California Dream

California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


California Dream a very popular hybrid weed strain ready to give you great results. It was made from combining very potent strains. You’ll fall for its lovely dense buds with pleasant aromas. It’s a flexible strain ready to give you full recreational effects and impressive therapeutic relief from pain, stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It’s also a good beginner strain.

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More About California Dream (fem)

California Dream (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with very high THC amounts, which can reach up to 24%. California Dream is a hybrid of two powerful strains, a legendary Afghani and a strong Mexican strains. It’s a moderately easy strain to grow; you can get great yields as long as you follow its growing needs.

This is a tall plant despite its indica lineage. It will flower in just nine weeks. California Dream prefers a sunny climate but may also thrive indoors. Because of its height, it is mostly controlled by using the SCROG or SOG method, and these techniques also enhance its yields.

California Dream will yield as much as 21 ounces for every cubic foot of growing space. You may also grow more if you cultivate it outdoors. This is a fast-growing plant that will give you dense and compact buds with a pungent and skunky aroma with a hint of pine comparable to skunk strains.

2 reviews for California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Cindie Nelson

    have 10 seeds! only 7 grows well. So easy strain to grow no need to be an expert to have a great yields and quality one when harvested. I’m grateful when i saw that compact buds,with the overpowering aroma and hint of pine. 9 weeks of waiting,hoping there will be some days that mr sunshine will come out coz this plant kinda like warm climate.Finally,it grows tall all worth it. just follow the germination instructions assured success sprouting. When smoke, can smell that pungent scent at first sniff,once it gets inside begin to taste mint citrus flavor slowly the fruity one. Stay hydrated coz it may dry out your mouth. Expect you’ll feel lazy,just prepare your bed!. I’ll buy more Cali!.

  2. Phillip Parnell

    With the virus case, Sonoma Seeds did a fantastic job shipping out my purchase, and so far I am very satisfied with the stuff I ordered. As of now, I’m definitely going to get the highest yield I’ve ever had in week seven. After 7 weeks, the flowering starts, quite spontaneously. Glad to have a contract with Sonoma!

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