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Low Stress Training or commonly known by its abbreviated name, which is the “LST” is an approach to amplify the measurement of yields in your autoflower plants. At the same time, it diminishes you to use vertical space or height within the room, and this also boosts light utilization. After just reading these two sentences, you may automatically want to know on how to LST autoflower as you are caught by what outcome it gives when you do it. Let me expand what is LST first; then, we will proceed to the part on how to LST autoflowering cannabis plants. 

Low Stress Training implies that you are preparing your autoflower plants with a minimal measure of stress. There is also the opposite method of this, which is the High-Stress Training that covers pruning or topping of your strains. Utilizing the High-Stress Training is not for autoflowering cannabis plants as using this may deteriorate the overall growth of the plant. With the high chance to perform the LST method, it will result in top-quality buds with no differences in the size and also with its density. You will significantly attain a high measurement of grams per plant. The standard autoflowering cannabis plants have one central cola located at the top, and the sub colas beside it are small because the light can infiltrate on the part where they are located. By doing the LST method, your autoflower cannabis plant may produce more cola which you can harvest and add it up to the number of yields you can attain. 

Now, let us read and understand what the most weighted things needed to do on how to LST autoflower cannabis plants are.  

How to LST Autoflower: The Method to Achieve the Best Autoflower Cannabis Plants 

The usual cannabis plant delivers you with a high number of leafage and branches, and the principle this seizes is to generate more flowers that will execute pollination, and it resulted in more autoflower seeds. The flowers are not just at the top part of the plant but on every part of it. Under the radiance of the sun, it will be illuminated equally as the top bud may not cover the sunlight down to the other side of the cannabis plant. However, the autoflowering cannabis plant doesn’t have power on balanced flowers. Consequently, it has a big central cola that covers the light in passing through the other parts. And this is why you need to use the Low Stress Training method, a method where you are training the central cola by flattening its canopy.

Try to think of a Christmas Tree; it has the shape of apical dominance, which means that that central cola at the apex hampers the development of the side buds as the plant grows upright. Low Stress Training is bending the apical dominance to clear the path of sunlight within the side buds. When the light successfully passes through, the auxins that the flowers have will bring you high production in the yields. Furthermore, the application of the LST method will bring you more dense buds and canopy. The light can easily travel in the lower branches, which then again will result in high yields. If the autoflower cannabis plants are not well feed with the light, unavoidable stretching may happen that will trigger the space of your growing room. 

Performing the Low Stress Traning method would require you on some equipment that you need to use to execute on it. You may need some rubber bands or any stretchable band that can hold the best on the stem of your plant. You can also use some soft wires that when you tie it on the cannabis plant, it won’t damage the nerves of its branches or on any part of it. You will also need some duct tape or any adhesive tape that will hold the rubber bands or the wire which you have used. You need to carefully perform the LST method to not impart any damage on the autoflower cannabis plants.

If you are not sure whether indoors or outdoors as the place on how to LST autoflower cannabis plants, then be not anymore as this can be done in both settings; if you do it indoors, you will have no problem in the space as this only needs enough space. If you do it outdoors, you can naturally and directly get the light from the sun, and you can have your unlimited space. There is no specific time on when to use the LST method. Perhaps, the best moment is when your autoflower cannabis strain’s leaves are starting to develop. At around 10 to 15 cm in the size of the yield, then you can start doing the LST method. The first week after cultivating your autoflower cannabis plant can also be the option in starting to use the method. Additionally, you can utilize it from the begging of the first week down to the last moment of its flowering phase. Starting late on applying the Low Stress Training method, the outcome will not satisfy you as it may decline in its production. 

How to LST autoflower cannabis plants don’t only land on the method stated above in this article. You may use the known Sea of Green or ScrOG method or the Tie Down method. The Screen of Green method, ScrOG, is its abbreviation that can be done as one of the LST methods to apply on an autoflower cannabis plant. A net or screen is highly needed to perform this method. The net or screen will then hold the plant and will tame the developing branches. There are three types of Screen of Green method, and these are the Fully Horizontal Screen, Tilted Screen, and Vertical Screen of Green. Well, you can choose among the three types of which method you want the most. The other method of LST is the “Tie Down method.” From the name itself, you just need to tie down the stem of your plant. This method is considered to be the easiest Low Stress Training method. Moreover, this strategy won’t bother you with any arrangement. To begin with, as simply putting strings are just what you will do. 


The Low Stress Training method isn’t something you can only do for once, and afterward, you’re finished on it. This method is a necessity to be steadily done once you’ve started it. Thus, the purpose behind this is that your autoflower cannabis plant will continue to grow despite its shape. It will be transformed into. By the time this occurs, you may need to re-adjust on it and ensure that the canopy remains even. Doing the Screen of Green is also the method you can carry out when doing how to LST autoflower cannabis plants. Without doing the LST on your autoflower cannabis plants, be prepared as your expectations on the best yields and production won’t always be satisfied. 

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