Indica or Sativa for Arthritis: Choosing the Right Strain for Your Joint Pain

Choosing the Right Strain for Your Joint Pain

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Arthritis is generally perceived to affect only those of old age. But you’ll be surprised to learn that it can affect people of any age and sometimes even children. Medications for arthritis may not work for everyone that is why patients are looking into medical marijuana and wondering if indica or sativa is good for treating arthritis. 

Although there’s still lacking medical studies regarding cannabis and arthritis. It has been known via testaments of arthritis patients that cannabis can help in managing the symptoms. It helps in curbing the pain, reducing inflammation and provide relief or temporary relief at the very least. 

Introduction to Arthritis

Arthritis is used to describe the inflammation of the joints which causes pain and several other symptoms. In general, this is usually used to refer to joint pain. The actual condition will include up to 200 different conditions and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia, gout, lupus, osteoarthritis (OA) and a lot more. 

Statistics show that around 15% of Canadians and 23% of Americans suffer from some forms of arthritis. And this number is rising with an upward trend to be expected in the next couple of years. 

Arthritis is a common condition among the older population (those who are over the age of 65) but it can also affect younger people and about 56% of arthritis patients in Canada are under 65 years of age. The age onset for arthritis is getting lower and lower and the reason behind this unhealthy diet. 

Initial symptoms will include stiffness, especially felt in the morning, and pain and swelling in the joints. Other symptoms become more evident such as you get tired more quickly than what you have used to, restless sleep becomes typical and it becomes more difficult to move joints or even use your hands. 

Cannabis and Arthritis

Cannabis has become a popular supplement among those who are suffering from arthritis. In areas that medical marijuana is recognized, arthritis is included in the list that acknowledges the role that cannabis plays in its treatment. 

Since arthritis is caused by the inflammation of the joint tissue while cannabis is known for being a great anti-inflammatory agent. There are many cannabinoids available in the cannabis plant but the THC and the CBD are the ones greatly responsible for fighting pain and inflammation.

Researchers noticed that the joints of people suffering from arthritis have extremely elevated levels of CB1 receptors. This led them into concluding that the substances in marijuana that triggers the activation of those receptors have potential in reducing the inflammation as well as reducing pain.

Another study showed that THC was able to change the molecules that lead to the suppression of inflammation. While the second most prevalent cannabinoid is called cannabidiol or CBD has shown promising effectivity in treating arthritis symptoms.

Applying CBD topically can relieve inflammation as well as pain in conditions connected to arthritis. The CBD also provides relief without any side effects. Early CBD treatments can also help prevent pain and nerve damage in osteoarthritic joints.

Both the THC and CBD strains can work in unison in combatting the symptoms of arthritis but that marijuana strains with high CBD content may be the best choice in this case. This CBD strain gives relief without the strong intoxication other strain gives. 

Benefits of Marijuana Strains for Arthritis

If you’re still wondering what’s the best strain, is it indica or sativa for arthritis? We can tell you that the indica strain is the often preferred strain because gives a full-body high and it’s ideal for choice for anyone suffering from severe body pain. You may also try going for hybrids but look for indica-dominant ones that will more likely help you in relaxing your muscles and mental state.

Here are some known benefits of marijuana for arthritis.

  • Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Marijuana reduces inflammation in the body by interacting with the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors. It interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors that play an important role in immune system regulation.

  • Improved Mobility and Quality of Life

When your joints are no longer painful and inflame, you will find yourself being able to do the things that you have been longing to do. If your movement becomes easier, you should also be able to handle the demands of your everyday life such as cleaning, cooking, and work-related tasks.

Once your mobility has improves you will also find it easier to exercise. Regular exercise benefits all people but especially those with arthritis who need to lose weight. Being overweight will only make joint pain much worse.

  • Improved Mood

A common feeling that people suffering from arthritis experience is that they have minimized feelings of depression and anxiety. Some of the relief from depression and anxiety has to do with a cessation of pain. If an individual is not in pain, he can move freely and more likely to feel better.

Best Marijuana Strains for Arthritis

  • Girl Scout Cookies

This is cannabis hybrid that is known for its high THC content. This is usually recommended for severe pain and the high will fill you with happy and euphoric feelings. These effects make it the perfect strain for arthritis patients. Aside from combatting pain, the GCS is also good in beating stress and depression.

  • ACDC

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will not alter the mood and mind, ACDC is a popular daytime strain that has plenty and medical properties and with almost no psychoactivity at all. It also flushes out the pain almost immediately.

  • Death Star

This is a powerful indica strain that will make you quite high. It’s also a perfect late afternoon choice with high THC levels to take care of the pain. If you are one of the individuals who have trouble falling asleep because of the arthritis symptoms, Death Star will also take care of that.

  • Remedy

This is a high CBD indica and has been primarily used to treat nerve inflammation pain. There are almost no psychoactive effects with this cannabis strain. This is perfect for daytime use for arthritis patients looking for relief and without having to worry about feeling high.

  • Harmonia

The Harmonia cannabis strain is an indica but it will not make you as sedated and locked to your couch as you would expect. This has slightly higher levels of CBD than THC that helps in diminishing psychoactive effects. 

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