Indica or Sativa for Arousal: The Best Weed to Keep You in Bed

Indica or Sativa for Arousal The Best Weed to Keep You in Bed

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Gone are the days where couples only rely on oysters and chocolates to start the action in bed. Marijuana strains are now being used as an aphrodisiac and they’re getting widespread recognition because of this. Some couples are looking into different indica or sativa for arousal. 

There are only a few substances available on earth that have potency in increasinIndica or Sativa for Arousal: The Best Weed to Keep You in Bedg between-the-sheets action. Those involved in the marijuana seeds growing industry have a promising future because the demand for the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac is rising.

Indica or Sativa for Arousal & Sex

We give you the much-needed information regarding the effects of indica or sativa for arousal and sexual activities.

The Indica Strain, as we all know is a classic kick-back-and-relax style of weed. Consuming too much indica-heavy strain will give the potential that will lead on the couch lock, rather than couch action. 

Having the right indica strain partnered with the smart dosage – with flower, with no more than 3 hits; with an indica concentrate – can lead to a sensory ecstasy. This is because indica strains especially appeal to body senses including the all-important touch that might result in sexual activities.

While the sativa strains are known for amplifying energy and precipitating more psychedelic and cerebral experiences than that of the indica strain. We all know that energy is great for having sex and the best sexual intercourse will happen in the brain paired with the organs downstairs.

An excessive dose of sativa can potentially eliminate the body entirely and it might take the user in an interior and intellectual world. Sex will naturally want both mind and body and dosing will matter.

The rule of thumb is that you can use any cannabis strain of you want an improved sexual lifestyle. The same rule applies for both sativa and indica strains, limit the pre-sex hits to three (you can have it two if you want) of flower and one or two (maximum) for a concentrate. 

Marijuana Sex Tips for Couples

If you have a partner who also wants to explore the aphrodisiac effects of cannabis, we present you tips on how to make your bedroom actions more exciting.

  • You should visit the dispensary together

The fun will always start when you and your partner what cannabis strain to use for your bed affairs. By doing this, both of you can equally examine the cannabis strains that will perfectly suit your sexual actions.

  • Talk to budtenders who have experimented with sex with cannabis

You don’t have to be embarrassed in doing this as almost all cannabis staff are trained and very knowledgeable when it comes to their cannabis strains. These budtenders don’t have to be necessarily the source of firsthand information as they may have customers giving feedback with sex and cannabis. 

It’s always important to know how receptive some people can be with cannabis for sex. This way, you will know what to expect, enjoy and watch out. 

  • Play with one strain at a time

After each session, you and your partner can talk about the pros and cons you have experienced before, during and after your sexual activity. You can take down notes about the cannabis strain and the session. There is a notetaking application that can be downloaded on your phone that you can use. 

As time progresses, you should have a good understanding of which cannabis strains works best for your relationship. And whenever you have to shop at your local cannabis dispensaries, you can easily choose the cannabis that works for you both in bed. 

Cannabis Strains for Different Types of Sex

The following cannabis strains are good for certain sexual situations. 

Sexy Solo Time: Girl Scout Cookies

Masturbation is awesome and is legitimately food for everyone. Another reason for going solo is that you will not always have a sexual partner because of factors that are beyond your control. This factor may be time, distance, opportunity and a lot more. 

The Girl Scout Cookies is great when you’re engaging in solo sex because it’s creative and euphoric. This helps in stimulating fantasies and make them more vivid. You can pull out your phone, start reading erotica and you will feel turned on. 

This may not always guarantee orgasm but the goal is to give yourself simple pleasure. The pleasure that you can enjoy even for just a few seconds.

Slow Passionate Lovemaking: Bubblegum Kush

The Bubblegum Kush gives a heady high and will allow you to experience a sensual buzz paired with an increased need for touch. Once you hit this pre-sex, you will notice that your body will have increased responsiveness to touch. 

This will also get you closer to a relaxed orgasm as opposed to tension-fueled orgasm that most people experience. Neither is better than the other but the latter will require you to have a lot of muscle clenching that might cause cramping or fatigue. 

Having a relaxed orgasm is a sure peaceful experience wherein it will just wash over you and with the help of Bubblegum Kush, you will not experience much tension.

Creative, Kinky Sex: Jillybean

The Jillybean strain is known to be highly creative, uplifting and euphoric. These effects will make it easier to incorporate new and interesting things into your sexual menu. The Jillybean might inspire you to try new performances like roleplaying or dirty talk. 

It may also give you the confidence to try on that hot lingerie. This will definitely give you a confidence boost so you and your partner can try something new and different. 

Morning Sex: Harlequin

A lot of people who have the typical 9-5 jobs love morning sex. Harlequin is a high CBD strain that is known for its relaxing, pain-relieving and clear-headed effects. You will feel present and grounded and will help you focus more on the experience you’re having and not on other things. 

Frenzied, Lustful Sex: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel produces hints of the anxiety of you’re not careful with the dosage. However, using this for sex will give you a rush, exciting energy and will, later on, be directed to nonstop sex. It gives you the type of sex where you crave the other person with insatiable desire. This will make your heart pounding and your skin getting flushed with every touch being electrified. 

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