How to Flower Cannabis Fast?


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It could be because you are in a country where the transition of the seasons should be taken into consideration, or might be because your recreational or medicinal stock is about to run out. The reason could be you are moving to a new abode, or perhaps you live in an area where it is solely not suitable for most strains. It might also be because you simply don’t have the patience to wait long. Whatever the reason is, there are easy ways on how to flower cannabis fast.

The following are five proven and tested ways on how to flower cannabis fast. 

1. Choose a Fast Flowering Strain or Obtain Clones

There are a lot of promising weeds competing in the marijuana scene nowadays. A lot of crosses and hybrids are just too hard to pass on with their powerful genetics. Choosing which one to cultivate in your grow space with your available resources is challenging in itself, but if you want to flower cannabis fast, the best choice will be an automatic flowering strain.

As we all know, automatic flowering strains reach maturity at a quicker pace, so it is the best candidate if you are in a rush. Most ruderalis weeds begin flowering just two weeks after the germination stage. You will be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor at only around seven weeks thereafter. Also, it would be less hard work on your part, as ruderalis strains flower on their own without the aid of light cycle switching. It is also great for those who are smoking weed for medicinal purposes and need to stock up. Most automatic flowering strains contain a higher level of CBD than THC. 

Clones are also a good choice for your fast flowering adventure.  Instead of going through the germination process, you can just plant the clones right away with its well-developed root system. The only disadvantage of growing clones would be its susceptibility to molds, powdery mildew, diseases, and pests.

2. Select the Right Growing Medium

While soil is usually the number one growing medium in cultivating strains, switching to hydroponics is a proven technique to shorten the vegetation phase. This growing method ensures that the essential nutrients are absorbed by the strain’s roots right away, therefore, helping tremendously with the bud quality. This does not really focus on triggering the flowering phase, but more on making up for the projected yield, especially when you are growing an automatic flowering weed.  Essential nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur can be supplemented together with the fertilizer or mixed directly in the water system itself. 

Leaving the plants under light exposure 24 hours every day is another way to speed up the vegging. You have to observe the plants, in case you see signs of sickness so you can adjust the hours right away.

3. Switch the Light Schedules

The plants need water, nutrients, air, and light. You may use the latter need to your advantage. Switching the light method is one of the key tricks in inducing the flowering phase the soonest, especially if you are growing photoperiod weeds. This applies to clones and fast version seeds

Place the plants in the dark for 12 hours every time once the germination stage begins. The 12 hours of darkness should be uninterrupted. If you are growing an indica variety, switching to 10 hours of light every day is recommended.  To secure a higher yield, the Sea of Green (SOG) method is highly recommended. This triggers the budding, as the plants are conditioned that winter is just around the corner. Harvesting is usually done in autumn when daylight is reduced, so when the plants sense that they’re receiving less than 13 to 14 hours of light exposure, they perceive it as the time to flower. This is also the way to emulate the climate if you are growing indoors.

Light switching is effective for faster budding; however, this will lower the yield for photoperiod strains as the buds did not have enough time to get fatter.

4. Keep on Observing and Maintaining Your Plants

Higher amounts of nitrogen are required during the vegetation phase, while potassium and phosphorus are the more essential ones during the flowering phase. You may also cut off around one to two weeks with some fertilizers. However, since most of these fertilizers inhibit vertical development, let the plants reach your preferred height in the vegging phase before use. Use the product with care as they are infamous for causing root burn and yellow leaves. It is also crucial to observe any changes to the plants so you can adjust the feeding amounts right away. The same goes for lighting and watering. The safest way is to stick to light feeding. 

Since light switching was performed, the possibilities of smaller buds are high. Pruning the plants is highly recommended. This ensures the plant is able to direct its power in generating plump buds than in producing leaves. Unnecessary stems and yellow leaves should be removed right away. 

5. Consider Indoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation is best for growers who are lucky to be in an area with a climate well-suited for most cannabis strains. Nature does the work with just a little more effort required on one’s end. But let’s face it, not everyone was blessed with such luck, so indoor cultivation is highly recommended to achieve how to flower cannabis fast.

For growers who find a more affordable option outdoors, it is best to have a grow tent, or you can just cover your plants with a tarpaulin during the evening. This should be removed early the next morning. It is another way of triggering the flowering stage, aside from light switching. This also causes bigger, more robust, and resinous nugs due to the natural sunshine and ventilation it will be exposed to upon tarp removal.

Indoor growing means you have full control of the ventilation, light, water, and bud size. Your plants are also safer from diseases, mildew, and molds as they won’t be exposed to rain and snow.

After all of these, you get to finally cure the fruits of your hard work! The above tips can surely help you to harvest faster.  It is still best to let your plants go through the natural stages, but going back to your reason why you want to know how to flower cannabis fast, just prepare to sacrifice some aspects like the potency of effects and bud production.

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