Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Strain Facts

Big Bud Fast Version Cannabis Strain Facts

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Among the many weed strains created and sold in the market these days, choosing the best bud for personal or commercial use is really hard. It takes a long process of picking which one really works well for you.

However, looking at a superstar cannabis variety with trichome-rich buds will make you think that the search is over. Its name was Big Bud Fast Version, a name so fitting for its phenos that many growers and smokers love the most.

Big Bud fast version strain gained its timeless fame for the fruitful yield and the highly smokable buds that are produced. Having created this new breed proves the decision of the master breeders from Homegrown Cannabis Co. to be wise and practical.

Bringing to life this bestselling strain is the powerful combination of the original Big Bud strain from the Dutch breeder called the Sensi Seeds group and the Secret Hybrid. Such parents passed down some very superior traits that include all of its aspects like in terms of yield, smell, and flavors, too.

More specific facts about this bud shall be shared with you in the succeeding paragraphs.

Flavor and Scent

One of the best things that this indica-dominant strain contains is its flavors and scent. Because it comes from the family of potent and flavorful varieties, this turned out to be so filled with tasty goodness that is a mixture of earthy, pungent, and skunky flavors and aroma. 

Possessing such tastes and aroma attracts more bud smokers to try it. The taste buds make the smoking experience super memorable that it is easily satisfied in one or two tokes. Thus, the more they have of this bud, the greater their desire for it becomes.


Getting to enjoy both physical and mental relaxation just seems to be an asset that this bud may boast about. A well-balanced effect of becoming mentally stimulated and physically numb but relaxed has been inherited by this bud from the genes of Afghani and Northern Lights strains.

This marijuana strain is both uplifting and euphoric, as well as completely sedating physically without really disabling any movement. Aside from such restful and comfortable effects, this version of Big Bud also offers specifically some recreational and therapeutic benefits.

Recreational Effects

When one is powerfully charged with energy, bliss, and motivation, the body is able to recharge and give away some very useful sensations to make active movements. It sharpens the mind’s creativity and the body’s productivity as well. 

During a gathering and you consumed a joint of this bud, no more worries as to how you shall be dealing with friends and families around for you shall become the most talkative, sociable, and friendly of all people.

However, if used during break time from working in the office or at home, this literally big bud shall reward any brave soul that will smoke even a bit of it and not being afraid to be taken away mentally and physically. Everything will seem soothing, inspiring, and comforting at the same time.

Basically, this kind of satisfying sedation is possible through this weed strain’s 15% to 18% of THC level that is enough to take on a high soaring effect. It’s never short in the psychoactive effects that it delivers for a complete bodily savoring.

Moreover, its indica genes are to be blamed for that long-lasting cerebral high, too. However, this bud does not serve those who are looking for a dose of couch-locking sensation. It gives away also a calming sensation that shall cause you to doze of slowly into a sweet, sound sleep during bedtime.

On the other hand, though, smokers should be mindful of a few important things like keeping oneself hydrated with enough water like during normal days before and after you’ve had a taste of this bud. 

Taking green herbs like this Big Bud Fast Version, especially when done regularly or with excessive dosages, usually for recreational purposes often lead to some adverse impacts like cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. Worse than that, some stoners may also experience dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.

Medicinal Effects

More than anything else, Big Bud Fast Version cannabis strain, along with all the other strains made and released in the market, are valued mostly because of the therapeutic or healing powers that they possess.

This has been proven and tested scientifically in many studies due to the two properties that they contain. Those were the super famous THC and CBD, which both work together into one important goal, and that is to deliver medication for certain illnesses.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance found in cannabis that pushes the psychoactive effects of weeds into a person’s body. In the same manner, THC is the secret to escaping temporarily from the bothering pains of having nightmares and other mental problems like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Psychologically ill patients may turn to this bud for medication if they need it at the moment without the trouble of immediately going to clinics or nearby hospitals for a doctor’s recommendation. If mood-stimulation is what you only need for eliminating PTSD, bipolar disorders, and epilepsy, then this cannabis variety is what you’ll need.

Aside from that, its CBD or cannabidiol element is what touches on your body for clearing out all of its sufferings due to physical ailments and become an effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent. Due to its extreme sedating effects, in just a tinge or drop of this bud shall fight away the signs of headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, backache, arthritis, and rheumatism in a while.

CBD is the property of cannabis that never sedates but stays physical in all the time that its influence pervades. It does not need to invade the mind just to be able to bring some healing effects. Instead, its bodily sensations crawling up in each and every inch of you should be enough to combat any physical disease you may be having.

How to Grow Big Bud Fast Version

More growers and stoners are becoming interested in this new bud that its cultivation is now a topic going on in the town. In this case, a great relief shall be felt upon knowing that this bud, despite its enormous superiority over other strains, still requires simple things as in basic planting of crops.

From the original 8 to 9 weeks waiting time, growers only need to spend 6 to 7 weeks this time with the fast version seeds of the well-loved Big Bud parent. This should suffice for the healthy maturation of the crops without losing any of its essential attributes. 

Anywhere between indoor and outdoor, this bud can thrive well and produce as high as 750 grams per plant as long as the climate within the area stays warm or dry. However, if to ask about which would be a better location for this precious buds, it may benefit fall into the indoor cultivation where everything is under your control.

Indoors, growers can take charge of the humidity and temperature through the help of technology. Hydroponic setup is one way for indoor growers to maintain humidity as well as through applying the Sea of Green method to enhance further this cannabis strain’s perfect cultivation.

You shall be surprised to see how lovely your crops will become. Waking up with its pungent aroma shall never be a nuisance to you as it indicates a good harvest, too. Its massive yield also should put a big smile on your face knowing that you have a bunch of tasty buds to indulge in for one whole season.


Whether for recreation or medical functions, Big Bud Fast Version strain will never be a disappointment to its breeders and growers alike. No time shall be wasted but more savoring moments to enjoy for anyone who shall choose to grow this weed strain. Keep in mind now that not everything that makes anyone happy or satisfied need to be expensive or hard to achieve. This bud strain is here to prove you that, so try it now!

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