Sativa or Indica for Bipolar: The Right Strain to Aid Bipolar Disorder

The Right Strain to Aid Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder that refers to two poles of mood: positive and negative. A person with bipolar disorder has extremely swung in mood from high energy to a severe sense of exhaustion and depression. The more rapid the cycle is, the more dangerous it brings to the patient since it can cause suicidal tendencies, accidents or other carelessness that may result in death.

In the past, the common medicine used in treating bipolar consist of lithium which is a substance used in batteries but the use of lithium for a long term use provide negative effects to the body specifically targeting the brain, liver, and kidneys that may worsen or brought up other concerns. To find better ways to treat bipolar naturally, experts researched the possible effects marijuana could contribute to treating bipolar. Studies show that THC and CBD contribute to Anxiolytic, Antidepressant, Hypnotic, Sedative, Antipsychotic, and Anticonvulsant that hinders to having bipolar disorder.

Sativa or Indica for Bipolar?

Indica is commonly used to promote calmness to alleviate stress and anxiety. This can be a perfect strain type if a patient experience a high cycle of mood swings that affect focuses, sleep and eating patterns. While Sativa has the ability to elevate the mood for those people who experiences extreme feelings of depression-like bipolar patients experiences. Sativa also acts as a stimulant to uplift emotions.

Both Sativa, Indica or strains with characteristics of both these strain types commonly referred to as Hybrid strains can cure bipolar disorder. Its effects blend well to help cure not only its symptoms but the side effects it gives in the body such as sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety. You can use cannabis strains separately that possess Indica or Sativa strains and you can also use strains with both Indica and Sativa characteristics which are Hybrid strains.

Cannabis Strains in Treating Bipolar Disorder

  • Blue Dream Strain

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that consists of 60% Sativa, 40% Indica characteristics. Its 17-24% THC content with a small level of CBD makes it a potent strain that can be used as a recreational and medicinal strain. It is a cross between Blueberry and Silver Haze. This strain is well known to the strain that elevates the mood.

Users would feel a chill-out high that helps them relax through its calming benefits. Aside from the feelings of calmness and serenity, it makes the users become more creative and it helps the down spell experience of bipolar patients turn into a pleasurable experience. It has a taste of berry hue with hints of sourness.

  • Lamb’s Bread 

This is considered as a pungent strain because of its taste and aroma. This is a strain originated in Jamaica and is composed of entirely Sativa characteristics with a THC content of at least 25%. This is a perfect daytime strain because it gives the feeling of motivation and energy to accomplish your task.

Since this strain consists of pure Sativa characteristics, it is recommended as a mood lifter. This strain has a high that could last for hours filled with euphoria and creativity. In the medical field, it is commonly used for issues with stress, bipolar, depression, and mild anxiety. Its nugs that are large and golden-green with red hairs and crystalline trichomes is an indication of its high-quality characteristics for both mental and physical state.

  • Headband 

This is an Indica- dominant strain with a THC content that ranges between 23-27%. This is a perfect strain for those patients who are having trouble achieving inner peace and relaxation, especially those who have bipolar disorder or other mental disorder. It helps the patient have control of its feelings which is not to get extremely happy or extremely sad.

In just after a few hits, consumers may feel a mind at ease free from stress and anxiety for about 2-3 hours. It has a lemon and diesel taste and scent that gives off a tangy and refreshing smoke. This is a strain commonly used by patients who have mental and emotional problems.

  • Alaskan Thunderfuck

As its name implies, this strain possesses unique characteristics from its Alaskan roots. This is not only popular for its name but also for its pleasant high. It has a high that will give consumers a punch but will let you feel comfortable and enjoyable high. Its 50% Sativa 50% Indica genetics provide a strong sense of mental focus with a subtle physical relaxation. 

A mind-blowing cerebral high that uplifts the mood may be experiencing. Expect that it’s high will punch in a couple of minutes and is long-lasting. This strain has medium-large spade-like appearance buds with pale green fluffy leaves with flowers that are sticky and hard to break up an indication of its properties of hardiness and resilience

  • Maui Wowie 

This is considered as an exotic cannabis strain with a Sativa characteristic since it mostly comes from the Hawaiian Island of Maui. It has a THC content of about 20%. Its average THC content makes it a perfect strain for those who are not used to dealing with a powerful high.

This is known to be a strain to achieve feelings of happiness, calmness, and relaxation. Its cerebral effects allow you to have focus and positive disposition in life. Its high allows you to have a euphoric state of mind full of energy that could last for hours. The cerebral high helps you focus on and boosts creativity. It is a perfect strain for patients who have PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Final Thoughts

Going through unexplainable emotional highs and lows brought on by bipolar disorder does not only affects the overall health of a person but it affects how the person interacts and function in day-to-day life. Experts claim that there is no cure for bipolar disorder but in searching for the right treatment it can help you alleviate its symptoms and side effects. Growing cannabis seeds for medical use can be an organic and natural way of treating bipolar disorder.

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  1. Awesome ? I thank you very much! I’m wondering where I can find the seed for the strain’s recommended for bi-polar and anxiety, depression? Isn’t it just getting the right strain? like it can be indica or sativa hybrid? I understand straight sativa may agrevate anxiety symptoms? Peace and Light sincerely Elwood GreyBuffalo Jr

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