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Rosin is made by the process of extracting hash by the use of the heat as well as the pressure. It is an extraction without using any solvents. You can make rosin without being harmed or getting into danger. There are ways on how to make rosin at home. 

This is the reason why you can make rosin without spending so much money. You can use things that you can just find inside your house. Let us find out what tools to use and how to do it. 

Tools to Use in Making Rosin at Home

You must prepare the tools and materials that you need so that the process will go smoothly, and you will be able to come up with the outcome that is according to your expectation.  

  • Hair straightener – make sure to use one wherein the temperature can be easily adjusted. There is a recommended temperature that you need to use. 
  • Materials – you should prepare the cannabis flowers, hash, or kief. You can use any of those materials stated. Make sure the materials are not so wet or so dry. 
  • Baking paper or parchment paper – you can use the not bleached one. 
  • Dabber – this can be used in collecting the finished products. 
  • Gloves – it is necessary to use those gloves that are resistant to heat to avoid danger and to avoid resulting in a burn when using the flat iron. 
  • Rosin screen – can be used for filtration. It is essential for purifying the materials to the particulates.

Steps on How to Make Rosin at Home

Step 1

You have to use the hair straightener and turn it on. Make sure to set it from 280 degrees Fahrenheit up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, you need to take a 4 x 4 size of parchment paper. You can cut it. The next thing that you should do is make a half fold of the parchment paper. You can put the material you prefer in the middle of the paper that is being folded. Before that, you need to cut the material into a rectangular piece, and the buds should be in a moderate condition, and it should not be very wet or very dry. Last, you can press it using your finger, but you have to do it in a moderate manner. 

Step 2

There should be buds in the paper, and you should put them in line. This is the time where you should use the hair straightener, and you should press it. The pressure should last for 3 – 7 seconds. You will hear a hissing sound, and it means that the rosin is being dissolved from the cannabis plant. 

Aside from pressing the nug with the use of a parchment sheet, you can also use a screen for rosin. You can also put the mesh bag in the middle of the paper. The bags and the screen can be used to purify the particles, which will be the thing you need in order for you to get the expected result. If you use the small screen, you can get many particles you want. However, there is a disadvantage to that. It will hinder the movement of the rosin, which will decrease the yield production. 

Step 3

Open the parchment paper and discharge the specimen from the surface wherein it is hot. You can use the dabber for collecting the result. You have to remember that in this step, it will be so sticky, and you need to take extra precautions. This is the time where your patience will be needed in this method. If you do it with larger materials, you can use another parchment paper, but you need to make sure that the parchment sheet is clean. Then, you can collect the finish products after. It is necessary for you to examine the oil, and if you see that the quantity of the oil is not much and does not reach to what you are expecting, you can repeat the same process. 

Step 4

This step is not necessary. You can choose to follow it or not, or in other words, this is only optional. The result can be folded in the middle of the sheet, and you can make it flat. In getting the particles of the plant, you can use an apparatus for it and make sure it is clean. After that, you can put the object in an area that is cold, and you have to leave it there for seconds. 

You should take note that you need to know the ideal temperature in doing this method for you to be able to do it correctly as it has an essential function in making rosin. The temperature to set on how to make rosin at home would depend on the materials you prefer to use. Gloves for heat can also be used in order to protect yourself from getting burned when you use the flat iron of the hair straightener. Make sure there is a proper pressure being applied so that you can do this process accordingly. 


The method on how to make rosin at home can be easily followed and applied when you plan to make rosin at home. You do not need to prepare so many materials, and you do not need to put much money on it because the materials are not so expensive and you can also find it anywhere. It is essential and needed for you to understand the steps and ways on how to do it in order for you to make rosin at home successfully and properly. 

The above-mentioned steps are reliable and can be very effective to use if you will not just miss anything. All you need to do it to take a risk and to be careful enough in doing the method or the steps so that you will not hurt yourself in the process or it will not burn your  fingers or hands

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