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A lot of people prefer CBD dominant strains for its more gentle effects, as well as its powerful medicinal uses. Having amazing medicinal effects and lighter effects, CBD seeds and CBD-high strains are sought after not only by patients in need of instant pain relief and medication, by also by smokers who just wanted to indulge in the world of ultimate relaxation, minus the huge possibilities of side effects.

As a certified marijuana smoker, who does not wish for CBD strain’s euphoria and relaxing sensation to last? That will be absolutely awesome. So how long does CBD stay in your system? The duration of CBD’s stay, depending on the following factors:

Your Dosage Amounts

The duration of CBD’s stay on your system can differ depending on your tolerance. Just like dosage amounts are considered for the potency of medicinal and recreational effects, so does in considering how long does CBD stay in your system. 

It depends upon the tolerance of the person, but usually, CBD components can stay in your system from two to five days. But again, each person is unique. Your friend’s body’s reaction to CBD may not be the exact same reaction your body will get, even though you have taken the same strain. Normal intakes take two to 6 hours to last, while there are even people who have had CBD components stay in their body for longer. Most of the time, it can go for weeks.

Frequency of Usage

Frequent intake of CBD components will cause it to accumulate in your system, making it stay longer. If you are not a frequent taker, or the type who only uses CBD high marijuana once it a while for recreational effects, chances are the components will stay in your system only for a shorter period.  So if you want to extend the duration of its stay, it is best to use it regularly. Taking CBD regularly also helps in identifying if a particular marijuana strain is suitable for you. If you are a novice taker, using the strain for a straight week is highly recommended, so you can observe the effects even more carefully.

Body Structure and Components

The effects of CBD strains on your body are not only about your tolerance to potency. The reason why people have different reactions to CBD can also be attributed to one’s body mass index, metabolism, and even the body’s water content. CBD is not only a compound that works together with THC’s high. It is a fat-soluble component that is deposited in your body’s fat cells. If your body has more muscles than body fat, your body will be able to break down CBD components than people with fewer muscles and more body fat. In short, more muscles mean CBD will get out of your system faster, while more fats mean CBD will enjoy its stay. If ever you are insecure about your fats, it is a great advantage for you in the CBD smoking world.

The Type of Foods that You Consume

You are what you eat. What you eat also determines how long does CBD stay in your system. The amount of food and the frequency of your eating habits also impacts the duration of CBD’s stay. Taking CBD strain while hungry has an impact on the effects as well.  It is often compared to taking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. If you take the strain without having eaten anything, you will be hit with the effects right away. The sensation also leaves right away. But if the CBD strain is taken a right after breakfast, lunch, a snack, or dinner time, you can expect the effect to stay longer since the CBD components are metabolized at a slower pace.

How Active You Are

An active lifestyle is often associated with a faster metabolism, greater eating patterns, and a better body composition. Thus, how active you are also playing a big role in ensuring the CBD components stay longer or shorter in your system. Aside from the medical benefits brought by CBD, an active lifestyle can bring in more health benefits. Indulging in physical activities improves metabolism and helps in losing unwanted weight, which can also help in reaching the best potential of your chosen CBD strain. Again, if your body has more muscles than body fat, your body will be able to break down CBD components than people with fewer muscles and more body fat. You may want to consider these factors so your CBD experience will become more satisfying.

The Way You Take CBD

There are many ways to take CBD strains, such as through oils and tinctures, pills and capsules, CBD edibles, vaping, and creams, and lotions. If you want the CBD components to stay longer in your system, vaping is not recommended, as it is faster for the CBD to reach the lungs and leave your system. If you want it to stay longer, oils and tinctures are the best way to go. Since oils and tinctures are taken by placing under the tongue, it enters the bloodstream quickly but stays for a longer period of time. Edible CBD takes a while to be broken down by the digestive system, same with lotions and creams, so these are also recommended. 

Having CBD components in your body seems ideal when you are enjoying the effects. However, it is understandable that it might cause worries if you are up for a drug test. Usually, CBD elements do not show on drug test results. But then again, different people equal to different impacts. Though a CBD strain is purely a CBD plant without traces of THC that can make you high, your drug test result may be able to detect the CBD and say otherwise about you. 

For lactating moms, it is important to note that babies can also drink CBD components through breastfeeding. Even with pumping, CBD and THC components might still be present, so better stick with taking CBD in a way that it will leave your system quickly. Not taking CBD at all one week before feeding is one of the best ways too.

How long does CBD stay in your system depend on the aforementioned factors? Depending on why you would like to take it, make sure to take these aspects into consideration so you can fully enjoy the CBD experience without any regrets afterward.

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