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A published article that appeared in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, cannabinoids can remain in good condition for two years if the weed is stored properly. It’s not just a common thing to do as you have to know the best way to store weed.

You don’t want your buds to be put to waste. As you keep them, you should get something fresh and potent like it was just out from drying and curing. So this article will show you the important things that you need to know about storing weed.

Elements That Reduce the Quality and Potency of Weed

Aside from the proper way of curing weed and storage, you should know the elements that can reduce weed’s quality and potency. So you can enjoy every bit of your stash.

1. Light

The main element that can degrade your buds is light. It works like how UV rays dull your car’s paint. It can burn the cannabinoid and terpene within the buds. 

An opaque container would help you with this concern. Don’t place it in a direct source of light to avoid the untimely loss of essential chemicals.

2. Air

Oxygen is also a big factor in the storage process. The excess oxygen can accelerate the reduction of quality and potency of weed. When it’s only a little, it alters the humidity level so molds and mildew can form.

A vacuum sealer is a solution for this issue, but it may not always be available for someone. So an airtight container in the right size can do the job. 

There may be some air trapped in the jar even though nothing is flowering inside it. Choose the container that has enough space for the weed. It shouldn’t have much room to spare, nor is it crowded with buds.

3. Temperature

A high temperature can dry the buds and cause terpene to evaporate. If it happens to your buds, you will be puffing some harsh smoke and an unpleasant taste. 

You should know that molds and mildew can continue to grow within 78 to 86 degrees, so the ideal temperature for buds storage is below those numbers. The common advice is to store your buds in a cool, dark place. However, it is a complex perspective.

For instance, some may see this place like the fridge, but moisture can inhabit. It is instead safe to have in a cool, dark place like a basement or closet. 

4. Moisture

Molds are attracted to moisture, so you should keep the buds dry. The quality buds shouldn’t be too dry to degrade cannabinoid and terpene. Maintaining the right level of humidity is essential for the long-term storage of Cannabis.

The ideal humidity is from 59 to 63 RH or relative humidity. It refers to the moisture that the air can hold. You can use a humidity control solution. 

Storage Methods for the Best Way to Store Weed

1. Jars

You have to get a mason or preserve jars with a low-wearing rubber seal. Don’t just look for a nice appearance, but it should be dependable. 

The air is the antagonist once the buds are properly dried. The jar should be loosely filled with nugs dried in the right way with the help of the tight lid.

2. Commercial Humidors

It’s a good investment to get a humidor that is customized for Cannabis. It stabilizes humidity well.

3. Vacuum Seal Bag Type #1

It is a sealed bag used for food preservation. You can vac 50 to 1 000 grams of weed, and it depends on machine size. It can extract all the air as it restrains mold production. 

Although you may find your buds in bad shape because of compression, the aroma and flavor remain as they are. You have to make sure that the buds are cured properly and sealed in the right way.

4. Vacuum Seal Bag Type #2

Clothes can also be stored in this bag. It’s thicker than the previous seal bag, and it has an airtight zip seal. There’s a nuzzle, and a vacuum cleaner can be attached to it so the air can be sucked out. This way will keep the buds fresh and last longer.

Seasonal growers would love this large seal bag. They may need to store several kilos for a year’s supply. It’s also suitable for medical users who need to make extractions.

5. Compression

It is a process wherein you press the buds into molds, so they turn like bricks. They should be wrapped with proper care. 

Although the looks may be altered, the weeds would remain in good quality. You can get some chunks whenever you need it. Some stay solid, but some would be in the form of hash.

Know the Best Way to Store Weed

1. Glass, Mason Jars in a Dark Place

A dark place with a temperature of 15 to 21 degrees Celsius is the best and the most effective, proven, and best way to store weed. Glass mason jars in quart size are found almost everywhere like home improvement stores and grocery stores.

It is usually used with foods, but it’s great for safeguarding weed from air and moisture. It won’t allow the buds to get crushed while maintaining the real scent. 

See to it that the jar is 3/4 full, so you won’t give space for the air to stay. If you place them in a dark place with the required temperature, the weed can remain in good quality for a year or so. 

2. Freezing the Buds

It can be done when the buds are properly dried, and they should come from 4 week-time storage. This freezing process can keep the weed’s potency for years. You can use two bags and wrap foil around it when you settle for this way of storing weed. 

You can also use a mason jar. You can rely on the freezer to help you prolong the life of your weed for many years. But you shouldn’t handle them when they’re still at a freezing temperature. Let them defrost and be at room temperature so you won’t destroy the trichomes.

Other Tips That Would Help You Store the Weed Well

1. Only put the weed in its container and avoid adding other paraphernalia like lighter and pipes. It can produce stench, which the weed can absorb, so you’ll end up having an unpleasant experience.

2. Avoid using tobacco humidor as it is usually made of cedarwood. This wood contains oil that would change the flavor of the weed and terpene profile. 

3. Aside from jars made of glass, you can also use glazed ceramics. Never opt for plastic as it can promote sweating. Avoid plastic bags too, as they don’t have enough protection for the buds. 

With plastic, buds became brittle and dried out. They would also lose their smell. Plastic would only provide your needs for short-term storage.

Glass is a great tool for storing weed, and it can also allow the buds to continue getting cured. 

4. The ideal part of the fridge to store your buds is the freezer. The other and only acceptable part is the crisper as the temperature and humidity don’t waver. But still, it’s recommended to choose your cabinet or drawer.

Final Words

In the best way to store weed, you have to avoid the things that can degrade the quality as well as the container. It’s also important to settle for the right area, which is dark and with the right temperature. Of course, avoid exposing them to the elements that can degrade their quality so you can enjoy every piece of your buds. 

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