Sativa or Indica for ADHD: Choosing the Best Strain to Treat ADHD

Sativa or Indica for ADHD

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Over many years, the use of medical marijuana has greatly expanded. Decades ago, we knew very little about the therapeutic effects of cannabis but now research has greatly improved our knowledge about this lowly crop. 

We now know that medical cannabis may be used to treat a number of medical conditions. Cannabis strains indica and sativa are used to treat physical conditions like pain, nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. You may also use strains to relieve mental conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety.  

The most recently discovered use of medical cannabis is the relief of symptoms of ADHD/ADD. Some cannabis strains can enhance focus and improve mental clarity, some important points of an effective treatment for ADD or ADHD. 

Whether or not you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you may need marijuana to improve concentration and enhance attention. So if you think that you’re disengaged or you often find yourself with racing thoughts then medical marijuana could be your cure. 

What is ADHD?

ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is a mental condition that prevents people from focusing on work or any task. There is a need to constantly move and this results in the mind racing and thoughts wandering, affecting our concentration. 

People who are diagnosed with ADHD often have difficulty learning new tasks and focus on activities. A constant, stress-free environment is the ideal setting for patients with ADHD. This will ensure that patients are able to concentrate on tasks at hand and be productive at home or work.  

Why use cannabis for ADHD?

Some cannabis strains have a natural relaxing effect which may benefit patients with ADHD. There are also strains that can enhance mood and reduce stress which will also benefit people diagnosed with ADHD. 

Still, there are cannabis strains that have sleep-inducing effects which can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. A patient with ADHD can find relief for their many symptoms and live a better, more fruitful life with the help of medical cannabis. Also, some patients may find the effects of synthetic drugs for ADHD too powerful and thus, they may tap on the natural potent powers of medical cannabis.

Do you use sativa or indica for conditions like ADHD? 

Before, cannabis users mainly used CBD strains for the treatment of different medical conditions. However, there are studies that claim that both indica and sativa strains can help with the symptoms of ADHD. Studies also point out that hybrids are more effective treatments.

For instance, the relaxing yet focused effect of some hybrids are partly from its indica and sativa parent. So if you were to check whether an indica or a sativa is better for ADHD, you’ll get a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strain selections.  

Good strains for ADHD symptom relief

Here are a few cannabis strains for ADHD used by people who are diagnosed with ADHD and by users with poor concentration, lack of focus, hyperactivity and insomnia, symptoms that are commonly experienced by people with ADHD. 


Cinex is a sativa strain that has effects similar to a powerful cup of coffee. It’s the strain that will keep you wired in the morning, lets you wipe sleep and fatigue away and enhances your creativity. Cinex will rekindle your interest in activities which may seem to drag on and on. 

You’ll be more focused and able to finish tasks when you use Cinex. And if you’re prone to anxiety and stress, this sativa could be your friend. Cinex’ effects are energetic, uplifted, happy and focused. But if you are new to its effects or you’re new to cannabis, beware of this strain. It can take a while to get used to Cinex’ potent effects so you need to take it moderately.

Cinex may be used for anxiety, stress, and ADHD. You may also take this strain for pain because it has potent natural analgesic effects.   

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular strains used for the treatment of ADHD symptoms. It is a sativa that can enhance your energy, improve your concentration and focus and will also keep your mind at ease at the same time. 

The trick when using Sour Diesel for ADHD is to dose wisely. Take only a moderate dose of Sour Diesel so you can avoid its powerful side effects. Going over your dose can give you the opposite effect so observe caution when using this strain. 

Sour Diesel can make you happy and uplifted; you can forget all your worries and racing thoughts when you use this strain. It can enhance energy and focus so you can finish projects on time. And aside from ADHD, you can also use this strain to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue. 

Green Crack

Snoop Dogg, rapper, actor, businessman, and marijuana advocate has dubbed this strain Green Crack because of its very stimulating effects. Green Crack can enhance your senses and bring out that creative side in you.

Green Crack is a potent sativa with an energizing effect. It can lead to a happy, uplifted trip which enhances your focus and concentration. This strain can be used to improve stress and anxiety and can block pain so it’s effective for headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, back pain, and various types of chronic pains. 

Just like any other pure sativa strain, you must remember to use Green Crack moderately to get the best out of its therapeutic effects. If you are new to taking Green Crack or a novice cannabis user, take this strain moderately.

True OG

True OG can help slow down racing thoughts, stop anxiety and calm you down. This is an indica-dominant strain will knock down stress and other distractions so you can focus on different activities.

True OG has overpowering relaxing effects. You’ll feel as if all your problems have been thrown out the window when you take this strain. This strain also has happy, euphoric and focused effects. You will also surrender to insatiable hunger and finally, sleep. 

And because of its many impressive effects, True OG is also prized as a therapeutic strain capable of dealing with stress and anxiety. It can also prove useful for pain including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and chronic pains. It may also be used to deal with insomnia and sleeplessness because of its overpowering relaxing effects. 

Blueberry Headband

One of the most powerful hybrids is Blueberry Headband, a strain that has captured the best combination of parents Blueberry and Headband. This strain has impressive cerebral effects that will make you creative and focused. You’ll feel creative and ready to do anything that you set your mind on.

In this combination, Blueberry softens the euphoric effects of Headband. You’ll feel that mellow, full-bodied experience that will let your thoughts move at a manageable way. This is an uplifting strain that will make you happy, relaxed and focused on your work. If your mind is racing then this is the best strain that will hit the brakes. 

And aside from its recreational effects Blueberry Headband is also a therapeutic strain for the relief of stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Because of its relaxing effects, this strain can be used for insomnia and sleeplessness. 


When you combine a Sour Tsunami and a Harlequin, you’ll get a high CBD strain called Harle-Tsu. This is a strain with potent THC content and minimal THC levels. If you are anxious, stressed or too worried, Harle-Tsu can keep you clear-headed, calm and focused.

Because of its very mild THC content, it can provide therapeutic relief for a variety of medical conditions minus any psychoactive effect. Harle-Tsu will make you relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted and focused. It is a good strain to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.  

And just like most potent strains, Harle-Tsu should be consumed moderately. Anyone new to cannabis may find this strain very potent.  


Harlequin is a sativa strain with calming effects plus cerebral focus. This is a sativa with a high CBD content. It is a good strain to use especially when you find it hard to concentrate. If you feel that your mind is too crowded and you just can’t concentrate on your work, Harlequin can help you relax and feel happy. 

This sativa usually has a 5:2 ratio of CBD: THC, therefore, you must expect euphoric stimulation along with its therapeutic effects. Harlequin is a natural relaxant plus will give you uplifting, happy and focused effects. 

You can also take advantage of Harlequin’s natural therapeutic properties. It comes with potent analgesic effects that can deal with headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, chronic pains, and post-surgical pains. It is also effective for nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. 

Using Harlequin as a medicinal strain is a good idea if you are sensitive to synthetic pain and anxiety medications. But you must use this moderately to avoid its side effects. 


Most traditional doctors will prescribe medications for ADHD. These medications often have side effects which may cancel out these side effects. Goo is one of them. Goo is a combination of a Blueberry and Hindu Kush which means, you’re going to experience the taste, flavor, and effects of these two powerful strains.  

Goo offers a trifecta of therapeutic effects. It can treat ADHD by improving appetite, relieving insomnia and bringing back focus and concentration. Goo can help you wind down, relax and sleep which are very difficult if you are taking psychostimulant medications. This can affect appetite and will keep you from waking up at night. 

Goo is a potent indica, therefore, you should take this strain moderately. If you are new to Goo or new to taking cannabis then you must consume this according to your prescription.

Jupiter OG

Jupiter OG is not your average indica strain. It will help restore your appetite and relieve restfulness especially when the side effects are at their peak. This potent indica strain can also give you focus and euphoria which is why it’s used in the evenings when your brain is ready for sleep. 

Jupiter OG is a strain that can give you total relaxation. You’ll be calm and collected especially during social events. It can also cause sleepiness due to its very potent relaxing effects. You can correct your appetite by using this strain. You’ll feel hungry and ready to eat anything with this strain as well. 

And finally, you’ll be able to sleep and relax. You can relieve insomnia and deal with sleepiness with this strain. You should never take Jupiter OG without consulting your doctor. You must follow your prescription and take note of any side effect especially if this is your first time using it. 

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant strain ideal for nighttime use. It will help you cool down especially when you’ve been through a hard day. You’ll feel a burst of happiness as all your tension and stress calms the mind. 

Sunset Sherbet has a moderate THC and low CBD letting you use its therapeutic effects minus any psychoactive effect. This can help you deal with depression, fatigue, and stress. You can use this for pain including back pain, headaches, muscle pains, and muscle strains. This strain also works for the relief of chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

For ADHD patients you’ll be calm, free from tension and worries in your mind when you take Sunset Sherbet. And just like taking other potent strains, you should use  Sunset Sherbet moderately.

Before you use any kind of strain, sativa, indica or hybrid, you should consult a doctor. Never self-medicate. Since most ADHD patients are children, it’s wise to consult a doctor before turning to natural cannabis strains for the treatment of symptoms. 

Some strains may be effective for the symptoms of ADHD but some could worsen symptoms. Therefore, you must do your research on the right strain or a combination of strains that can help you deal with ADHD.

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