Sativa or Indica for Stomach Pain: Choosing the Right Remedy for Your Tummy


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Medical marijuana is a popular alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications. The use of cannabis may ease certain types of chronic pain, including pain resulting from nerve damage and inflammation. Today, chronic pain affects more patients because it is commonly observed through different kinds of illnesses and disease   

There are distinct types or strains of Marijuana seeds for sale in the market and each of these strains may have slightly different effects on each consumer.

Sativa or Indica for Stomach Pain

There is a research conducted way back 2014 wherein the capabilities of Sativa and Indica for different kinds of pain is tested and it was found out that most participants preferred strains for sedation, pain management, and ability to sleep which is the characteristics of an Indica strain. However, if they still want to have energy in spite of the pain that they are experiencing, Sativa strains are their choice.

How Does Cannabis Work for Stomach Pain?

The use of cannabis relieves nausea, pain and other symptoms. The substances of cannabis that focuses on pain relief are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They both interact with the receptors of the brain where the brain’s reward system is activated.

When the THC is bind with the cannabinoid receptors of the brain, it has the ability to produce an elevated state of mind as its high. While the CBD may not cause any high but it interacts with the pain receptors in the brain to achieve pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

Best Ways to Consume Cannabis for an Upset Stomach

Smoking and vaping are the quickest ways to start feeling the effects of the strain. If you have stomach pain, it is best to choose the methods that will take effect in a fast way. Edibles and capsules take at least 45 minutes for the effects to be absorbed which is a bit longer. If you are not into smoking, the use of tinctures are the best cannabis form that takes rapidly than edibles and pills.

Strains for Stomach Ache

  • White Fire OG

This Indica dominant strain has a 60-40 Indica Sativa attributes that gives off a THC level of 28%. This is one of the strains that are always on the list of the best recreational and medicinal strains that has a unique look and high potency. But its Indica properties provide cerebral effects that offer focus and energy and it is suited for daytime activities that make you creative and active in socialization. 

This strain has unique physical attributes due to its barrel-shaped nugs with the smell of earthy and diesel fuel with hints of peppery and lemon taste. This strain performs well in a controlled environment using different growing techniques to ensure that its cannabinoids content will fully mature.

  • Durban Poison

This South African bred strain is a pure Sativa making it known to be a powerful strain because of its physical and mental effects. It has a great-tasting and intoxicating well-blended aroma of lemon candy sweetness and spiciness of anise. Its Sativa genetics contributed to its dense-compact structure that has sticky texture trichomes with orange pistils and green leaves

This is a perfect day time strain that brings a clear-headed mind that makes you function creatively in social events. It also has suppressant properties that are an aid in treating migraine, nausea, and depression. This strain is one of the Sativa strains that can grow well in outdoor settings. It grows very tall but is easy to manage through the use of some training methods such as the SCROG method.

  • Blueberry

This Indica dominant hybrid is an awarding winning strain that came from its descendants Afghani and Purple Thai. It is known to be a delectable strain because of its beautiful appearance. It has trichomes covered with golden hairs and buds that have hues of purple and blue. Its sticky buds give off sweet berries and earthy pine smell with mouth-watering blueberry flavors. 

It’s characteristics, potency and remarkable effects are brought by its exotic genetics. Its THC level of 18.20 % is an effective relaxant and stress reliever that provides an uplifting vibe. Its long-lasting high is a great benefit for patients because of its high CBD content making it a powerful treatment for different pain conditions brought by cancer and other mental conditions such as depression and insomnia.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is a cross-breed from OG Kush and Durban poison giving it a relatively 60:40 ratio of Sativa and Indica component. The sweet aroma of this fresh strain will definitely hit your olfactory senses. Once smoked, it will show off a dessert-like cedar flavor. It came from medium-sized purple buds that have purple leaves and orange hair trichomes that is pleasant to the eyes.

Its THC, CBD, and CBN level make it a very potent strain for recreational and medical use. It has a long-lasting high that is popular among patients to achieve well-being. It treats depression, stress, migraine, and chronic pain. It has munchies effect good for treating lack of appetite. If you want to have an inspiring strain to make your day, this is a go-to train but consumption in large quantities may result in couch look.

  • Afghani

This strain got its sturdiness from its Landrace strain origin. It has a well-balanced natural selection and human cultivation properties. It consists of pale green medium-sized buds with an orange thick coating of trichomes. This strain has a distinct and famous taste and the smell of diesel-like and citrusy aroma. It can be grown indoors or outdoors depending on the climate. It can grow short and bushy with a height ranging from 2-4 feet.

Its harsh and thick smoke delivers goodness to recreational users that can stimulate appetite and give a deep body high relaxation. It can be enjoyed alone because during the few hours of the high sleepiness that leads to couch lock may be experienced. This strain contains sedative properties that are useful to the treatment of PTSD and depression.

Final Thoughts

Both Sativa and Indica are strains suitable for stomach ache but the strains that aid in stomach ache has a varying effect from one person to another. The choice whether you would use Sativa or Indica strain depends on your preference if you would still want to rest and relax while on pain or if you still want to have full energy while combating the pain. 

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