Indica Edibles for Sleep: A List Made for You

Indica Edibles for Sleep A List Made for You

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Sleep maintains the body’s physical and mental health, yet adults tend to forget this. Recently, there’s a controversial medication for those who want to achieve this and that is indica edibles for sleep.

How Marijuana Can Help You Sleep

Marijuana is available in various strains. Some boost energy levels while others are soothing and sedating. The reason for this lies in the cannabinoid content of the plant including:

  • Cannabidiol or CBD – it is non-psychoactive which means it doesn’t offer any feeling of intoxication or high. It also has plenty of other benefits and used for medical purposes.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – it is psychoactive and it contributes to the feeling of being “high”. It is also responsible for supporting sleep.

If you want to utilize marijuana to sleep better, pick a strain with more THC than CBD. 

Indica Edibles for Sleep

Edibles are oftentimes associated with tasty treats such as cookies or brownies and fun times being stoned. Self-regulating vendors sell edibles in different serving sizes and packages. Edibles range from gourmet chocolates to drinks. Though edibles are not yet regulated, consumers utilize them to treat pain, achieve better sleep, and as an alternative to alcohol drinking.

A healthy dose of marijuana edibles can potentially beat insomnia and provide the sleeper with a comfortable and soothing slumber. For those who have trouble shutting their eyes at night, experts might have found the right solution. To guarantee that you get the best experience with marijuana edibles as a sleep inducer, take into consideration its potency level, general & combination effect of the active ingredients, and your surroundings. With the right marijuana edible and relaxing environment, you will fall asleep right away.

Decide on Your Intention

You want to eat the edibles right before your bedtime. Low dose marijuana-infused brownie is enough to give you that heavy feeling of being sleepy. The edible should only contain 2.5 to 5 milligrams of THC. Consuming edibles before going to bed will help you fall asleep instantly and keep you asleep the whole night.

Aside from using edibles as a sleep inducer, some people also use it during social gatherings or long shifts at work. Edibles give that subtle high feeling, without disrupting the physical capacity of the user to function normally. It offers mild pain relief among those who have sore muscles or headache.

Pay Attention to Potency

Potency plays an important role when it comes to marijuana edibles. You could eat an edible brownie that contains 1000 milligrams of THC and end up running in different directions. If you are still a novice in using cannabis, watch your dosage.

The potency of marijuana is measured in milligrams. For instance, one marijuana capsule is equivalent to 2.7 milligrams of THC. One dosage is enough to feel the effects in your mind and body, including pain relief and mental sharpness. On the other hand, a marijuana-infused chocolate bar is different. The entire bar can last for 6 months since each little square has 10 milligrams. That is still too much, especially if you bite into it in half. Know how much you can take and eat just the right amount to achieve the desired effects. 

Stay Close to Home and Consume on a Full Stomach

When you eat edibles during the day, you must stay at home, specifically in the comfort of your bed. Stay away from activities that require you to think or use your physical strength including driving, workouts, lifting, and other related activities. It is best to consume edibles at night. It will give your body the relaxation it needs before falling asleep. 

What you need to remember when you eat marijuana-infused edibles is to stay close at home. Avoid being on the highway or in the gym because you might suffer from injuries due to its prominent effects. Aside from that, don’t eat edibles on an empty stomach. The effects are more balanced and steadier after a decent meal. On top of that, you won’t get overwhelmed by the impact of THC in your body. So, treat edibles as dessert wherein you eat it right after a meal.

The 5 Best Indica Edibles for Sleep

This list is specifically created for those who have trouble sleeping. Good thing marijuana is here to offer you the restful sleep you need. It relieves pain, slows down thoughts, relaxes the muscles, and produces chemicals that help you fall asleep. Below are some of the strains that you can choose from:

  • Northern Lights

Imagine this: you are on a cold winter night, comfortably tucked in a warm and cozy bed as the green lights illuminate above you. That is what taking Northern Lights feel like. This vintage strain has been helping insomniacs sleep better ever since the mid-1980s. It contains high levels of THC that can address insomnia and relieve pain. First-time marijuana users should be wary when using this strain.

  • Big Bud

Big Bud is popularly known for its huge flowers and strong potency. This is the perfect bud to use when you want to fall asleep immediately; it works just like an off button for the mind.

  • Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush is the ultimate strain for insomniacs. It is stronger than your usual OG Kush Hybrid and it is best to consume through smoking or vaping. It can soothe your muscles, ease the mind, and keep you securely under the slumber zone. Tahoe OG is also popular in reducing racing thoughts. Users describe their experience as floating with a peaceful and clear mind.

  • Granddaddy Purple

The list of sleep-inducing marijuana strain wouldn’t be complete without this old man. Granddaddy Purple is renowned for having extreme levels of terpene myrcene which supports sleepiness. This is a well-loved strain by those patients who can’t sleep at night due to various kinds of pain. It is an indica analgesic that possesses rich flavors of grapes and berry.

  • God’s Gift

God’s Gift is heaven-sent for those dealing with insomnia. With this strain, all the stress that bugs you at night will be replaced with a calming sense of peace. Having a hint of citrus and berry that clings to your tongue when you exhale, you’ll soon feel relaxed as your body starts to feel heavy due to sleepiness. 

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Medical Uses of Indica

Marijuana has a specific indica profile that offers various benefits to the body. Below are the top medical uses of indica:

  1. Supports comfortable sleep. The most common use of indica-dominant strain is its ability to induce sleep. It is a helpful feature for those who are dealing with insomnia and other conditions that can restrict peaceful sleep. 
  2. Reduces anxiety and stress. It might be odd since indica typically affects the body more than the mind, but it decreases symptoms of anxiety and stress. Cannabis indica contains higher levels of CBD which can relieve anxiety and other forms of stress.
  3. Soothes the muscles. Sativa strain is the best choice for muscle relaxation. It is perfect for users who tend to work a lot and want some time to release the pressure in their muscles due to excessive work hours.
  4. Decreases seizures. Indica strains are ideal as medication among patients who are diagnosed with epilepsy. 
  5. Eliminates pain and inflammation. Indica-dominant and indica hybrids can improve the symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation among patients.


Insomnia can branch out to different medical conditions if not addressed right away. Good thing marijuana offers a solution to this sleep problem for those who want to achieve restful sleep. Marijuana, specifically indica strains, can relax the muscles, slow down racing thoughts, and ease the mind. It also alleviates pain and other illness that can prevent comfortable sleep. This natural herbal plant is the answer to your sleeping dilemma. Just make sure you take the proper indica edibles for sleep dosage to avoid unwanted side effects.

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