Indica or Sativa for Nausea: Which Strain Relieves Nausea Better?

Which Strain Relieves Nausea Better

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So, you have been experiencing nausea and you already got a medical recommendation for cannabis? Then, it is about time that you grab your medication from a dispensary. But what if you are not yet certain on what you are looking for? Would it be Indica or Sativa for nausea? 

One of the most interesting things about medicinal cannabis is its adaptability. People who are going through some health issues have attested favorable results after using medicinal cannabis. How this is made possible? Because growers have acquired the skills on how to cultivate particular cannabis strains.

If you are not very confident about what kind of medical cannabis you should use to help you with your condition, particularly nausea, then it would be good if you learn first the different of Indica and Sativa strains.

Citing the Difference

Various cannabis strains are medicinally essential. Indica and Sativa are unique varieties that originate from one cannabis family. These cannabis varieties are relatively the same outwardly. Both of them are easily determined through their leaves and their general structure. They have unique characteristics, stature, features, and medicinal uses.

However, the classification of the bud is slightly more complicated than most people would have perceived. All classifications of psychoactive cannabis are labeled to be cannabis Indica. Scientifically, cannabis Sativa directs to hemp plant that has low cannabinoids and is used commercially rather than medicinally.

Still not sure? Well, these things can get confusing. But there are also useful descriptions to direct you along the way to guarantee you have the appropriate medicinal strain. The physical distinctions are quite insignificant. Sativa plants happen to grow taller with buds that are longer and airier. Indica plants, on the other hand, are wide and short, with denser buds.

The actual distinction between them is seen in their cannabinoid characterization. Learning about their variation and how Indica and Sativa strains differ will essentially help in getting the right strain.

Certain cannabis varieties are most suitable for particular medical conditions and do not fit well with others. Indica and Sativa are two primary cannabis subspecies that carry different benefits and effects. Relying on the predetermined objective, the difference between these two is critical information you must learn.

Uses of Cannabis Sativa

Most of the time, Sativa is believed to be a mood-boosting and energizing strain. For many aspects, plants that are characterized as Sativa have high THC levels and low CBD. Hence, this makes it perfect for people who are looking for alternatives to boost their mood but without the harmonizing CBD effects. 

If you are susceptible to anxiety, you should be cautious in using a strain that has high THC levels and low CBD. Generally, Sativa is deliberated to be THC dominating. Nonetheless, the actual analysis of the primary cannabinoids differs from every strain.

Common characteristics of Sativa:

  • Uplifting and energizing
  • Improves well-being
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Stimulates creativity and enhances focus
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduces nausea
  • Ideal for daytime use

Uses of Cannabis Indica

Indica strains, on the contrary, are commonly linked with intimate ratio levels of THC to CBD.

CBD is commonly deliberated to be the primary cannabinoid of curiosity to those people who are researching the medical characteristics of cannabis. An entire list of conditions it is used to cure may extend for days, but overall, these are the following effects when getting a CBD dominating strain:

  • Reduce the level of anxiety
  • Soothing effect
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Relief of pain
  • Prevention of seizure for epileptics
  • Ideal for night-time use

Thus, an Indica strain that has a closer ratio in THC and CBD creates some serious medicinal impacts. However, if the levels of THC are lower too, you will notice that the strain delivers lesser side effects such as being intoxicated and dry mouth.

So, Should It Be Indica or Sativa for nausea?

There is an additional issue that confuses matters. 

A lot of people who are using cannabis evolved in a world with no measurement for cannabinoid concentrations. For much of the history of cannabis, the overall rule was that Indica was tranquilizing and Sativa was energetic.

We then knew that the concentration of THC/CBD of different cannabis varieties cannot be identified by a simple classification. Although there is a likelihood towards higher CBD levels in Indica varieties and higher THC levels in Sativa varieties, it is not a demonstration of the entire potential of the strain.

Undoubtedly, the distinction is relatively small in such a way that it can be considered insignificant. So, what does it tell for a patient?

It explains that Indica and Sativa are classifications that are not as reasonably as useful as we would like to believe. 

For cultivators, these classifications are still huge consideration because of the physical distinctions found in the plant.

The Key to Using the Right Medicinal Strain

Still, there is a manageable way to get the right medicinal strain for your condition. You will just have to know more.

The key is to get the right understanding of the balancing of CBD and THC levels. You should know that these two are medicinally helpful but manage to alleviate various symptoms.

CBD is characterized to be more medicinally used over THC. It does not have any psychoactivity and alleviates a broader category of symptoms. High levels of THC, on the other hand, may trigger more adverse effects and its compound is exhilarating on its own.

Being a medical patient, you are most likely searching for a strain that will alleviate the manifestations of your condition while lowering intoxication and other adverse effects. For many people, strains that are CBD dominating are the best approach to go medicinally, however, if you are primarily dealing with nausea, then a strain that is THC dominating will make a good choice. Thus, Sativa strains are better for nausea.

Since each strain has a unique ratio of CBD: THC, it is possible to manage a classification of symptoms with medicinal cannabis strains. In the same way as some strains treating headaches, some strains work well for vomiting and nausea. 

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How Cannabis Strains Relieve Nausea?

Before you try to determine which strain is best for nausea, it is essential that you fully comprehend the manifestations of this condition. To start with, nausea is not considered a disease. Rather, it is commonly a manifestation of another condition. Thus, if you fail to get a cure for that particular condition, particular manifestation like nausea can still be relieved. This will help heal your body and mind, without having to treat the main condition.

There are plenty and diverse causes of nausea. Moreover, it is a manifestation that often endures. Some of the root causes of nausea are gallbladder disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, ulcers. Some cancers, together with the adverse effects from the procedure of chemotherapy, are also usual causes of nausea which counts in vomiting.

Nausea is a sensation that forms from your stomach, commonly occurring right before vomiting. This sensation varies from a titillating effect on the belly to a rough agitation. A lot of people who get the help of a cannabis strain know that it does not only help them in managing nausea but more significantly can prevent them from vomiting. This is particularly applicable for cancer patients since keeping down the food, medications, and vitamins is the main concern. 

If a person is ill, they must be properly nourished. If they are not able to hold the food in their tummy, the body will not have the chance to process the food so they can earn the required nourishments. Further, cannabis may also establish hunger. This is relatively a difficult feeling to achieve if you are feeling nauseous. It is therefore important that you treat nausea so that you can gain back your strength.

Medicinal cannabis has exhibited itself to be an efficient anti-emetic. This implies that it can help to calm a nauseous stomach. Further, cannabis strains also have anti-inflammatory properties that promote profound healing. Ultimately, cannabis does not have the catastrophic fatigue, decreased urination, muscle spasms, and heartburn side effects which the pharmaceutical anti-emetics are doing.


With such climactic differences between Indica and Sativa strains, they are believed to provide different medicinal benefits. In learning the distinction between these two, you are bringing yourself closer to the path of getting the right strain that will work best for your condition, particularly nausea. 

Patients should exert effort in finding the best deal of cannabis strain for their specific condition and predetermined objective. It is because efficiency is very subjective and it can differ from one person to another. 

One of the best things about cannabis-based medicines is that every patient gets to sharpen in on their precise requirements to determine a strain that best works for him. You just have to make sure that before making any changes in your current treatment program, you can consult your healthcare expert.

To make it more basic, choose a strain that is high in the cannabinoid you require medicinally.

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