 

A greater harvest in the yield will be yours when you know how to breed autoflower seeds of weed. You won’t be racing with time as growing autoflower seeds of weed is sent from heaven to acquire more harvest and high profits that no patience and time would be triggered and wasted. Breeding autoflower seeds have some unmistakable favorable circumstances, such as sufficient space is enough to cultivate it. Its height won’t go beyond 1 meter, so you will now initially have the hand when your place is not too big in space. The natural time autoflowering plants grow is between 2 to 3 weeks, and when you cultivate this indoor, you can gather up its product for about three times a year.

It is often connected that Ruderalis is the component that is needed when you want to breed autoflowering strains. Ruderalis is defined as a shrubby and short subspecies that highlights on giving high-quality cannabis with no reservations on the light needed by the regular cannabis. However, this paper does not majorly consider only the Ruderalis strain to achieve the autoflowering plant, but its all about knowing how to breed its fundamental unit, the autoflower seeds of weed. The need to browse below is a must as you can find on how to breed autoflowers seeds of weed.

Method 1

The least demanding method on breeding autoflower seeds of weed is by crossing similar species of autoflowering plants. You only need two constant autoflowering plants (Autoflowering “A” and Autoflowering “A”), and it will present you with the most stable autoflowering plant as no new implications of genetics are being applied or modified. It would result in a homozygous autoflowering plant, and the stress over various cross-breeding methods won’t be at your table. Therefore, you can have your homozygous auto flower seeds of weed. Any ordinary autoflower seeds of weed can be used, or you can choose the type of autoflowering plant you wanted to have. When you bought normal autoflower seeds, you can expand its measures by pollinating the female autoflower seeds (grown and now is a plant) with the pollen of a male plant, and you will not get new sets of autoflowering seeds. 

Under 70 days, the autoflower seeds will take to grow naturally and growing new sets of it with no higher than three months you can achieve a new set of autoflower plants and then can rear new autoflower seeds. Furthermore, on the grounds that you can get a thousand and more seeds from your autoflower plant, surely you will have an enormous stock of autoflower seeds, which will constantly keep you from performing growing autoflower plants. Fifty percent of your stock may be some male plant. Once you’ve identified its sex, then you can pollinate it with the female plants you also have. When you first conduct this strategy, a feeling of tricky may tap your skills, but throughout the time of repeating on doing it, you will be much acquainted with it that you may find it so easy to do. Additionally, you can gain profits from your homemade autoflower seeds by selling it through the market. A less hassle way that can bring money in your pocket! 

Method 2

The second method may demand some of your time and your skills as this does not cater to the autoflower strain crossed with autoflower strain; rather, this maximizes on cut flower strain x photo-sensitive strain.

An entirely new autoflowering plant that has the stability of its raw autoflowering plant, but then the former plant being used is not an autoflowering or a photo-sensitive plant, and then accomplishing this would be tricky as the genetic lines don’t lean on the same wall. Stabilizing on the contents will take some time that it will cost you almost the whole year to achieve on it. However, I will still impose it below on how to do it. This method has three breeding cycles that you need to follow.

The first breeding can be done through an F1 cross. An autoflowering strain breeding with a photo-sensitive strain will result in a heterozygous strain. Consequently, the resulting plant is unstable as new traits are being mixed. 

The second breeding can be done through an F2 cross. The resulting plant from the first breeding will be again crossed, with the two strains being used in the first breeding. It will give you the result of 50 percent likeliness of what is the result in the first breeding, 25 percent of being a photo-sensitive strain, and then the remaining 25 percent would be the stable autoflowering plant. 

The third breeding cycle can be done through the careful selection and F3 cross. The resulting plant from the second breeding must be crossed with the selected plant that possesses high autoflowering content. You should not only choose one among them but also choose all the autoflowering dominant plants out from the two breeding you have done. After choosing it, you will conduct the third breeding by crossing all those selected plants. The resulting plant right now would be a hundred percent autoflowering plant. 

After finally doing the last breeding, you can now have your autoflowering plant out from autoflowering strain and photo-sensitive strain. Why did I say that this needs time? Because you need to find out what dominance the plant has after the breedings you have done. Moreover, you cannot easily identify by simply looking that the plant is already an autoflowering or still photo-sensitive.

Whenever you want the autoflowering seeds, it would be really best when you experience breeding and making it first-hand as the outcome would totally satisfy you after some time of working on it. One disadvantage of cultivating an autoflowering strain is that you cannot cultivate it out from clones. You really need to spend some money on buying the autoflower seeds. Breeding it for the first is costly, but after you sell on it, the money will be back on you plus the profits you have gained. 

Other Tips

Before I end this article, I would like to give you some techniques on how to grow best your autoflowering plant and then get your best autoflower seeds. Choosing the perfect autoflowering strain by purchasing the first seeds must be initially done. If you have grown the seeds it in a pot, then you must avoid changing its pot, or when it starts to grow, do not ever change the material being used on which it was grown. The usage of soil would be the best medium, and light and air should not be limited. Thus, the room must be properly ventilated. You can apply the Sea of Green method and do not overfeed it with water. Too much water in the autoflower strain may result in rotten roots. The levels of humidity and temperature must be correct. Additionally, the topping should not be done. Lastly, shower it with nutrients but not too much, use only the accurate measurement.


It is not always easy when you want some things to achieve, but the process may hinder you from it. It’s like you can’t always accomplish your wants without putting some effort into it. The need to invest in it may always be associated, but it promises you to get the best out of your journey. Just like knowing and enacting how to breed autoflower seeds of weed, there are varieties of techniques in creating on it. One simple way is Autoflowering “A” x Autoflowering “A,” or go with the Autoflowering “A” x Photo-Sensitive, and the webbing like breeding will ask of you to do it. No matter what method you use in achieving your things, always bear in mind that doing it will bring you more goodness of feeling once it’s done.

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  1. Hi Opey,

    I don’t think so, as the auto strain will not be able to recover and turn before it flowers, it decides on its own when it wants to flower.

  2. can I take a fem auto and spray with silver and cross that with another fem different auto strain and have a new stable strain ?

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