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Harvesting marijuana in your garden or the comfort of your home is sometimes the most exhilarating moment when it comes to cultivating. Yet, the perfect schedule for the said harvest can be one of the most guileful facets of cultivating marijuana. However, all your foregoing endeavors come to a crescendo at this moment when settlement is made to snip your buds. 

Since there are lots of things that go on with the decision as to when to harvest marijuana, it is as well vital to know what is occurring on the chemical level on the marijuana plants. And cropping can be indeed difficult. But worry no more as we are going to give you some master plans to know the right time as when to harvest your marijuana. This model narrates several techniques to decide when the harvest arrives and the things to anticipate during this procedure.

The Fundamentals of Harvesting Marijuana

Cropping cannabis is somehow similar to harvesting fruits, the more time you consume, the more vigorous the fruit is. In the case of marijuana, the more you wait, the more cannabinoids will be produced. In short, a more potent product can be harvested. However, when the flowering period is due, your cannabis plants will begin to lose a life. But several indications will apprise you when this time comes like:

  • The pistils change their color to red
  • The widening of their stalks
  • Resin found on the sprouts turn to brown and dark and
  • Foliage begins to become yellow and eventually die

Now, when your cannabis plants have flowered, and you observe any of these indications, the possibilities are great because you already arrive at the moment that you have been waiting for, harvesting time. These are just a few of the fundamental recommendations as to when to harvest marijuana because there are some disputations on the precise best time. Similar to fruits and vegetables, it is to some extent and varies on your distinctive liking.

When to Harvest Marijuana?

There are lots of methods to decide as to when is the perfect time to harvest marijuana. At this point, we are going to have those techniques like checking at its pistils and trichomes, as well as the flowering period.

Checking at Pistils and Trichomes

To do this method, you need to have a magnifying glass, as it is the best tool to know if your herbs are set for harvest. But how to know if it is already the right time to harvest marijuana? It is simple, just search for a shining resin that is occupied with trichomes on your sprouts. With the help of the accurate magnifying tools, you can observe these features, and you can choose from these magnifying choices to effortlessly check the pistils and trichomes.

Jewelers Loupe

This tool is ideal for those who are in a financial plan. However, this cheap equipment is the slightest useful, but it is still nice enough to supply like a measuring device.

Handheld Magnifier

This choice is leveling up, but it can be unmanageable to manipulate. It needs great attention and concentration to see the trichomes.

Digital Microscope

Though it is pricey, this is the great choice because it will provide you a clear solution if your plants are all set for cropping. However, there is a drawback in using this tool, which is to use a laptop to view the outcomes. If you opt to have this style, you need to scrutinize the directions.

Harvesting Following the Flowering Period

Seeing your plants is just one of the steps to know if it is the moment to crop. Besides, by solely timing it, you can as well base it on the plant’s classic flowering period. As a rule, all of the cannabis is ready for harvest around at the same time but with some differences according to the strain’s specifications. With that, it is important to know what your strain is to efficaciously apply this technique. Victorious marijuana cultivators do the following things before doing their cropping:

  1. Read the description of the cannabis and
  2. Read other cultivators’ comments.

Not only that, but other elements can influence as when to harvest marijuana. The particular settings in your cultivated location and climates outdoor also have parts in the growth of your plant. As such, there is no definite step in making decisions as to when to harvest marijuana. Nonetheless, there are still some recommendations that provide you with design as when is the time.

When to Harvest Indica Strains

When you are cultivating an Indica strain, you can anticipate the flowering period to take for eight weeks before you can crop it. Outdoor cultivators can anticipate doing it at the end of September. 

When to Harvest Sativa Strains

In the case of Sativa Strains, the flowering phase takes for one month, which needs more time compared to Indica strains. In short, it takes 12 weeks to have the flowering period. With that, a lot of haze cannabis can flower quickly, which is about 9 to 10 weeks. Generally, Sativa strains are ready for cropping at the end of October.

When to Harvest Auto-flowering Strains

Auto-flowering cannabis plants do not depend on the changes of lights. With that being said, they are pretty easy to foresee according to merely on time. When you already observe the first seedlings, you can anticipate the harvest after ten weeks.

Though harvesting marijuana, according to their flowering period, does not apply to science, it can be a great conclusion to know as when is the right time to harvest marijuana. It as well does in scheduling ahead since you can identify the season you will have in growing your marijuana.

Longer Flowering Period – Better or Not

Though a longer flowering phase can result in a marvelous harvest, allowing your marijuana to flower for a long time does not always end to the most favored outcomes. That is why it is necessary to give it the correct time. Flowering your marijuana for a long time can lead to negativities on it, like encountering an overwhelming and disagreeable taste. You may as well encounter decreased efficacy of the active components, which is the THC. 

However, there is a simple way to achieve from that part, which is to pay attention to the hue of its pistil, as it is the most customary perspective. Some cultivators harvest once the pistil starts to change its color to red. On the other hand, others opt to wait until it becomes wholly red and can see a dark resin.

It is vital to comprehend that cultivators have a different idea of when to harvest their marijuana. Some cultivators prefer to harvest earlier, while others opt to do it later; that is why a comprehension about the science of marijuana is so advantageous. Cultivating marijuana is a continuous intellectual process. Counting the plant is the perfect harvest time can be early or later, especially when it comes to the growth of trichomes. Also, wherever you cultivate your marijuana, be it indoors or outdoors. When it comes to harvesting, it is an intimidating activity, especially to new growers. But with the help of this plan, you are ay to go in harvesting your marijuana with credence.

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