Indica or Sativa for PTSD: Choosing the Best Stress Reliever

Choosing the Best Stress Reliever

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Numbers of people developed PTSD after being exposed to a frightening happening such as sexual assault, natural disaster, or war. The condition of PTSD can even incapacitate some people who are suffering from it. Luckily, patients of PTSD have found alleviation in the form of cannabis. There is an interrelationship between cannabis and PTSD, but the question is – is Indica or Sativa for PTSD a favorable one?

The majority of the studies in PTSD and cannabis have concentrated on the abuse of substance, however, certain researches have delved into the significant benefits of getting cannabis as a cure to PTSD. 

What is PTSD?

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is commonly a devastating condition which can direct to other kinds of serious health aftereffects. 

People may suffer from this condition at any stage of their life. Its symptoms can include the following:

Repeating invasive memories, dreams, and thoughts correlated with a frightening event

Evading of people, situations, or places that brings back a memory of an event

Unusual arousal like feeling agitated, anxious, or having sleep disturbances

Mood disturbances comprising of depression, impaired memory, and lowered encouragement to get involve from pleasant and interactive activities.

Considering these symptoms, PTSD patients find it hard to function well in society while keeping social relationships. These patients are also exposed to higher suicide risk, specifically in seasoned populations. 

Will Cannabis Alleviate the Manifestations of PTSD?

Until the current time, all things that we learn about PTSD and cannabis were rooted in the studies conducted about substance abuse. PTSD-affected people have high tendencies of addiction as well as substance abuse – and that includes cannabis. 

Nevertheless, recent researches have noticed PTSD patients who are taking cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. Those effects are so assuring that they are gradually modifying the method PTSD is managed and cured. 

One of these researches was done by the Canadian Forces Health Services Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre in Ottawa. Observing PTSD patients, they noticed that 72 percent of them were able to get better nights of sleep with lesser nightmares and has lesser recollection during the daytime. 

Throughout the years, as the studies for cannabis got more comprehensive, it was seen that medical cannabis has what it takes to address various health issues. It can alleviate pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, and many more. Study exhibits that it can terminate the expansion of cancer cells for lung, breast, and prostate. It gives hope for PTSD patients. 

CBD or THC – Which cannabinoid if better for PTSD?

The resolution to this concern lies in a study way back 2012, where researchers uncovered rodents to gentle electric foot shocks to create a frightening memory that could be revived whenever they were put in the same environment.

Later, the rodents put into CBD and put again in that particular environment. It was noticed that these rodents manifested minimal fear if they quick get CBD after the trauma of electricity. This analysis delivered to a belief that CBD treatment may help reduce frightening flashback memories which PTSD patients commonly encounter. Nevertheless, more clinical studies are needed for human subjects.

As highlighted in some tests, not all patients of PTSD reacted well in cannabis treatment. During the researches, some people encountered a heightening paranoid sensation and even heightened their symptoms. This is maybe because cannabis commonly generates biphasic effects – low levels of THC alleviates stress, while high levels of THC can encourage it to go worse. 

But technically, CBD and THC work jointly. Cannabis products that are abundant in CBD can trigger someone to counterbalance paranoia or heighten anxiety if he consumes excessive THC. Moreover, CBD acts on various structures of action like restraining the FAAH enzyme which is responsible for reducing the quantity of anandamide occurring in the central nervous system. Further, CBD is also useful in lowering anxiety by confining to the 5HTIA serotonin receptor making interdependent stress relieve cure with THC.

Strains that are particularly formulated with a high content of CBD and very minimal THC have a lot of advantages for many consumers. Strains that have high or even equal THC levels may not be good for people who are fighting against chronic pain or anxiety throughout the day. For many, it will not be possible to treat this manner having the psychoactive impacts of THC. Thus, strains that have high levels of CBD and very little THC level that is below 1 percent can usually help control pain and anxiety throughout the day without the presence of THC’s psychoactive effects. A lot of studies were done and have proven to work well for the following conditions:

  • Glaucoma
  • Opioid withdrawal
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Chron’s disease
  • PTSD and other kinds of anxiety disorder

Main Characteristics of High CBD Strains with LOW THC

Thus, you were able to identify that a strain with high CBD levels and low THC can help you in terms of your medicinal needs. Now, the next thing that you will have to figure out is how you get CBD strains that will provide you the yield and content you need?

CBD content ranges between 8 to 10 percent of Therapy CBD to beyond 20 percent in some others. THC content should be at 1 percent, the most. A balanced cannabis strain will commonly have a 5 percent content of THC. Thus, if you are searching for the medicinal characteristics of CBD with no psychoactive effects of THC, it will be necessary to get a CBD: THC ratio that is at least 16:1.

 For recreational or personal use, the yield is also significant. Numerous considerations can come in deciding for the best high-CBD strain, and yield must be included in the list. Almost all high CBD strains create a soothing and tranquilizing effect to the user, although many strains will vary in the duration and strength of relaxation because of the level content as well as the different properties of the cannabis strains which comprise their origin.

What strain is better for PTSD?

Indica and Sativa are two types of cannabis strains. Generally, Indica strains are more soothing and tranquilizing and are commonly advised for night-time consumption. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are uplifting and more energizing and they are best for daytime use. 

These cannabis strains have two primary cannabinoids namely, THC and CBD. This THC is considered to be the psychoactive substance of the plant. It is the primary reason why cannabis can give us high. CBD, on the other hand, is not characterized as psychoactive and it lowers the impacts created by THC. This CBD is mostly consumed by people who would choose to stay alert and controlled.

Indica or Sativa?

Indica and Sativa do not only differ in the way they affect a person, but their look is also different. Indica originated in some countries of Central Asia where the climate is cooler. Sativa, on the other hand, originated in some of the countries near to the equator with warm weather. 

Considering the distinction of their origin, Indica and Sativa vary in the period of flowering, shape of leaf, and size. Indica grows wide but short, making them ideal for indoor cannabis. Sativa can flourish up to 20 feet if cultivated outdoors, generating slim and long leaves.

Indica strains are characterized to have anti-inflammatory properties, muscle relaxing, and sedative. Containing high CBD and low THC levels, users are guaranteed to feel a powerful body buzz. If you have trouble sleeping or suffering from migraines, inflammation, or chronic pain, then you should use Indica strains. 

Sativa strains create an intoxicating, encouraging, happy, and energizing sensation in a person. In average dosages, these kinds of strains are an efficient treatment for people who are going through stress-related trauma such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These strains are also likely to develop creativity, intrusiveness, inventiveness, and imagination making it best suitable for artists. Given its dizzy effects, these strains are ideally taken while daytime to attain the utmost relaxation and focus.

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Understanding the fact that Indica strains are CBD dominating, this means to say that Indica strains are better for PTSD patients. Indica’s higher content of CBD over THC harmonizes a much massive, complete body high which is the preferred characteristic of people who are going through severe pain. These strains have a higher quantity of cannabinoids and are acknowledged for a more soothing effect. 

CBD oil, along with other medical use alternatives, provides an excellent choice for patients who like to consume medical cannabis. CBD products are commonly formulated with low THC concentrations, hence preventing the high conventionally correlated with cannabis. Having low levels of THC, these products give patients the health advantage of cannabis without getting psychoactive effects.

Although cannabis offers many advantages to PTSD patients, a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise and eating healthy foods may strengthen the useful effects of cannabis to cure PTSD. Now that you have already acquired the basic knowledge of how to improve PTSD manifestations, you may learn to experiment with a classification of medical cannabis strains to determine the best choice that works well for you.

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