Sativa vs Indica Edibles: Which is More Satisfying?

Sativa vs Indica Edibles Which is More Satisfying

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If you are taking cannabis for recreation then you’ll know the satisfaction of experiencing the high. There’s that cerebral stimulation, that out of body experience and that couchlock experience; would you like to feel like these again? 

The most satisfying strains are waiting for you when you explore different cannabis strains. There are stimulating sativa strains that will enhance mood, improve sleep, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and boosts appetite. Sativa strains are satisfying for some users despite their stimulating effects. 

Meanwhile, indica strains are the opposite of sativa strains. These can calm you down, make you feel relaxed and sleepy plus will stop racing thoughts and calms the mind. Indica strains can be used in a variety of medical conditions and are also said to be very satisfying because of its ability to relax the body and mind.  

What are sativa strains and why are these satisfying?

Ask anyone who has consumed sativa strains and they will tell you why they classify this type of cannabis as very satisfying. There are many factors in a sativa strain that makes it satisfying for a consumer and a grower or breeder. 

Sativa for users

For a recreational sativa user, this strain offers a satisfying psychoactive high. You will get an invigorating high, uplifting cerebral effect that you can use for physical activity. You can use this strain if you want more energy for exercise or you need more focus on creative projects and tasks. 

Sativas are ideal for social gatherings just like parties, festivals, and events. If you feel physical or mental fatigue, lack of confidence or you’re just not in the mood to mingle then you can count on a sativa strain.

Sativas are known for their high THC content. THC is known as the psychoactive component of cannabis. You’ll find THC-rich sativa strains recommended by users as recreational strains.

Sativa for medical users

For a patient who is suffering from chronic pain, sativa will give them the satisfaction of living a pain-free life. If they have had headaches, muscle pain or muscle strain, sativas can treat these kinds of pain and help patients live their lives to the full. 

A patient who is suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite can expect satisfying results from sativa strains as well. Patients can take these strains while treatment to manage side effects and to help them complete chemotherapy schedules.  

 According to experts some patients undergoing chemotherapy may not complete their treatment sessions because of severe side effects. Sativa strains can help manage their symptoms so they can focus on their full recovery.

Sativa for growers and breeders

Sativa strains also offer total satisfaction to growers and breeders. This is because these strains provide good yields or even better yields than indicas and ruderalis (the third type of cannabis, the autoflowering type). 

Sativas grow tall, lanky and often with one large cola on top. When these plants are grown well in the best environment, these can give huge yields, perfect for growers who want more. Sativa plants can grow slower than indicas but it’s a guarantee that you’ll get more yields per plant or per area if you are growing indoors. 

Sativas are hardy plants and are mostly resistant to common plant diseases and pests. Passing on these traits to their offspring is something that breeders are looking for. Still another good quality that sativas pass on to their children is their potent smell and aroma. Ask any breeder or grower and they will tell you that sativas have incomparable aromas and tastes. 

Sativas are also known to be very showy when it comes to the bud color and appearance. This is a trait that’s very satisfying for any grower especially for growers looking for exceptional-looking strains to cultivate. 

What are indica strains and their satisfying effects?

Meanwhile, indica strains are physically sedating and this is very satisfying for most users looking to unwind and relax. Indicas also have potent qualities as a recreational strain and also good as a strain to grow at home or for creating new cannabis strains. 

Indica for users

For cannabis user looking for a relaxing high, indicas should be their strain of choice. Indica strains come with higher CBD content and therefore will provide a relaxing effect. A consumer who wants a relaxing effect coupled with euphoria can benefit from indica strains. 

If you have had a hard, tiring day and you can’t keep your mind off work, an indica strain will give you a satisfying and relaxing effect. In a relaxed state, you will be able to think of ways to cope with work as well which is something difficult to do if your mind is racing.

If you need to get away from worries and stress then a mild, giggly and relaxing indica is for you. You’ll have a better mood and conquer stress naturally compared to taking anti-anxiety drugs.

If you’re trying to find your creative side or you’re suffering from a slump lately then let indica strains help you get that creative juices flowing. You will receive unmatched satisfaction especially when you can finally finish the project or activity you have been looking forward all this time. 

Indica strains for medicinal users

People who rely on the medicinal properties of indica strains get utmost satisfaction for the relief of a variety of medical conditions. Patients who need relief from anxiety and stress can find relief from using indica strains. This type of cannabis can calm down and relieve stress and anxiety without the need for the use of harmful drugs. 

Patients who want to end successive sleepless nights can use indicas to help them get that good night’s sleep. Instead of getting relief from insomnia from using tranquilizers and sleeping aids which mostly have negative effects, patients can improve their sleeping patterns, stop insomnia and prevent sleeplessness.  

And everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is something we all need to rest and recuperate for the next day. Also, a good night’s sleep improves mood, reduces stress and keeps us cheery and happy the following day. Truly a  satisfying result for indica users. 

Indica strains can also help deal with pain because of CBD’s amazing natural analgesic effects. Patients dealing with severe pain, chronic pain, pain due to inflammation and muscular pain may be relieved with the right dose of indica strains. 

No longer will patients suffering from pain need to use synthetic medications. They can use medicinal indica strains to deal with pain safely and effectively and enjoy a pain-free life. 

Indica for growers and breeders

Indicas are small plants that come with compact body structures. But despite the size, cannabis indicas can grow more buds and thus more yields. These characteristics are what stealth breeders are looking for. 

The size and shape of indicas allow you to grow several of these plants inside a secret growing area indoors. Breeders and growers can have the satisfaction of cultivating the strains they want indoors. If cannabis growing is illegal from where you’re located then a secret indoor growing area will be perfect for growing indicas.

Indica strains are also worth growing because these have more buds than sativa plants. When you check out the structure of a sativa, you’ll notice that there are multiple buds in a plant. The buds located near the top are mostly the ones that get more light and thus grows larger. Meanwhile, buds located near the bottom and even those inside the plant canopy are often smaller. Using different training methods can enhance the growth of these buds which will further increase your yields.   

What are hybrid strains and their effects?

Meanwhile, consumers say that it’s not about relying on the effects of a sativa or an indica because different people react differently to a variety of strains. Some people may find sativas too potent and indicas too relaxing while some may react otherwise. 

Experts recommend cannabis hybrid products which mean this is a combination of an indica and sativa strain. Hybrids are strains with either sativa dominant characteristics and effects or an indica dominant.

Hybrids are perfect if you want to take advantage of therapeutic strains with slight psychoactive stimulation. This means that you can use hybrid cannabis for pain while enjoying a satisfying cerebral and full-bodied high.   

Hybrids contain a substantial amount of THC and CBD. These two cannabinoid compounds are known to balance each other to create a better, more satisfying effect. 

So to get better results whether you’re consuming recreational or medicinal cannabis, hybrid strains should be your choice. 

Taking sativa and indica edibles

One of the most popular ways to take cannabis indica or sativa is by ingesting edibles. As what the word suggests, these are orally consumed cannabis products that are more like food or beverages. These are not mere tinctures or oils which are classified as oral cannabis because these are yummy, delectable treats. 

Take note that cannabis edibles are sold like real food, therefore, users are cautioned against eating or drinking these edibles near or with children or minors. Even an adult can’t resist the temptation of eating a lot of edibles because of how these look, taste, and smell! 

It takes a lot of self-control to consume edibles because eating too much can lead to very potent side effects. Edibles, especially commercially-prepared edibles are accurately dosed. Just an example would be a bar of marijuana chocolate. Usually, edible marijuana chocolates are dosed according to the smaller divisions on a chocolate bar. One small piece can have 10 mg of THC or more. 

If you are medicating using medical marijuana, this is an efficient way to dose up and works well with a lot of users who can’t tolerate smoke from joints. As long as you can maintain your composure and resist taking a lot of edibles at one time then this might be the best option for you. 

What are the most satisfying cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles may be homemade edibles or commercially-prepared products. There are a lot of differences between the two. Homemade edibles are mostly tastier and more preferred by consumers because they can make their edibles at home and consider their flavor preferences.

The following cannabis edibles are very popular 

Love’s Oven

Love’s Oven is a bakery run by a pastry chef trained to create delicious classic pastries and bakery products. The Denver-based business makes top-quality, high-end edibles created from locally-sourced organically-grown ingredients. 

Customers of Love’s Oven have their favorites. Regulars prefer their Love’s Oven’s Purple Hash OG as well as their Super Sour Alien. The company focuses on strain-specific products so you can effectively enjoy your recreational and therapeutic experience.

Another thing you must check out is their 10:1 CBD products. This is a collection of deliciously sweet and savory products. You must taste their baklava and rosemary cheddar crackers. You can find Love’s Oven products in more than a hundred dispensaries in Colorado. These edibles are very easy to find because these are just too delicious to forget. 


The best-selling cannabis edibles come from the kitchens of Wana. This is a very popular edibles manufacturer in Colorado which opened the business in 2017. Wana boasts of their top-five best-tasting skus. 

You must check out Wana’s delicious gummy candies and those who have tasted these agree that these are the best in Colorado. Wana gummies are so popular that the brand owns 47% of the total gummy market shares.

You will find laced gummies in different flavors including watermelon, strawberry, mango, yuzu, blueberry, and mixed flavors. But if you prefer a certain type of strain, a certain effect or ratio of CBD and THC, you may do so with their many different products. 

Wana also has several cannabis products including drops in tangerine, kiwi, watermelon, and strawberry. Wana gummies are the most popular because each gummy is potent and have consistent amounts of THC each. All products are made from refined products so you won’t taste cannabis.

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews is classified as an award-winning edible dubbed as America’s most popular edible brand. Made by a Colorado-based company. who claims to offer the one and only original cannabis-infused chocolate taffy Every pack of Cheeba Chews has a consistent dose and is very potent. 

The problem with this edible is that it’s so tasty that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You will surely end up eating more than what you need. The trick is to consume it slowly, follow your dose and of course savor its delicious flavor. You’ll find medicinal and recreational edibles created by Cheeba Chews and these are sold in California, Nevada, and Colorado. 

And also, a word of caution. Cheeba Chews are strong so you need to consult your doctor first.

Coda Signature Chocolates

Coda is one of the highly-recommended chocolates dosed with delicious cannabis. These lovely truffles claimed the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup for the top edible. 

These are so popular that in fact, dispensaries in Denver recommend Coda. Aside from the rich taste, these chocolates come in very convenient 10-mg doses, therefore, you already know how much THC you’re taking. And do you know that because of this convenient dosing, there are no complaints about overdosing with Coda customers?  

Coda makes their truffles the best way possible. These are hand-painted, accented with pure cannabis oils which were created using supercritical carbon dioxide extractions. 

A very popular dispensary in Denver calls chocolates from Coda works of art. They say that these are the best chocolates that you will ever try whether you’re taking medicated or regular marijuana edibles. 

Because of Coda’s popularity, their chocolates may be purchased from the most popular dispensaries in the country. Their hand-painted creations are sold like pieces of jewelry.  And aside from truffles, Coda also makes hot chocolate spoons at 10 mg per cup. Patrons recommend the milk chocolate with marshmallows variety. 

Sweet Grass Kitchen

One of the most iconic dispensaries in the land recommends Sweet Grass Kitchen. Try their baked goods especially their brownie bites and delicious chocolate chip cookies. Sweet Grass Kitchen is a Denver-based business that creates goodies in small batches. Their creations are consistent and made through slow-simmered and triple-stained full-flower cannabis butter created without using hash or extracts.

Because of this very precise manufacturing process, Sweet Grass Kitchen has created top quality products. Their delicious baked goodies are available in around 500 dispensaries found across Colorado. They sell medicinal as well as recreational cannabis edibles.

Canna Punch

In between an edible and a drinkable is the CannaPunch. This is one of the most flavorful and potent drinks you will ever taste. We suggest the non-carbonated variety so you’ll instantly get the hit. 

This is an alternative for people who want to eat and drink healthy. Instead of reaching for a snack or dessert, try a CannaPunch punch. These are vegan, organic, and are available in different refreshing flavors such as watermelon and other tropical varieties. 

All CannaPunch drinks are all-natural, soy-free, gluten-free and are corn syrup-free as well. If you’re lucky, you might chance upon CannaPunch’s Dutch Girl varieties. These are caramel-infused waffles from the Dutch Stroopwafels. You should try a piece with coffee or hot tea for the most satisfying results. 

Blue Kudu

From Denver, BlueKudu chocolates are considered the most delicious and are available in different THC varieties. You’ll find mild chocolates but if you prefer the mind-shattering ones, try the most potent from BlueKudu. The most popular currently are their cherry almond dark chocolate variety and satisfying cookies and cream.

BlueKudu gives you plenty of ways to enjoy edibles. You can search according to health factors, high antioxidant varieties, gluten-free varieties or according to different flavors and dosages. Imagine snacking on a Coffee Crunch Dark Chocolate bar made from real coffee beans and dark chocolate. These babies are considered the most potent because these have 100 mg THC in every serving!

Before you take the strongest, the most potent of their lot, be sure to be in the right disposition. Take this with other food or beverage so you won’t immediately experience that potent high. 


The Incredibles chocolate brand is considered as one of the best edible-makers in the state. They handcraft their products which is why these are known for having the best quality and consistency. 

Incredibles chocolates taste really great and are perfectly dosed so you won’t get carried away. And aside from their yummy chocolate line, Incredibles also manufacture gummies, concentrates and so many more. 

Customers love their classic Monkey Bar made from milk chocolate, bananas, toasted walnuts, and coconut. These delicious ingredients go perfectly well with cannabis and this is why the company is so well-known all over. 

The Monkey Bar is Incredibles’ original product and this may be purchased from almost all dispensaries in Colorado. At the moment, Incredibles is sold in five states and has six additional lines. It is considered the largest companies that manufacture cannabis edibles. 

And to remain hip and health-friendly, Incredibles has launched its wellness products. These are designed by patients who use medical cannabis. 

But whether you’re consuming Incredible’s medical or recreational line, be sure to dose moderately. Start with their mild chocolate line and move to their potent line. And if you’re taking medicinal cannabis, follow your doctor’s prescription and never dose up.


1906 is a very popular cannabis edibles company. But before it became a household name in cannabis edibles, 1906 was a small company based in Boulder.  It is known for its environmentally-conscious, healthy products. 

The company strives to promote cannabis and cacao featuring the healthy benefits of these ingredients. They want to set the bar on premium chocolates and that is what they are doing today. 1906 has different products that are set for specific uses like Pause if you want ultimate relaxation or Midnight if you want to surrender to a night of deep and relaxing sleep.  

Just check out their Pause product. A delicious combination of milk chocolate, plant extracts, and magnolia with 5 mg THC. All products are precisely dosed so you can prevent mistakes on dosing and overdosing. 


You’ll love Americanna’s gummies. These are made from top-quality sugars and the best weed there is. It is one of the youngest edible makers in the state and claims to be the fastest-growing company despite being only a few year’s old.

Their gummies are to die for. Their gummies are sweet, sour and delicious. Each one is individually-infused therefore it’s easy to dose up if you want to use these as medicinal edibles. These Americanna gummies are available in 10 and 15 mg, ideal for medical users. 

If you want to start slow

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you’re new to taking edibles. This is why we took the advice of a popular cannabis boutique in Denver and checked out the following low-dose edibles ideal for travelers and new users. 

Be sure to check out Sweet Grass Kitchen’s chocolate chip cookies, some Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles, Mountain High Suckers and Stillwater teas. If you’re very particular about flavor and the taste of cannabis edibles, you can consume potent and tasty cannabis edibles BUT take these in moderate doses. 

If you want to go faster

Very experienced consumers may not like cannabis edibles because the effects can take too long to happen.  Try sublingual cannabis edibles. These are taken under the tongue for fast and easy absorption. Under the tongue is a network of fine blood vessels that absorb THC fast. The natural compounds in cannabis don’t need to move to the long gastrointestinal tract to be absorbed by the GUT before traveling to the bloodstream. 

Most sublingual edibles are in the form of small candies or chocolates. These come in small sizes so these can be easily placed under the tongue. One of the most popular sublingual edibles is the L’Eagle drop that contains 100 mg of THC each. The best way to consume this is by placing it under the tongue or by dissolving this in hot coffee or tea.

What are the precautions of taking cannabis edibles?

The most common problem, especially for first-time users, is that edibles are just too irresistible. It’s hard to control yourself, especially when you love eating chocolates or you crave for gummy candies.  

But the best advice is to start slow and learn to control your dose. Before you eat any kind of edible cannabis snack, check the dose. Usually, chocolates are dosed 10 mg THC for each portion (choose chocolate bars that are specifically portioned so you won’t make a mistake) and this is easy to dose up on.

If you’re taking a brand for the first time, take half a dose and then monitor the effects. Use a timer if you can. Soon after you feel the effects, you can start with another dose. Edibles usually take from 30 to 45 minutes to take effect but some edibles can take effect after an hour or a couple of hours. 

Read the labels and how to dose up. Don’t take this advice for granted. A chocolate bar from one company may have a different dose than a similar-looking chocolate bar from another company. Also, different edibles have different effects even if these have the same appearance and ingredients. 

Your current disposition also affects the way an edible can affect you. If you feel hungry and tired, edibles may take effect fast. If you’re full or you just ate a full meal then edibles may take longer than what you expected.

You can use these factors to enjoy cannabis edibles as well. When consuming a potent edible, you can eat a light snack before taking a dose. This will ease the effects of the edible so you won’t be too high once it takes effect. And if you want to experience the best high, take the edible in an empty stomach. This way, you’ll be able to experience the best effects. 

Remember to keep your delicious stash away from children and pets. They might mistake these as candies or chocolates and eat them. If your child accidentally consumes your edibles, take him to the emergency room or to his doctor right away. Meanwhile, cannabis is not a good thing for dogs and cats. They may suffer from dangerous side effects so it’s also best to take your pet to the vet for immediate treatment. 

To protect your stash, never let anyone see where you’re hiding them. Since edibles are mostly candy or chocolate, keep these refrigerated but well covered or disguised. Some consumers stash their stash inside food packages or inside food containers to prevent these from being eaten by children. And if you need to remove your edible from their original packaging, place these inside a plastic wrap and write the date of expiry on the wrap or container. 

Remember local laws for eating and buying cannabis edibles

If cannabis is legal in your area, the age of purchase applies to buying and consuming cannabis edibles as well. The age for consuming and buying cannabis is 21 in the US but in Canada, it’s 19 years old.

The amount you must possess also varies from state to state and from one country to another. Aside from generalized laws regarding cannabis, local laws may be enforced. For instance, it might be legal to smoke and consume cannabis in a country or state but it is not allowed in your apartment building or community. You must learn all about these before you even buy cannabis edibles. 

You may opt to grow Cannabis and make your own edibles! Get authentic marijuana seeds here at Sonoma!


So what’s more satisfying, cannabis sativa or indica edibles? The answer may depend on the preference of the user but most agree that it is the combination of indica and sativa or a hybrid makes for the best and the most satisfying edible. 

And no matter what kind of edible you want to take, recreational or medicinal, sativa, indica or hybrid, learn how to take this moderately. Never overdose and always check labels before you indulge. 

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