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Not adept in the diversity of the scientific language of marijuana will draw you difficulty in knowing the similarities and differences is. If you are ignorant of it and you want to breed new cannabis but have a lack of knowledge on it, then it would be so hard on your part. You may be familiar first with Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis, Terpene Profile, Cannabinoids, and Tetrahydrocannabinol, but how do these terminologies will help you in breeding new cannabis when your target is how to breed a strain of marijuana for high CBD? 

The two most valued and major components of marijuana are the THC and CBD, and let’s just talk about this as these two will draw you near on how to breed a marijuana strain that has high CBD contents. Both have the disparity that it can infuse within the moment you use it. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that prompts you a psychoactive feeling or, more likely; this is an intoxicating element. CBD or Cannabidiol is not an intoxicating element. They hit unlikely and also on the medical benefits.  

The Simple and Complex Ways on How to Breed a Strain of Marijuana for High CBD

For as long as five years or covering up a lot of ages, it may take some time when you consider breeding a new strain. You may need to research well to make sure that the resulted strain won’t be an error at all. If there’s a room of error, it should not be as high as it can be. However, it’s really best when there’s zero room for error. But here’s some other case which will save up your time, which will give your desired strain in a short span of time.

Breeding a new set of strains can be achieved through a simple work, or you want to dwell with the complex work. It solely matters on you as you will be the one doing it and how it will satisfy your wants. In this part, I will be discussing the possible ways of breeding marijuana strain with high CBD content. You may tend to like the simple way or go for some long adventure by doing a complex way. 

Simple Breeding Ways

The simple and easiest way of breeding a strain of marijuana with high CBD is finding two marijuana strains that have a high content in CBD than in THC. The second simple way to do is when you need to pick a strain with low or almost zero CBD content then cross it with high CBD content. 

Research must be done with the proportion first if you click on the strain with the high CBD. You need to make sure that the content in CBD is high, or you need to consider the THC and CBD ratio. For example, Strain “A” has the 20:1 ratio of CBD: THC, and Strain “B” has a 10:1 ratio of CBD: THC, then you can breed the Strain “A” to Strain “B” as this will result into a strain with high CBD. What if your mind asks of the possibility of high THC and high CBD in two different strains? Well, let’s look at this example: Strain “A” has a 20:1 ratio of CBD: THC and Strain “C” has 1:10 ratio CBD: THC. The resulting ratio of it would be 2:1 – CBD: THC; thus, it still resulted in a high CBD content than the THC. However, there are some cases that this is not applicable, you can see that Strain “C” has still lower THC content than the CBD although they are two different strains, once the THC content from the other strain has a higher value then it would result into a low CBD. If the THC and CBD content are just interchanged [Strain “A” 20:1 ratio CBD: THC = Strain “D” 1:20 ratio CBD: THC], then this would result into a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. 

Additionally, you must take note that the marijuana you should use is with the fixed or appropriate hereditary qualities. It’s always better to use clones, clippings, or buy some marijuana in a dispensary where you can make sure that that marijuana has really high CBD content. When you obtain the cloned or clipped bought (or not) marijuana, you need to cultivate this in a place with moderately high temperature and do not ever overwater it as it can cause damage. If you are going to use some seeds, this may rear you some mistake as not growing the seeds best (not the same with clippings or clone) may deteriorate some elements it strongly has. 

Complex Breeding Ways

Now, this part, I will discuss is the complex way. Yet, one may not find this as a complex process as this can also be easily done, but you just need more time and works to do. 

First, let us know what the “alleles” of the THC and CBD have been. The THC has a “Bt allele,” and the CBD has a “Bd allele.” If the strain has a high content in THC, then there is “Two Bt allele,” but if the strain has a high content in THC, then there is “Two Bd allele.” 

The first step is you need to have a female and male strain. The female strain must have a high content in the THC, or there should be 2 Bt alleles, and the male strain must have a high content in CBD, or there should be 2 Bd alleles. The next step is you’re going to act the named F1 cross, or simply cross the female high THC and male high CBD. The resulting strain on this would be a balance; 1 Bt allele and 1 Bd allele. It doesn’t always mean that you should use the female strain with high TCH content as you can interchange on it with the male, the sex chromosomes don’t matter, or you can use male marijuana with high THC and then female marijuana with high CBD. However, doing this is not yet done as there would be a balance in the THC and CBD. 

When the strain is now grown after the F1 process, then we will now proceed to the F2 cross. The F2 cross is where you breed the original strains used in the F1 cross to the resulting strain of the F1 cross. Thus, it looks like this: F1 Cross = (Female Strain x Male Strain) ; F2 Cross = F1 Cross x (Female Strain x Male Strain). Then the percentage of the F2 cross would be 25 percent of 2 Bt allele, another 25 percent of 2 Bd allele, and 50 percent of 1 Bt and Bd allele. To achieve the high content in CBD and you also want the terpene and growing styles of the strains you used, then you need your resulting F2 strain cross with the high CBD raw strain from your F1 cross. Then at this point, the crossing you are doing is named “back-cross.”

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Always and always, you need to choose the strains with high CBD content when you want to exemplify how to breed a strain of marijuana for high CBD. Throughout finding some strains, you may encounter some high THC strains, and you want its effects, color, taste, and smell. If you really want those characteristics, then you should go for the complex process as this would be the best one. The simple way would always be that high CBD x high CBD, low CBD x high CBD, and low THC x high CBD matter to achieve on it. Now, what way would you enact more to achieve a strain of marijuana with high CBD, the simple one, or the complex one?

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